BMW To Introduce Advanced Facial Recognition System To Unlock/Start A Bike

BMW is set to launch its latest motorcycle security feature using advanced facial recognition technology. 

  • the system will be use to unlock and start a motorcycle. 
  • the system will also notify owners in case of any attempt to start or move the bike. 

The system, known as iFace, will use a combination of 3D facial mapping and infrared iris-cornea scanning to unlock and start the bike. The iFace system is set to be introduced on BMW’s boxer-engined bikes later this year.

When a rider is not wearing a helmet, the system uses a stripe projection to create a 3D map of the rider’s facial features. The system takes into account the depth and contours of the face, creating a virtual model that is then used to unlock and start the bike. For riders who wear a helmet, the system uses infrared iris-cornea scanning to recognize the rider’s eyes. A polarisation filter is used to cut through dark-colored visors and lenses, ensuring the system works in any light conditions.

The iFace system also includes notifications that are sent to the rider in case of any unauthorized attempts to start or move the bike. This feature operates like the Ring doorbell system, alerting the rider of any suspicious activity.

Although facial recognition technology has become more commonplace in recent years, the use of the technology in the context of motorcycle security is a new development. BMW’s iFace system is set to be unveiled at a motorcycle show in autumn 2023. While the technology has the potential to offer enhanced security for bike owners, some may be concerned about the reliance on the technology to protect their bike from theft.

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