SPY SHOT: 2024 Ducati DesertX Rally To Debut Soon

As Ducati continues its tradition of the Ducati World Premiere, enthusiasts worldwide are eagerly awaiting the unveiling of six exciting additions to the Ducati family, with the recent revelation of the Monster 30 Anniversario setting the stage.

  • the Ducati DesertX Rally was recently caught undergoing testing in Europe. 
  • the DesertX Rally features notable enhancements including a taller ground clearance and motocross-style front fender. 

Among these upcoming models, the Ducati DesertX Rally has been generating quite a buzz, having recently been spotted undergoing rigorous testing on the rugged terrains of Europe. This machine promises to take adventure to the next level, enhancing the middleweight adventure motorcycle segment. Adding to the excitement, the DesertX Rally has already received certification from the California Air Resources Board, signaling its imminent arrival.


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If the Ducati DesertX already turned heads with its distinctive design, the Rally version is set to elevate the off-road experience with a host of notable enhancements. Its unique appearance, reminiscent of the Cagiva Elefante, features a towering stance and muscular side panels. However, it seems that the stock DesertX may not be as bash-friendly as some riders would prefer, and this is precisely where the Rally steps in to address these concerns.

One of the standout improvements is the elongated, motocross-style front fender that graces the new model. This significant addition is complemented by robust fork protectors, extending upward to shield the upper tubes and embrace the stanchions, reducing the likelihood of oil seal damage – a welcome sight for off-road adventurers.

Another alteration to note is the revamped windshield, which, though maintaining its characteristic polka-dot pattern, appears taller compared to the standard DesertX. For those who dare to venture further off the beaten path, a new engine bash plate takes center stage. Reinforced with the trellis chassis and featuring a forged carbon construction, it ensures durability while adding a touch of rugged sophistication.

Ducatisti will also appreciate the inclusion of the Rally saddle from the accessory catalog. This dual-tone (red-black) flat, single-piece seat replaces the stock split setup, providing greater ease of movement when navigating through dirt and challenging landscapes. While the seat height may see a slight increase, the overall riding experience and triangle should remain largely unchanged.

When it comes to the bike’s rear, it bears a familiar look, with the fender and lights closely resembling those found on the existing DesertX. However, keen-eyed observers will spot the addition of side racks as the only noteworthy update.

To top it all off, the Ducati DesertX Rally flaunts a striking special livery that is sure to turn heads. The keen observer will notice a hidden red hue beneath the surface of the covered plastics, while the subframe and pillion grab rail proudly sport a vibrant red finish. In contrast, the tank and rear fender appear to embrace a sleek white shade, resulting in a captivating dual-tone livery that showcases Ducati’s signature red in all its glory.

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