GST vs SST? Triumph Motorcycles Malaysia says don’t worry!

Triumph Motorcycles Malaysia has announced the Price Protection Scheme for all their new unregistered bikes.

The scheme will protect future Triumph bike owners against any price fluctuation in accordance with the new tax regimen (GST back to SST).

If prices go up, they will honour the original lower price. If prices go down, customers can enjoy the new price PLUS store credit equal to the price difference.

In light of a very historic moment for our beloved nation and its process to evolve itself in accordance with the new Government, Triumph Motorcycles Malaysia has assured all future owners of Triumph bikes to not worry about the possible changes of price.

The folks over at Triumph Motorcycles Malaysia has introduced the very own ‘Price Protection Scheme’ to make sure that future Triumph bike owners won’t be on the losing end of this major transfer from GST back to SST. The new scheme is said to protect against any price movement for all new unregistered bikes.

As we all know, the new government in power is planning for some big changes and one of those has something to do with the abolishment of GST (Goods and Services Tax). In its place, the previous Sales and Service Tax (SST) will make its return and most of us are still not sure on how this will affect the country’s expenses.

Triumph Motorcycles Malaysia will assure to give only the best deals for potential customers. If the SST raises the price of the new bikes, they will “honour the original, lower price”. If the new tax drops down the price of the bikes (woohoo!), then the customers will receive “store credit/Credit Note equal to the price difference.”

No matter if the bike prices go up or down, Triumph Motorcycles Malaysia will ensure that future owners will get their money’s worth. Sounds like a win-win situation for all of us. Head over to the nearest Triumph Motorcycles authorised dealers to know more!

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