Ducati Easy Lift Function To Be Available On The Multistrada V4

Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati has unveiled a new standard feature, the Easy Lift Function, aimed at making it easier for riders to stand their bikes up from the kickstand.

  • This innovative addition is set to enhance accessibility levels and cater to a wider range of riders, particularly those who may face challenges due to the weight and seat height of the Multistrada V4.
  • The Easy Lift Function is designed to lower the seat height of the Multistrada V4, thereby facilitating a more comfortable riding experience for individuals with different heights and body types.

Recognizing the need for improved accessibility, Ducati is also offering additional options such as lowering kits and lowered seat alternatives at its dealerships.

The inspiration behind this feature originated from the Multistrada Rally, which presented difficulties for vertically-challenged riders due to its relatively high seat height. In response, Ducati developed a solution that leverages the hydraulics of the suspension system.

By fully opening the valves of the semi-active dampers for approximately three minutes, the function allows the bike to squat, enabling riders to easily lift the motorcycle from a stationary position. This user-friendly feature grants riders the ability to firmly plant their feet on the ground, facilitating a smooth transition to an upright position and enhancing overall stability while riding.

Building upon the success of the Minimum Preload function introduced in 2022 on the Multistrada V4 Rally, Ducati’s Easy Lift Function offers another layer of accessibility for riders. The height reduction feature was met with enthusiasm, further augmenting the already impressive array of features offered by this large tourer.

One notable aspect of the Easy Lift Function is that it does not require any additional hardware installation on the bike for 2022 V4 S models. Owners of 2022 or later Multistrada V4 S motorcycles can enjoy this feature at no additional cost by having the function loaded into their bike’s system at their Ducati dealer.

As for future Multistrada V4 models, the Easy Lift Function will come as a standard feature. Ducati will notify owners about their bike’s eligibility for the update through the MyDucati app or via email.

Ducati’s commitment to enhancing accessibility through the Easy Lift Function demonstrates its dedication to accommodating a diverse range of riders.

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