Honda RS150R – The unbreakable supercub

When it comes to the best cub or kapchai in Malaysia, the Honda RS150R is definitely on the top part of the list with its modern design and impressive performance.

The Honda RS150R was also recently proven to be super reliable and robust when newlyweds Mohd Alfishahrin Zakaria and Diana Latief took one around the world for six months without any issues.

This completes the Honda RS150R as one of the best 150cc motorcycles ever made thanks to its appealing design, robust construction and respectable performance in different riding conditions.

Ever since the Honda RS150R super cub was launched on June 2016, it has garnered a huge following by many Malaysians. Due to its modern and edgy design plus exceptional performance, it has gone up the ranks and considered by many as one of the best cubs or kapchais in the country.

Highly regarded as one of the best 150cc motorcycles around which has gained huge popularity by many young Malaysians and motoring enthusiasts alike. Powered by a 150cc, liquid-cooled, DOHC engine, the RS150R produces a healthy 15.4hp and 13.5Nm of torque which stands as one of the best-performing 150cc motorcycles compared to the RS150R’s competitors.


All that power is transferred down to the rear wheel via a reliable six-speed manual transmission gearbox which we have personally tested and loved by many. The six-speed gearbox remains as one of the major highlights of the RS150R as it is quite hard to find other bikes that have the same spec in this particular category. This power and torque output is good enough to inject some excitement while riding in different conditions whether it’s going back and forth from the office or some fun during the weekends.

Apart from the performance, the other factor that a lot of folks are looking out for when it comes to their motorcycles is reliability. So is the Honda RS150R reliable? Just ask newlyweds Mohd Alfishahrin Zakaria and Diana Latief. Shortly after getting hitched, the couple went on one of the best honeymoons in history; a round-the-world trip on board the Honda RS150R.

To know more about their amazing story, CLICK HERE.

All in all, the couple covered 25 countries in a span of six months from Malaysia all the way to London, England. We caught up with them upon their return to the country and they have nothing but praises for the Honda super cub.

During their half a year journey, Alfishahrin commented that his RS150R stood up against anything that was thrown to the bike from different lubricants, fuels and harsh weather conditions but the RS150R emerged triumphant. The only time that they had to stop for repairs was due to a flat tyre caused by super poor road conditions covered with rocks.

Rough terrains and ever-changing weather did not stop the RS150R. A journey completed with two people plus all their gear and still the Honda super cub made it without suffering any issues. No wonder a lot of Malaysians are getting in line to get one of their very own.

Priced from RM8,478.94, the RS150R is quite affordable and it comes in many attractive colourways. To know more about the Honda RS150R, you can head over to Boon Siew Honda’s official website. Additionally, you can also CLICK HERE to read our extensive review on this impressive cub.

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