BMW Motorrad presents BMW Motorrad Spezial – official custom parts for your motorcycles

BMW Motorrad has introduced the BMW Motorrad Spezial; a special range of customised parts for their Touring and Heritage models.

The customised parts address the ever growing demand of customising motorcycles and also for customers looking to add their own personal touches to their beloved bikes.

The Spezial range is said to be available worldwide beginning August 2017.

With the ever increasing demand of personalising motorcycles to add a touch of uniqueness to the bikes, BMW Motorrad has decided to expand their individualisation range with the introduction of the BMW Motorrad Spezial; a custom range that offer distinctive-design, performance-enhancing and exclusive customisation options ex works.

BMW Motorrad Spezial offers custom parts for several of their flagship models made with high-grade materials, genuine surfaces, skilled craftsmanship and the love of detail are what define BMW Motorrad Spezial. For the initial stage, the Spezial range covers bikes from BMW’s Touring and Heritage ranges with future plans to expand and offer such customisation options to other models as well.

The range will be available from August 2017 which includes not only exclusive optional equipment ex works, but also products from the present Original BMW Motorrad Accessories range, which have been construction with the same amount of quality, styling and dedication as the Spezial range.

Customers have two different options to choose from on how to customise their beloved BMW bikes. The first option offers customers to directly equip his or her motorcycle ex works with all the visual upgrading by ordering it with the Spezial equipment already installed.

As for the second option, customers will also be able to choose special accessories from a “Spezial World” in the near future where all a higher range of customisation will be offered to interested individuals. This means that the customer will still be able to customise his motorcycle via the dealer in the traditional way.

The good news regarding both options is that all of the parts are covered by the warranty and those who are looking to own a new BMW Motorrad motorcycle can also include the parts in their financing plans which will help customers save more in terms of cost and time.

Not sure on how your bike will look like as a whole with all the customised parts? Fear not as BMW Motorrad will also introduced the latest generation of the BMW Motorrad Configurator that’ll help in the digital presentation of the large part of the special accessories specifically for the R nineT models.

The custom range is said to be available starting from August 2017 but we’ll wait for confirmation from BMW Motorrad Malaysia on the actual date of availability here in the country. Stay tuned to Bikes Republic for more updates.

Source: BMW Motorrad

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