BMW CE-02 Enters Production In India

BMW Motorrad has officially commenced production of the CE02 electric scooter in India taking place at the TVS Motor Company’s plant, located in Hosur, near Chennai.

The BMW CE02, a product of the collaboration between BMW and TVS, has already established a presence in international markets, and its arrival in the Indian market marks a significant milestone in the growing trend towards electric mobility.

One of the most striking features of the BMW CE02 is its unique and distinctive styling. Beneath its unconventional appearance lies an impressive electric powertrain. 

The scooter is equipped with a 2 kWh battery, and what sets it apart is the customer’s choice between a single or dual battery setup. This choice allows riders to opt for a remarkable 90km of range and a top speed of 95km per hour or a more conservative setup offering a 45km range and a maximum speed of 45km per hour.

Beyond its cutting-edge electric powertrain, the BMW CE02 comes loaded with a suite of features designed to provide riders with a convenient and enjoyable experience. 

These features include multiple ride modes, energy-efficient LED lighting, a reverse gear for easy maneuverability, keyless operation for added convenience, a USB charging port, and a user-friendly 3.5-inch TFT display. Safety is a top priority, as the scooter comes equipped with ABS as a standard feature.

Moreover, BMW offers an array of accessories for the CE02, allowing riders to personalize their experience. These accessories include soft seats for enhanced comfort, a luggage set for practicality, a windscreen for improved aerodynamics, and a top case for added storage capacity.

In terms of hardware, the BMW CE02 incorporates USD forks for precise handling, adjustable rear shock absorbers for customizable suspension settings, a 239mm front disc brake, and a 220mm rear disc brake for confident stopping power. 

The scooter rides on 14-inch wheels and is wrapped in high-quality 120/80 and 150/70 section tires, providing stability and grip on various road surfaces.

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