Things motorcyclists should have in case of an emergency

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  • Most popular reasons for stranded bikes are running out of petrol, flat tire and loose parts

  • Helpful items to have in case of being stranded

  • Good preparations to be self-sufficient while saving time and money


Have you ever been stranded by the side of the road during a Sunday ride? Or you ran out of petrol on the way to work? Got a flat tire in the middle of nowhere? As someone who’s on a motorcycle almost every day, one needs to be prepared in the best possible way to get out of emergency situations. Here are a few small items that you can bring with you during any bike ride.

1) Mini Tool Kit

Most motorcycles nowadays come with a basic tool kit straight from the showroom. Add a few more things like a pair of pliers or a wrench and some extra screws and bolts and you will lower your chances of being stranded by the side of the road no matter day or night. A mini torchlight would be handy as well but most smartphones today come with a flashlight feature.

2) Tire Puncture Plug Kit – In case of a flat tire

Most of us have experienced a flat tire. It is especially not fun if it happens during a bike ride with your buddies on Sunday morning on the way to Lemang To’ki. To avoid being stranded or left behind because of a puncture, you can get a tire puncture plug kit that will fit in most motorcycles’ underseat storage spaces. It’s good enough to plug small punctures and will hold in until you reach the nearest workshop for proper repairs. You can purchase the kit at any workshops or hardware stores like Mr DIY or even online sites like Ebay. Here’s one on Lazada that’s only RM15.

3) Tire Sealer and Inflator all-in-one Can

Another simple method which takes up a bit more space but can save a lot of trouble comes from a small can of tire sealer and inflator. All you need to do is just spray the can’s content and it’ll seal the puncture and filled the tire up with enough pressure to ride at moderate speed to the nearest workshop. It works on both tube and tubeless tires too. However, motorcycle with Tire Monitoring Pressure System (TMPS) may want to avoid this sort of product as the solvents in the can will destroy the TMPS upon contact. Here’s a good example from Liqui-Moly available also on Lazada for only RM48.

4) Mini Tire Air Pump

Usually more suitable for bicycles, it is also really good to have a mini tire air pump for motorcycles in those times of need. A close friend happened to have a small one attached to his moped and that saved the situation where our ride had a puncture at the office. Although it probably won’t be strong enough to get bigger tires filled with the correct pressure but it will be enough to at least get the bike running without causing too much damage on the wheels. Here’s a good one from Lazada that’ll cost RM70 but you can find something cheaper with a bit of research.

5) Genuine Innovations CO2 Tire Inflator – Instant tire inflator

If a mini air pump is not your style and you want something that will turn you into a superhero of tire flats, here’s a CO2 Tire Inflator from Genuine Innovations. It’s a small gas canister that will fit in your pocket with the ability to pump up tires faster than any pump in the market. Just make sure that you’ll get the right gas canister according to your bike’s tire pressure. You may need a 45gram canister like in the photo above to get a single tire filled with around 28psi or 190kpa for a single tire. To know more about the innovative product, you can visit the official Genuine Innovations website.

6) Cable Ties

Anything loose? Use cable tie. Lost a bolt or screw? Cable tie it. Need to connect parts that have come off and need a temporary fix? Cable tie it! There are so many instances where one can benefit from a cable tie. Get it from any hardware store for a temporary and cheap fix instead of paying a sum of money to get your bike towed.

7) Rubber Tubing – easy & quick access to petrol from other bikes

Running out of fuel is major bummer to all riders and bikers. That sad and frustrated moment is amplified even more when it happens on a highway, far away from any petrol stations. Having a rubber tube at your disposal will give you the ability to flag any other riders and siphon some petrol from their bikes into your own instead of talking them into taking you (a total stranger) to the nearest petrol pump and then travel back to your stranded bike (most probably is left unattended, making it an easy target for bike thieves). Just get some fuel, thank the other rider appropriately and you’re back on the road in no time.

8) Bungee Cords / Ropes

Need to tie down something or receive a huge cargo all of sudden? Need to tow another fellow rider on his broken down bike? Here are some bungee cords (or ropes) to save the day! Although is not actually advisable to tow someone (due to safety concerns) if you don’t know the proper way. Bungee cords are easily available anywhere from hardware stores to any major supermarkets in Malaysia.

So there you have it, folks. With a few of these things in your arsenal during the usual bike rides, you’ll most likely lower your chances of being stranded by the side of the road. If all else fails, you can always rely on popular bike towing services like Motobikebulance or MotoAid Services to get yourself out of the situation to any workshop of your choice.

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