BMW Halts Sales Of Gas-Powered Motorcycles In North America

BMW Motorrad has taken a significant step by ordering a temporary halt in the sale of all new and pre-owned gas-powered motorcycles across North American dealerships, just days before the much-anticipated unveiling of the next-generation R 1300 GS.

However, the embargo on sales does not extend to the CE 04, BMW’s electric scooter, which remains unaffected.

The company, in an official statement, clarified that this decision is unrelated to safety concerns but rather stems from an issue pertaining to the materials used in the Evaporative System (EVAP) of their motorcycles.

The EVAP system’s primary function is to capture fuel vapors and reintroduce them into the engine’s intake, thereby preventing their release into the environment.

Specific details regarding the nature and extent of the issue have not been disclosed, but the absence of safety implications suggests that BMW may have identified a matter related to emissions compliance that could potentially impact multiple generations of their motorcycles. The precise timeline and historical scope of this problem are yet to be elucidated.

It is important to note that this ‘stop sale’ directive is considered temporary in nature. However, BMW has not provided a definitive timeframe for the resumption of sales.

Furthermore, the company has clarified that this decision is voluntary and has not been mandated by any regulatory authority. Nevertheless, dealerships are obligated to adhere to the directive, ensuring compliance with BMW’s initiative.


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