Video: Van Damme’s split spoof on scooters

Split spoof

Perhaps one of the biggest viral video sensations for the motoring world in 2013 besides Russian dash-cams has to be Jean-Claude Van Damme and Volvo Trucks’s epic ‘split’. What ensued after were a series of parodies, including ones involving scooters you see posted here.

This is a shot-by-shot, and word-by-word spoof made by a group of friends. And just like JCVD’s original, these boys deserve some credit too for their amazing feat in balancing their friend on what appears to be two rental scooters. Words do little so enjoy the video. Oh, and just in case, we’ve also posted the original for your own viewing pleasure.

JCVD Split spoof on scooters:


JCVD’s original epic split:



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