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Asians are probably more familiar with different types of Keeway’s – scooters, undertones and the like. But the photos you see here mark a huge departure from the Keeways we know. 

Known as the TX450R, this rally race-inspired bike marks a new chapter for the Chinese bike maker. 

The design is not exactly new and we have seen such race-bred designs with the Yamaha Tenere 700 and the Aprilia Tuareg 660. 

And as with all things that are popular, you can expect the Chinese bike makers to capitalise on a popular fad. 

Keeway is a brand under Chinese conglomerate Qianjiang Motors, or better known to all as QJ Motor. And the TX450R was first shown at this year’s EICMA show in Milan.

Its race-bred design that undoubtedly looks hardcore also looks like it belong in the deserts of Dakar or the jungles. But it is not all good-looks, it also features some modern tech such as a full-LED multi-optic headlight, a massive full-colour TFT screen, a cast-aluminium double-cradle frame as well as fully adjustable Fast Race inverted forks. 

The race suspension is also part managed by a multi-linkage equipped monoshock that offers an impressive 280mm of wheel travel, which is a hint at what this bike is made to do. 

Power is provided by a 449cc, single-cylinder engine that produces 42hp at 8000rpm and 38Nm of torque. Gear shifting duties is managed by a 6-speed gearbox where else the wheels measure in at 21-inches up front and 18 at the rear. 

Stopping power is provided by Nissin callipers. 

Interestingly, it comes with three fuel tanks that is located at different areas of the bike to provide optimal balance. Fuel capacity measures in at 28 litres. 

It is not yet known when the bike will go on sale and if it will be offered for the Malaysian market. In fact, not much is known about the bike at all, except for the fact that it looks really cool. 

The Royal Enfield SG650 first made an appearance at this year’s EICMA show as a concept. And usually concepts are just that, a concept. Some may talk about it, and others disregard it as something that may or may not make it to production. 

Rarely is a concept shown as a production model so soon after its first appearance, but that is exactly what transpired with the Royal Enfield SG650 – now known as the Shotgun 650, its production name. 


Chinese motorcycle manufacturers have been consistently impressing the market with their advancements in recent years, continuously raising the bar for quality and innovation. An intriguing trend has emerged where Chinese brands collaborate with European counterparts, such as the partnerships between KTM and CFMoto, BMW and Loncin. The latest fusion of talents is the collaboration between MVAgusta and QJ Motor.

QJ Motor showcased its latest creation—the SRK1000 RC concept at this year’s EICMA show. This concept motorcycle boasts an engine derived from MV Agusta’s lineup, coupled with high-end components and a visually striking design crafted by QJ’s Italian design team.

Visually, the QJ SRK 1000 RC concept is a showstopper. The twin-pod headlamp, set in a sharp, angular fairing, seamlessly integrates with a robust fuel tank and a sculpted upswept tail section. Notable features, including the single-sided swingarm, twin stubby exhausts neatly tucked beneath the tail, and diamond-cut alloy wheels, contribute to the motorcycle’s overall aesthetic appeal. Interestingly but unsurprisingly, from certain angles, it bears a resemblance to the MV Agusta F3 Supersport.

Under the sleek exterior, the motorcycle is powered by a 1,078cc inline four-cylinder engine, delivering an impressive 146bhp and a peak torque output of 112Nm. This engine is a reworked version of the MV Agusta Brutale 1090 RR’s powerplant. It’s worth noting that the performance figures, while substantial, fall short compared to other contemporary liter-class sportbikes like the Ducati Panigale V4 and Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R, which boast power outputs exceeding 200bhp. However, the QJ SRK 1000 RC compensates with top-notch components, including Ohlins suspension, Brembo Stylema brake calipers, and Pirelli Rosso Corsa tires.

Enthusiasts eagerly await the production version of the QJ SRK 1000 RC, which is anticipated to be unveiled in the coming year. The likelihood of its availability in markets like Malaysia seems promising, given the growing popularity of Chinese motorcycle brands in the region.

Asia Harley Days is fast becoming one of the must attend events for any Harley-Davidson owners in the Asian region and this year’s instalment was no different. With over 2,500 attendees, the event, held at the legendary Legend Siam in Pattaya on October 28, 2023, saw participation from representatives of 80 H.O.G.® (Harley Owners Group) Chapters and motorcycle club members from various regions.


