Is this 350cc bike a Harley-Davidson, Benelli or Qianjiang?

Small-capacity bikes are all the rage now as the offerings are packed with more premium specs at competitive prices. We all know that Harley-Davidson plans to launch its own 350cc model in the future, but could this newly registered Qianjiang QJ350 be that very bike or just a base for what’s to come?

This QJ350 was recently registered by Qianjiang at the National Intellectual Property Administration of China and the photos are both confusing as well as interesting. To break things down, the QJ350 will most likely be rebadged as the Benelli 350S for the international market as Qianjiang happens to be the parent company for Benelli.

This is clearly visible from the rear fender as you can notice the Benelli logo design embedded within. Confusing but not surprising as both companies have been sharing platforms based on the local Chinese and international markets. Upon closer inspection is where things get a bit more unusual.

On the left side of the QJ350, you can see that the parallel-twin engine carries an engraving that states ‘Harley-Davidson Motor Company’. While we can completely say in confidence that the upcoming Harley-Davidson 350cc model will not look anything like the QJ350, it is safe to say that they might share the same engine.

While the news on the upcoming HD350 is still pretty much in the dark, we will only know for sure once Harley-Davidson comes up with its own official announcement, possibly at the end of the year (or when someone stumbles upon a patent submission). Stay tuned for more updates.

350cc Harley-Davidson coming in 2020!

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