Brisk X-Line Racing, Brisk Premium LGS Spark Plugs – More Spark, More Power

  • The spark plug is at the centre of the spark ignition engine.

  • This is why it plays a vital role in unlocking the engine’s potential.

  • The Brisk X-Line Racing and Brisk Premium LGS are designed to extract this performance.

Look at what’s just landed in our e-commerce shop: The Brisk X-Line Racing and Brish Premium LGS spark plugs.

Needless to say, the spark plug is at the heart of a spark ignition engine. You may have the most sophisticated fuel injection and ignition systems but what’s there to ignite the spark? No, a couple of rocks don’t cut it.

However, the performance of the spark plug plays the crucial role in unlocking the engine’s potential. That’s not only for “power” but more specifically in terms of torque, horsepower, fuel economy, smooth throttle operation, easy starting (whether the engine’s cold or hot), and the plug’s longevity.

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The Brisk X-Line Racing spark plug has multiple ground electrodes to ensure that any one of them or all of them are closest to where the fuel-air mixture is concentrated. This means quick and complete burn of the mixture. A completely burned mixture produces higher torque and horsepower, in addition to better fuel economy and cleaner emissions.

Users of Brisk spark plugs have always remarked about noticeable increase in acceleration and smooth “pulling” through the entire rev range. This is the direct result of complete burning, as we outlined earlier. This is also why Brisk racing plugs are used by virtually all teams in the Malaysian Superbike Championship and PETRONAS Malaysian Cub Prix Championship.

But there is one more advantage to the Brisk X-Line Racing spark plug. This plug is specifically developed for our Southeast Asian market to deal with the high ambient temperatures and humidity. Besides that, it can also deal with different fuel octanes which means you can tour with your bike anywhere.

Also available in our e-commerce store is the Brisk Premium LGS.

The LGS was first developed hand-in-hand with Lamborghini and is now their OEM plug. From here, Brisk developed the plug further for other applications. One particular brand is Ducati and thus the AAOR10LGS is designed for them.

You can order these products here:

Brisk X-Line Racing AOR12-X8 (replaces the NGK CR8E, CR8EA, CR8EAIX, CPR8EA-9, MR8E-9, MR8K-9). It’s meant for lower capacity bikes such as the Yamaha Y15ZR, YZF-R15, FZ150i, LC135 and Honda RS150.

Brisk X-Line Racing AOR10-X9 (replaces the NGK CR9E, CR9EIX, CR9E-9, MR9C-9N). It’s meant for larger capacity bikes.

Brisk Premium LGS AAOR10LGS (replaces the NGK MAR10 A-J). It’s meant for Ducati motorcycles.

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