2018 Sym Cruisym 250i & Sym Jet 14 scooters unveiled – From RM6,688

Sym Malaysia also introduced the 2018 Sym Cruisym 250i and Sym Jet 14 scooters.

The two new scooters come with the latest aggressive and sporty designs paired with Euro4-compliant 250cc and 125cc engines.

The new Cruisym 250i is priced from RM18,888 and the Jet 14 is at RM6,688 (basic prices without GST).

Together with the grand launch of the 2018 Sym VF3i, Sym Malaysia has introduced two new scooter options into their current line-up in the form of the 2018 Sym Cruisym 250i and Sym Jet 14. The latest generation scooters come with the latest designs as well as updated Euro4-compliant engines.

2018 Sym Cruisym 250i – RM18,888 (basic price without GST)

With a rise in demand for maxi-scooters, Sym Malaysia launched their latest addition into the category in the form of their new 2018 Sym Cruisym 250i. This revolutionary model is about ‘aggressiveness and sportiness’. This is replicated thanks to its modern and edgy design together with its Euro4-compliant 250cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine.

Sym Malaysia announced that their new 250cc scooter is able to produce 21.2hp at 7,500rpm and 23.5Nm of torque at 5,500rpm. They also stated that the scooter is able to hit a maximum speed of 150km/h.

Other features include a 12-litre fuel tank, all-round disc brakes with ABS (260mm front, 240mm rear), large underseat storage that can fit two full-face helmets, 12V charger, USB socket, and many more.

Sym Malaysia has priced their latest 2018 Sym Cruisym 250i at RM18,888 (basic price without GST). You can also opt for the Special Edition model which is priced at RM19,188.

2018 Sym Jet 14 – RM6,688 (basic price without GST)

Those who are looking for the perfect first scooter can look forward to the new 2018 Sym Jet 14. Carrying the same DNA in terms of design as the 2018 Cruisym 250i, it looks just as good as its bigger sibling.

This modern day scooter comes with the latest design which is brought to life with specs like its dual headlights, three-ringed dashboard, LED 3D tail lights, and many more.

Fitted with a Euro4-compliant 125cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine, the new Jet 14 is able to produce around 10hp at 8,500rpm and 9.2Nm of torque at 7,000rpm. This translates to a reasonable top speed of 110km/h.

Other specs include a 7.5-litre fuel tank, 14-inch wheels (hence the name Jet 14), CVT automatic transmission, underseat storage that can fit one full-face helmet, and many more.

Interested in getting one of your very own? Sym Malaysia has priced it at RM6,688 (basic price without GST) and there will be three colour options; Red, Blue, and White.

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