Honda Smartphone Voice Control System & RoadSync app launched

Honda Motor Europe has launched its latest Honda Smartphone Voice Control system together with the Honda RoadSync app for the latest 2021 Honda X-ADV, CB1000R, and Forza 750 models. These new features are also available as added options for the latest Honda Forza 350 scooter as well.

These systems allow riders with Android-powered smartphones to get connected with their latest Honda motorcycles via Bluetooth together with your choice of helmet-mounted headset with audio input for greater ease while riding.

The Honda Smartphone Voice Control System together with the RoadSync app offers a range of uses such as:

  • Navigate easily to favourite places and local points of interest
  • Make and receive phone calls
  • Generate and respond to SMS text messages, as well as other messaging apps
  • Listen to music via a favourite streaming app
  • Check the day’s local weather forecast, and, when using navigation, the weather forecast of their destination

Riders can scroll through all of its functionalities via voice command or a four-way toggle switch located on the bike’s left handlebar. In other words, you won’t ever have to put yourself in dangerous situations by pulling that phone out of your pocket or bag while riding.

These models are not yet available here in Malaysia, but we’re confident that it’ll arrive sometime next year. For now, we can expect the launch of the 2020 Honda CBR250RR and ADV 150 this week and January respectively (or maybe together, Boon Siew Honda likes to throw in some surprises once in a while).

Written by: Sep Irran

A passionate individual when it comes to anything related to two wheels (or sometimes more), he enjoys the chaotic and magical world of motorsports as much as riding leisurely to the shops on his beloved Vespa. With an education-based background, he is always eager to learn and share about the poetic arts of motorcycling.

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