4 Reasons Why The CFMoto 450SR Should Be On Your Shopping List

CFMOTO has been making waves in the motorcycle industry with its range of entry-level bikes that are both affordable and powerful.

The company has recently launched the 450SR, a new sportbike that is sure to impress even the most discerning motorcycle enthusiast. We recently took an 18 hours flight from Malaysia to Istanbul, Turkey to get the first taste at the new machine at the Intercity Istanbul Park circuit.

So here’s why we think, the 450SR is a special bike and deserve to be on your shopping list.

1. Engine

The first thing that stands out about the CFMOTO 450SR is its engine. The 450cc parallel-twin engine is not unique in and of itself, but what sets it apart is the 270-degree crankshaft. This engine configuration is similar to what you would find in the Yamaha MT-07, a bike that is known for its powerful bottom and mid-range, as well as its thrilling exhaust note.

The 450SR is the first parallel-twin in its class to feature a 270-degree crankshaft, making it a unique offering in the market. With 50 horsepower available, it is also the most powerful sub-500cc sportbike on the market. The 450SR is sure to give its competitors, such as the Ninja 400 and KTM RC 390, a run for their money.

2. Components

Apart from its powerful engine, the CFMOTO 450SR also boasts top-tier components. The bike comes with Brembo brakes up front that are fitted with dual-channel ABS. The suspension components are adjustable, and they are made by KYB. CFMOTO has also added some fancy electronics to the 450SR, including a full-color TFT display, ABS, traction control, and a slipper-assist clutch.

3. Style

CFMOTO has always been known for its stylish designs, and the 450SR is no exception. The bike has an ultra-slim, razor-sharp appearance that is sure to turn heads. The bodywork is stunning and has every feature that you would want on a high-performance sportbike. CFMOTO has even added winglets that claim to provide 2 kilograms of downforce at 120 kilometers per hour.

4. Price

With all the features that the CFMOTO 450SR offers, you would expect it to come with a hefty price tag. However, the bike is priced at just RM28,888 making it one of the most affordable sportbikes in its category. 

CFMOTO has managed to pack in a lot of value into this bike, and it is sure to be a hit with motorcycle enthusiasts who are looking for an affordable yet powerful sportbike.

The CFMOTO Story

CFMOTO is a Chinese motorcycle manufacturer that was founded in 1989. The company has come a long way since then and is now one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers in the world. CFMOTO has always been focused on producing high-quality bikes that are both affordable and powerful.

The company’s entry-level offerings, such as the 250SR have been a hit with first-time big bike riders who are looking for an affordable yet powerful bike. CFMOTO then moved into the middleweight market with the 700 CL-X family of Neo-Retro bikes. These bikes packed a powerful punch much above their weight class and created a stir in the market.

CFMOTO then set its sights on the middleweight ADV market and launched the 800MT, a KTM-derived model. The 800MT was a hit with adventure riders who were looking for an affordable yet capable bike.

Now, CFMOTO is upending the sportbike market with the 450SR, one of its most recent masterpieces. The company has always been focused on producing high-quality bikes that offer great value, and the 450SR is no exception.

In conclusion, the CFMOTO 450SR is a motorcycle that demands attention. It’s not only striking in appearance, but it also boasts a variety of top-of-the-line features that are unrivaled in its class. The 450cc parallel-twin engine with a 270-degree crankshaft makes it the most powerful sub-500cc sportbike on the market, and the Brembo brakes, KYB suspension, and electronic rider aids make it a formidable competitor against more expensive models.

While CFMOTO may be a newcomer to the sportbike market, it has shown that it can hold its own against more established brands. Its entry-level offerings, such as the 250SR, have already impressed first-time big bike riders, and the 700 CL-X and 800MT have made waves in the middleweight market. With the 450SR, CFMOTO has once again proved its ability to create exceptional motorcycles that offer outstanding value for money.

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