After months of anticipation, BMW has officially unveiled its latest offerings for 2024—the R12 and R12 nineT. Both motorcycles share a common 1,170cc engine but boast distinct characteristics, with the R12 nineT designed as a classic roadster for dynamic rides on country roads, and the R12 as a classic cruiser for laid-back biking. Let’s delve into the details:

Classic Roadsters and Cruisers with a Heritage Twist

BMW Motorrad’s R nineT, introduced in 2013, marked a departure from conventional roadsters by blending classic motorcycle design with modern technology and customizable features. The new R12 nineT continues this legacy, embracing “The Spirit of nineT,” aiming to seamlessly follow the success of its predecessor while embodying an archetypal look, timelessness, and extensive customization options. Meanwhile, the R12 embraces “The Spirit of Easy,” with a classic cruiser for cool and relaxed biking.

Boxer Engine with Modern Enhancements

The heart of the R12 nineT and R12 models is the authentic and robust boxer engine, boasting a redesigned airbox and twin-flow rear silencer. The air/oil-cooled boxer engine, with a capacity of 1,170cc, delivers 109 hp at 7,000 rpm in the R12 nineT and 95 hp at 6,500 rpm in the R12. The left-mounted “Twin Pipe” exhaust system adds a touch of classic sportiness to both roadster and cruiser enthusiasts.

Redesigned Tubular Bridge Steel Spaceframe

A highlight of the new models is the one-piece tubular bridge steel spaceframe, a departure from the previous R nineT series. This new frame not only reduces weight but also provides a cleaner and more classic appearance. The rear frame, also tubular steel, is bolted to the main frame.

Modern Features for a Classic Feel

The R12 nineT is equipped with classic round instruments for speed and rpm, a USB-C port, and a 12V socket. A digital display is available as optional equipment. The R12 models offer a choice between roadster and cruiser designs, each providing optimal ergonomics and distinctive features.

At a glance:

– Classic, purist design as roadster and cruiser.

– Beefy air/oil-cooled 2-cylinder boxer engine.

– Designed for customizing.

– R12 nineT with 109 hp at 7,000 rpm and 115 Nm at 6,500 rpm.

– R12 with 95 hp at 6,500 rpm and 110 Nm at 6,000 rpm.

– Left-side exhaust system with double silencer and conical end pieces.

– New integrated airbox under the seat.

– One-piece tubular spaceframe with bolted-on rear frame.

– Upside-down telescopic forks at the front and Paralever swinging arm with rear spring strut.

– Radially mounted 4-piston monobloc brake calipers, steel flex brake lines, and floating 310 mm brake discs.

– BMW Motorrad ABS Pro.

– Standard riding modes and Dynamic Traction Control.

– Classic round instruments, USB-C, and 12 V socket.

– LED light units and adaptive Headlight Pro available.

– Keyless Ride as standard.

Scooters have become increasingly popular thanks to their low weight, accessibility, affordability and even practicality. While Vespas, Lambrettas, and other classic scooters capture the attention of diehard enthusiasts, utilitarian scooters continue to have their own niche among commuters.

Kymco has long been one at the forefront of fun, practical and even desirable scooters, and for the 2024 model-year, it has refreshed its popular Downtown series.

The Downtown scooter will be offered in two flavors for 2024 – 125 and 350. While the 125 will appeal for those looking for something accessible, the 350 will appeal to those who want more power, as well as those looking for a practical all-rounder with some highway capability.

Among the upgrades to the 2024 model-year include an overall sportier design thanks to more angular bodywork. The styling is distinctly modern, featuring sporty elements combined with touring-inspired styling such as a tall windscreen, two-up saddle, and built-in passenger grab handles. According to Kymco, the seats have been improved, prioritizing comfort for longer hours on the saddle.

Styling aside, the new Kymco Downtown series of scooters has also receive technological updates. For starters, both versions come standard with a large, full-color TFT display, as well as a keyless ignition system for quick and convenient stops and starts. Interestingly, Kymco has thrown in a new tire pressure monitoring system on the new models, too.

Exclusive to the Downtown 350, the addition of cruise control and traction control provide further convenience on long highway stints, as well as safety in all weather conditions. There’s also a new emergency braking warning system that triggers the hazard lights under heavy braking.

In terms of underpinnings, the updated Kymco Downtown series sports components that are strictly for road use. It gets a standard telescopic fork with 110 millimeters of travel, as well as a pair of rear shock absorbers with a similar 100 millimeters of rear wheel travel. The scooter rolls on a 14-inch and 13-inch front and rear wheel combo. Other performance data and specifications have yet to be released by Kymco, so be sure to stay tuned if scooters like the new Downtown pique your interest.


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