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Aveta Malaysia Sdn Bhd is enhancing its customer care efforts with the launch of the ‘Aveta Care on Wheels’ program. As more people rely on Aveta motorcycles, the company prioritizes customer ownership experience.


Aveta Motorcycles Malaysia reached a significant milestone with the introduction of the Aveta Service Corner (ASC). The ASC, located within Aveta dealerships, is designed to ensure a hassle-free ownership experience for Aveta Motorcycle customers.


Didi Group, the official distributor of Vespa & Aprilia scooters in Malaysia, has announced the opening of a new Vespa & Aprilia Showroom in Klebang, Melaka.

The new showroom, designed as a dynamic concept store, features the complete range of iconic Vespa & Aprilia scooters. Additionally, it houses a comprehensive customer service center, establishing itself as the ultimate destination for Melaka based two-wheel enthusiasts.

For Didi Group, the inauguration of Zen Sports marks a significant moment and a new milestone, as it stands as the first Vespa & Aprilia scooter 3S Showroom in Melaka.

As the official 3S dealer of Didi Group in Melaka, Zen Sports embraces the new Piaggio showroom Corporate Identity. The showroom meticulously curates a diverse range of models tailored to meet the preferences and desires of Vespa and Aprilia scooter enthusiasts, particularly in Klebang and the surrounding areas.

For existing customers, Zen Sports (Ban Zen Motors Sdn Bhd), located at Lot 332, Klebang Besar, 75200 Klebang Besar, Melaka, offers comprehensive sales and after-sales services.

The showroom proudly displays all Vespa and Aprilia scooter models available nationwide. In addition to the Service Centre, the facility features a comfortable waiting lounge and various lifestyle amenities, providing customers with a more enriching ownership experience that aligns with the distinctive personality of the brands.

The rumours about Kawasaki and Modenas creating a super moped has been circulating for years with the photo above being the driving force behind it.

We are not sure who created the photo but it has been making its rounds around the internet for some time now.

But the rumours are getting stronger and the latest ones are that the bike in question is currently being developed in Europe.

There is no word about where in Europe it is being developed but apparently there are a few Modenas engineers that are currently stationed in Europe for the past three months.

They are apparently there to help prepare the super moped for an imminent local launch.

It is believed that their main area of focus is on the powertrain development as well as technical training.

According to reports from a few Malaysian outlets, the new super moped was designed in Malaysia, received technical input from the Japanese and is currently being developed in Europe.

Now you may be wondering why Europe since mopeds are not exactly popular in Europe.

A quick search online has revealed that Kawasaki actually has a few factories and offices scattered all around the region, particularly for Kawasaki Heavy Industries.

Interestingly though, there is a Kawasaki Motors division in The Netherlands which has offices in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the UK.

It is not immediately clear if these branches are sales outlets or also play a role in development though the former seems more likely considering that Kawasaki has booted out a few of its global dealerships in favour of an official presence. Case in hand being Kawasaki Malaysia.

But what if the rumours are true? Which engine would Kawasaki use since it does not have a small capacity engine in the local market? Well that is not exactly true.

Kawasaki India recently launched the updated W175 (seen above) for 2024. It has a 177cc, air-cooled, fuel-injected, single-cylinder engine with an output of 13hp and 13Nm of torque. It is not a new engine and has been in the market for a while, which means it is tried and tested and is widely available.

In the spirit of the super moped, could this be the engine to power the highly anticipated bike?

As usual, it is all still speculative, just as it was for the past few years. But with a number of local outlets reporting on it, the rumour could be true, or it could be what it always has been – click bait.

If you understand Bahasa Malaysia, below is an video interview we did with the CEO of Modenas En Roslan not too long ago about this exact same topic:

The application process for the Electric Motorcycle Use Promotion Scheme, aimed at encouraging the adoption of electric motorcycles, is set to open for Malaysians in December this year.


In 2019, Kawasaki took full control of Bimota, marking a pivotal moment for the Rimini-based brand, which had struggled with financial instability for years. Under Kawasaki’s ownership, Bimota gained a solid foundation for future growth and stability.

Bimota showcased its offerings within Kawasaki’s exhibit at EICMA this year, officially introducing the Tera concept (TEsi con Regolazione di Altezza, which basically means Tesi with adjustable height) in its final, production-ready form. 

This unveiling marked the culmination of approximately three years of development, with the unique and patented front end first presented independently a year prior. The Tera represents the latest evolution of Bimota CEO Pierluigi Marconi’s renowned Tesi chassis, including the renowned hub-steer front end which Bimota is so well known for.

The Tera steering system was designed to address the range-of-motion limitations inherent in the original Tesi design, particularly during tight turns. Unlike its predecessor, where the steering is confined within the front wheel hub, the Tera design significantly enhances side-to-side steering range to 35 degrees—16 degrees more than the Tesi H2.

Bimota’s patented front suspension-steering system retains the advantages of the original Tesi, including an anti-dive effect and a reduction in unsprung masses. The steering mechanism involves a knee-type link activating the shock absorber within the steering head. Aluminum arms with reaction rods ensure precise vertical movement, connecting to the front wheel through machined billet plates that also house the front braking system’s calipers.

A notable feature of the Tera concept is the ability to adjust the center of gravity height by 30mm. The chassis’s front section comprises two machined billet-aluminum plates and a short steel-tubing trellis structure housing the steering head, with the engine serving as a stressed member. A connecting arm links the front frame to the rear swingarm/shock’s pivot point and the engine, forming a lightweight yet rigid structure capable of accommodating the supercharged inline-four Kawasaki H2 engine, boasting 200 hp at 11,000 rpm and 137Nm of peak torque at 8,500 rpm.

While specific front-end geometry details are yet to be released, the Tera features a compact 56.9-inch wheelbase, comparable to Aprilia’s Tuono V4 Factory and notably shorter than other street-oriented adventure bikes like Ducati’s Multistrada V4 RS which measures in at 62.7 inches.

Wheels are made up of 10-spoke forged magnesium wheels (17 x 3.5 and 17 x 5.5) fitted with 120/70-17 and 190/55-17 tires. The braking system comprises Brembo four-piston Stylema calipers and 330mm discs at the front and a twin-piston caliper with a 220mm rotor at the rear, supported by Kawasaki’s KIBS ABS system.

In terms of electronics, Kawasaki provides a comprehensive suite, featuring cornering ABS, traction control, four ride modes, and cruise control. A full-color TFT display serves as the central hub for viewing and adjusting settings, as well as providing essential bike information.

Positioned as a “crossover,” the Tera combines superbike-like performance from its engine with an upright and comfortable riding position. Bimota’s innovative chassis construction, coupled with the use of lightweight materials, contributes to an impressive curb weight of just 200kg. 

There is no info yet on a release date. 

Boon Siew Honda, the assembler and distributor of Honda Motorcycles in Malaysia, has updated the RS-X with two new colours.

Now available with Trico White Edition (above) and Radiate Gray Metallic (below), the much loved RS-X seems set to continue on its path before an eventual update. 


Aveta Motorcycles has officially introduced the Ranger Max Explorer, dubbed as the first adventure cub motorcycle in Malaysia.

The motorcycle has an ‘energy-efficient vehicle’ status and is powered by a 127cc, air-cooled, four-stroke SOHC engine with a maximum power output of 10hp and 10.5Nm of torque. Delivering power to the rear wheel is a conventional four-speed auto-clutch system where else stopping power is managed by a dual-piston caliper gripping a disc brake up front and a conventional drum brake system at the rear.



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