5 Reasons to Rely on Shell Advance Premium Lubricants

  • Shell Advance lubricants are formulated to protect your engine in “5 Complete Protection” packages.

  • Each range has different properties, but all are formulated to provide the best engine protection.

  • Shell Advance lubricants are considered premium engine oils.

Engine oils. There are so many, in fact probably too many brands in the market. Which one should you choose? The one with the snazzy ads? The one which is stamped on your favourite MotoGP rider’s suit? Or should you choose the best through your research like Shell Advance premium range of lubricants?

Shell Advance lubricants from the Ultra, AX7 or AX5 ranges, are formulated to protect your engine in five ways. These “5 Complete Protection” packages maintain your engine’s horsepower, enhances fuel economy, protects against wear, guards against high temperatures, and keep the pistons and engine parts clean.

1. Protects against wear

Engine oil separates surfaces, preventing them from contacting each other hence eliminating friction.

Two surfaces at microscopic levels

Of course, lack of friction ultimately results in less wear and tear of engine parts. Less wear and tear convert to lower cost of maintenance and repairs. 

The Ultra and AX7 provides 36% better protection versus industry limits, while the AX5 provides 29% better protection1.

2. Maintains horsepower

A good engine oil shouldn’t rob your engine of its power. It means that the oils have good viscosity and flow properties, thereby eliminating frictional losses.

Photo credit New Atlas

Besides that, good flow properties mean the oil doesn’t resist being be pumped around the engine.

Consequently, engine power is maintained. To the rider, he will feel that the engine is quick-revving hence more powerful, for example opening the throttle and the bikes takes off instead of feeling bogged down. 

In lab tests, both the Ultra and AX7 had proven to be able to maintain the engine’s horsepower even after 12,000 kms2.

3. Enhances fuel economy

Less friction and resistance as the engine doesn’t have to struggle to overcome those forces highlighted earlier. The engine finds it easier to turn with the least amount of fuel.

Tests showed that the Ultra extended fuel mileage by up to 5 km per tank3, and the AX7 up to 3 km3. Fuel mileage is subject to traffic conditions and riding style, but it’s a good guard against escalating fuel prices.

4. Guards against high temperatures

To the engine, the difference of a few degrees results in better performance and fuel efficiency. To the rider, it’s a difference he can feel from the seat, making him more comfortable and worry less about performance and whether the engine is fully protected.


The Ultra provides a whopping 71% better protection against high heat1, while the AX7 does it by 29%1. The AX5 is also formulated to provide heat protection. 

5. Keep pistons clean

Combustion by-products i.e. soot, carbon deposits will accumulate at the top the piston and its rings. The rings scrape these desposits downwards to be “washed away” by the lubricant.


Shell Advance Ultra, Shell Advance AX7 and Shell Advance AX5 are formulated with Shell Active Cleansing Technology to break dirt and soot particles, thereby preventing them from clumping.

This property is also due to them being derived from the Shell PurePlus Technology base oil. The base oil is 99.5% free of contaminants, hence is crystal clear. Being virtually pure means the oil is cleaner in the first place.

In this aspect, the Ultra and AX7 keeps pistons 49% and 33% cleaner, respectively1. The AX5 has this property, too.


Being premium lubricants may cost more, but as the saying goes, “Good no cheap, cheap no good.” Paying a little more for the benefits will outweigh the maintenance and repair costs by a large factor. Would you rather spend RM 68.30 for a bottle of Shell Advance Ultra or more than RM 1,500 (depending on bike) for a top-end overhaul before it’s due?

You can choose from different grades in each Shell Advance range.

The fully-synthetic Shell Advance Ultra is available in 10W-40, 15W-50, and Ultra Scooter 5W-40.

The semi-synthetic Shell Advance AX7 is available in 10W-30, 10W-40, 15W-50, and AX7 Scooter 10W-40.

The premium mineral Shell Advance AX5 is available in 15W-40 and AX5 Scooter 15W-40.

Last but not least, do remember to purchase Shell Advance lubricants with bottles marked as “Untuk Pasaran Malaysia” (For Malaysian Market).


  1. Claims based on field trial results and/or lab based data.
  2. Claims based on field trial results. Power comparison using chassis dyno.
  3. Compared average results of Shell Advance Ultra and AX 7 to that of Shell Advance AX5. Fuel consumption can be affected by other factors including traffic conditions.

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