E-Scooters: Govt. will introduce new rules including license requirement

You’ll soon need at least a license to operate E-Scooters and ‘micro mobility vehicles’ says Transport Minister.

  • Transport Minister Wee Ka Siong says new rules for E-Scooters will be introduced soon.

  • Besides E-Scooters, these new rules will also apply to similar ‘micro mobility vehicles’ too.

  • A license will be required for anyone to operate E-Scooters capable of hitting over 50KM/H.

Image source: WOB

Transport Minister Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong has said that the Ministry of Transport Malaysia will announce a new set of rules and regulations, which reportedly will include a license requirement, for E-scooters and ‘micro mobility vehicles’ as such.

Wee was quoted by local online news portal FMT this week regarding the matter. He adds that the Road Transport Act had been amended to cover ‘micro-mobility vehicles’, and his ministry would soon reveal comprehensive proposed rules for the use of such vehicles.

The rules reportedly will indicate what types of vehicles would be allowed on public roads and on what conditions riders would require a license to operate. Additionally, action could be taken under the Land Transport Act for any vehicles deemed unsuitable for use on the highway.

One key rule the ministry will reportedly introduce is the need for a license to operate ‘micro mobility as such that vehicles’ capable of hitting speed above 50KM/H.

Wee also said it was now a “trend” for some electric bicycles to be faster than motorcycles, and they can cause accidents if the driver/rider went too fast and lost control, something he wanted to avoid.

E-Scooters on sale in Malaysia

Micro mobility vehicles such as E-Scooters have risen in popularity of late thanks to their ease of access and the apparent convenience of mobility it offers. Besides app-based rental schemes, E-Scooters are also widely available through online shopping spaces, with many of which costing cheaper than most kapchai bikes.

This move by the ministry stems from the recent mass public concerns caused by errant E-Scooters users. Lately, a number of which have become quite a nuisance to both motorists and pedestrians, with some having led to serious injuries too as a result, with examples including this lady pictured below who reportedly shattered her jaw.

Malaysian Woman Shatters Her Jaw After Cyberjaya E-Scooter Accident – TRP (Image: TRP)

Besides invading both pedestrian walkways and main roads, errant E-Scooter users are frequently spotted operating their vehicles with no safety precautions like a wearing a helmet and fitting lights on their E-Scooters, with an equal number who commit dangerous acts such as dashing through red lights and even carrying passengers on machines clearly not designed to do so.

Presently, some city councils such as the Penang City Council (MBPP) already enforce active bans on the use of E-Scooters and micro mobility vehicles. Besides that, vehicles as such are also banned around most shopping malls in the country too.

Just as how they’ve clamped down on ‘basikal lajak’ (modified bicycles) prior, we can expect the ministry to do the same for E-Scooters and micro mobility vehicles as soon as these new rules are announced and ratified. aims to bring you the latest motorcycle news reviews videos and entertainment for everything related to motorcycles from around the world.

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