JPJ: Don’t Run or be Blacklisted

  • The Road Transport Department of Malaysia (JPJ) has warned motorcyclists to not run from roadblocks.

  • The department will record those who did so for evidence.

  • They will then issue a notice before moving onto summoning and blacklisting those who did.

The Road Transport Department (JPJ) has issued a warning to road users, especially motorcyclists to not avoid roadblocks i.e. U-turn. Or risk being blacklisted.

We’ve seen it countless times: Motorcycles heading the opposite direction against the flow of traffic, attempting to get away from roadblocks up ahead. Doing puts not only the rider at risk but also other road users.

The department’s Melaka Director General Muhammad Firdaus Shariff said that they will first issue a notice to those found running away from roadblocks, before moving on to blacklisting them in accordance to Section 55 of the Road Transport Act 1987.

He added that his men will record those who U-turn from roadblocks as evidence.

“We will issue Notice 114 demanding the vehicle owner to present himself for questioning within 21 days. If he does not, we will issue a RM150 compound and he will be blacklisted.”

“Blacklisting” a vehicle means the owner could not renew his driving license and vehicle’s road tax.

The Director General made the statement during the closing of the Chinese New Ops 2019. The operations from 29 January to 12 February saw 1,236 summonses issued for various offences. Motorcycle owners were the biggest majority amongst other vehicle owners with 329 cases. Out of that number, the most infringements were due to “vehicle licensing” i.e. road tax.

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