2020 BMW S 1000 XR Second Teaser Video

  • BMW Motorrad released the second 2020 BMW S 1000 XR teaser video.

  • The bikes sound like inline-Fours, pointing the way to the S 1000 XR.

  • It will be unveiled at EICMA 2020.

BMW Motorrad released the second teaser video for the 2020 BMW S 1000 XR with EICMA 2019 just a week away.

While we are also expecting an F 850 R or F 850 XR, the engine note from both videos belonged to an inline-Four, instead of a parallel-Twin. That would only point to the S 1000 XR, with its S 1000 RR superbike based engine. But expect the XR’s powerplant to be tuned for torque rather than outright horsepower. The RR’s engine is equipped with the BMW Shift Cam variable valve timing tech, which should also be brought over to the XR.

The 2020 XR will also be new from ground up, rather than having just an uprated motor for Euro 5 compliance.

The video also gave a glimpse of the rear suspension’s shock absorber. We can see the short plunger for the Dynamic Damping Adjustment’s (DDA) sensor. The suspension ECU takes readings from this sensor to adjust damping rates according to the selected preference.

BMW released the first teaser on 25th October consisting of snippets from the rider’s point-of-view. The second video showed a couple of bikes blasting by a roadside camera.

EICMA 2019 begins on Tuesday, 5th November in Milan, Italy. Stay tuned.

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