Is the Honda EX5 cub still relevant in 2017?

After 30 years in the Malaysian market, the Honda EX5 has gained iconic status with over two million units manufactured and sold.

Their latest 2017 Honda EX5 Dream Fi 30th Anniversary Limited Edition comes with a refreshed look and feel to further enhance the cub’s appeal for the newer generation looking for the perfect first bike.

Three decades in helping Malaysia to develop in almost every industry has helped the EX5 evolve into a bike that is still very much relevant and remarkable even in 2017.

It has been 30 years since the first ever Honda EX5 rolled out from the Boon Siew Honda factory back in 1987. In the span of three decades, over two million of these iconic cubs have been manufactured and honestly, it is without a doubt one of the country’s major moving force in almost every industry here in Malaysia.

Back in 2015, BSH introduced a brand new Honda EX5 Dream which came with the Honda Programmable Fuel Injection (PGM-Fi) technology. This evolution made the EX5 more relevant and efficient for modern day use as it produces good performance with extreme precision as well as taking care of the environment. The result? 10% more power while saving more fuel than the previous generation.

Just recently, BSH announced their latest 30th anniversary 2017 Honda EX5 Dream Fi Limited Edition with an updated facade. This gave the icon a brand new and fresh look while maintaining its robustness, efficiency as well as comfort. To know more about the 2017 Honda EX5 Dream Fi 30th Anniversary Limited Edition, CLICK HERE.

Fitted with a reworked 110cc single-cylinder engine, the latest EX5 is now Euro3 compliant thanks to a few key changes to the engine setup and tuning plus Honda’s Programmable Fuel Injection (PGM-Fi) that is suitable for the modern day and age.

This in turn led to the new EX5 being awarded with the EEV (Energy Efficient Vehicle) status where it offers one of the best fuel consumption ratings in the country. In short, it won’t hurt your wallet too much when refuelling the EX5 with the ever-changing weekly fuel prices.

Judging by the looks especially their latest 30th anniversary limited edition model, it is by far one of the best-looking ones we’ve seen and we’re pretty sure that a lot of youngsters in Malaysia would feel the same way. From its updated styling, paint job and those cast wheels, it’s hard to deny that the EX5 available in 2017 are just as good if not better than ever before.

Even the world of motorcycle customisation has long considered the EX5 to be one of the best platforms to work with. Just check out this perfect example conjured up by the folks over at Shawn Seelan Creations below dubbed “Raijin” aka “God of Thunder”.

To know more about the custom Honda EX5 made by Shawn Seelan Creations, CLICK HERE.

So, back to the question. After 30 years in the market, is the Honda EX5 still relevant? As we move towards the future, people especially youngsters are constantly looking out for nothing but the best in terms of reliable performance and style without breaking the bank. Judging by these criteria, the Honda EX5 Dream Fi is still one of the best bikes to buy as anyone’s first two-wheeler.

After 30 years in the industry, countless evolution and over two million units manufactured and sold, the Honda EX5 is still very much relevant even now in 2017. It continues to be the major driving force of many industries in Malaysia and with the latest updates, it still remains as one of the perfect choices for those looking into owning their first ever motorcycle.

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