Honda EX5 – Malaysia’s undisputed “King of Cubs”

The Honda EX5 has been enjoying a huge amount of success for the past 30 years since it was introduced in our country.

With the country’s ever growing demand for a strong, reliable and affordable form of transportation, the EX5 has proven itself to be a major driving force in Malaysia.

To date, there are more than two million Honda EX5 manufactured and its rich history plus style have captured the hearts of many especially in the country.

Most motorcycle manufacturers have one particular model that they’re either super proud or very fond of. Based number of different reasons from technologically-advanced bikes to high sales figures, there’s always that particular two-wheeler that helped put them on the map of the motoring industry.

For Boon Siew Honda (BSH), one of those beloved bikes that had one of the biggest impressions in Malaysia has to be the Honda EX5. Ever since BSH made their mark in the country after Malaysia’s independence way back in 1957, their progress led to the birth of the Honda EX5 some 30 years later in 1987.

Boon Siew Honda’s advertisement from the 1980s

The EX5 has been developed using a very well-accepted design combined with a tough and durable engine. It’s no surprise that the Honda EX5 became an instant hit among Malaysians seeking for an affordable form of transportation that was not only reliable but also stylish and easy to maintain.

In the beginning, the 97cc SOHC motorcycle (also known as the Honda C100EX) quickly became an instant hit in Malaysia and also Thailand. The very model was so popular that Honda Japan started importing the Honda EX5 (also known as the Honda Dream in Thailand) to other countries the very next year.

To many folks in ASEAN countries, the Honda EX5 remains as a cub with a timeless design and reliable hardware that has been proven to stand the tests of time. The EX5 conquered those tests for the past 30 years now with flying colours.

In 1993, the Honda EX5 became the number one best selling bike in Malaysia. That honour still stands until today and for this very reason the Honda EX5 has been dubbed Malaysia “King of Cubs”. From the very time the first ever EX5 rolled off the factory line, BSH has sold over two million units in the 26 years of production since 1987.

The last Honda EX5 (2,051,530th model) to roll off the assembly line.

In 2013, Boon Siew Honda rolled out their final Honda EX5 Dream 100 ever (model number 2,051,530) but due to its popularity, strong presence and ever-growing demand in the market, BSH replaced it with a much updated and modern Honda EX5 Dream 110.

Some of the features BSH has introduced in the new EX5 included a Euro2-compliant 110cc engine with 11% more power plus better fuel efficiency than ever before. Together with a bigger fuel tank, wider tyres, newly-designed seat and upgraded suspension package, the EX5 continues to be Malaysia’s two-wheeler of choice thanks to BSH’s efforts to keep the cub the best possible option in terms of affordability, comfort and durability.

The cub continued its evolution throughout the years including the move towards Honda’s Programmable Fuel Injection (PGM-Fi), Euro-3 compliant engine, Energy Efficient Efficient (EEV) certification and many more. Based on this, the general public saw that BSH is doing their part in providing nothing but the best when it comes to their motorcycles.

In June 2017, BSH introduced their latest Honda EX5 Dream Fi variant with Energy Efficient Vehicle (EEV) certification in conjunction with the cub’s 30th anniversary together with a suiting tagline “The Joy of 30 Years”.

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Even since the inception of a fuel-injected EX5 and Euro3-compliant engine, the cub continues to innovate and inspire a lot of folks in Malaysia. All in all, it’s hard to deny how much the EX5 has captured the hearts of Malaysians as well as being part of the major driving force that literally kept the country running through the years.

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