2024 Kawasaki Z650RS To Feature Traction Control 

Kawasaki is set to add traction control to its Z650RS for the 2024 model year, according to an executive order issued by the California Air Resources Board as reported by

  • Kawasaki Z650RS to received minor upgrade in the form of a traction control. 
  • The Z650RS retro-inspired instrument cluster is expected to be revised. 

The update is expected to bring the retro-inspired model in line with Kawasaki’s other 650cc models, the Z650, Ninja 650, and Versys 650, which all received traction control updates in recent years.

The Z650RS was introduced in 2022 and is relatively new compared to its counterparts, which may explain why Kawasaki waited a year to add traction control. The retro-inspired instrumentation on the Z650RS also presented a challenge, as adding traction control would require modifying the dashboard to include new information.


The addition of traction control is a welcome update for the Z650RS, which already boasts an impressive 649cc parallel-twin engine and sleek, retro styling. Kawasaki’s decision to wait until the 2024 model year to introduce traction control will ensure that customers who purchased the first year of production won’t be left out.

Aside from the addition of traction control and a new dashboard, no other changes are expected for the Z650RS in 2024. Fans of the model can likely expect new color options, but otherwise, the bike is expected to remain largely unchanged.

Kawasaki’s move to add traction control to the Z650RS is just the latest example of the company’s commitment to providing riders with cutting-edge technology and performance. With its powerful engine and retro-inspired style, the Z650RS is sure to continue attracting attention from riders looking for a unique and exciting riding experience.

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