2017 CCM Spitfire – 150 Units of Pure Machinery Beauty

  • The first of many bikes to be custom-build by CCM’s creative department, Skunkwerx

  • Launched February 2017, this limited edition of 150 units are all SOLD OUT within a few weeks on introduction

  • A bike built purely out passion and creativity without any constraints to the builders and designers


British bike manufacturer, CCM, has rocked the world when they introduced the custom CCM Spitfire during the Carole Nash MCN London Motorcycle Show just last month. According to CCM, this is their finest production yet created by the latest creative division known as Skunkwerx.

Inspired by the engineers from Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works division that created the company’s best flying machines known to man, the mechanics and designers over at CCM were given the same opportunity; to create a bike without any interruptions in terms of funding or even the company’s hierarchy.

When you look at the result, it’s hard to deny that the 2017 CCM Spitfire is pure beauty. To start things off, the tubular steel frames for all 150 units were handmade by their team’s finest veteran welder, Ted Unwin. The name Spitfire came to mind when they decided to use the same T45 high-strength British steel used in building the classic fighter plane’s fuselages. Just looking at the beautiful welds is enough to give goosebumps to any witnesses. The overall minimalist package tips of the scale at just 120kg.

To make the Spitfire even more exciting, the team has included a 600cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine that comes with titanium valves. The motor is able to produce 55hp @ 5,500rpm and 58Nm of torque. This in turn gives it a good power-to-weight ratio of 0.46hp/kg which is a higher figure when compared to the Ducati 959 Panigale sports bike.

Suspension is taken care off with a WP 48mm upside-down fork with rebound and compression adjustments. The rear end is equipped with a fully adjustable Tractive monoshock with 150mm of travel making it a breeze in absorbing minor road imperfections. All of these are connected to 19-inch flat track tires wrapped around billet hubs and high strength spokes.

With decent power and relatively low weight, stopping the Spitfire requires some serious stuff. That’s why they’ve enlisted the help of a couple of Brembo calipers to be equipped on the front 320mm disc and 240mm rear disc. This ensures safe and stable braking regardless of the conditions.

Priced at £7,995 (around RM43,980), all of the 150 units are spoken for as of last week. Looking at the facade of the bike alone is enough to get grown men and women struggling to take out their wallets in order to own this limited edition ‘bedroom poster’ dream bike. Not bad, CCM. Not bad at all.

Photo source: www.motorcyclenews.com