Driver Who Struck Nicky Hayden Guilty of Homicide

  • The judge in Nicky Hayden’s case has found the car driver who struck Hayden guilty of homicide.

  • The driver was sentenced to one year of imprisonment, his license revoked and needs to pay the costs of the court.

  • Hayden’s family is also proceeding with a civil suit of $6 million against the driver.

It has been more than a year since Nicky Hayden succumbed to his injuries after being struck by a car while he was cycling on the outskirts of the Misano Circuit in Italy.

2006 MotoGP Champion Nicky Hayden involved in Serious Road Accident

His loss was and is still felt around the world but while many are moving on, the legal proceedings were being carried out in Italy.

Now, the Italian courts have found the driver of the car which struck Hayden guilty of homicide.

The unnamed, 31-year-old drivers was handed a suspended one year in prison, revocation of his driving license and must pay the costs of the court.

The courts found that the driver had been driving at 70 km/h in a 50 km/h zone. It was deemed that the driver would have been able to avoid the accident if he had travelled at the speed limit, regardless that Hayden had failed to stop at his stop sign.

The judge is expected to disclose his reasoning behind his decision in 90 days.

There are actually two matters being filed in the courts. The first was for criminal proceedings and the other is a civil suit.

The driver’s family will appeal the judgment of the criminal court.

Hayden’s family is also pursuing a $6 million civil suit against the driver. The sum is the maximum allowable by Italian insurance policy.

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