New Yamaha YZF-R1 Possibly On Its Way For 2023

The International Motorcycling Federation recently updated the list of FIM-approved competition vehicles for 2023.

  • The spreadsheet includes a track-only Yamaha R6 Race and YZF-R1.
  • The 2023 track-only R1 could indicate a newly updated street-legal R1 is underway.

The approved list titled “FIM Recognized Competition Vehicles” mostly comprised motocross, enduro, trail and cross country motorcycles and ATVs.

The list also includes a few track-only sportsbike, including the Honda NSF100, NSF250R and the Yamaha R6 Race that continues to be available in the market as a track-only machine after the street-legal model was discontinued.

However, FIM recently updated the list by adding one more model, a new 2023 Yamaha YZF1000W.

For those unaware, the YZF1000 is the Japanese manufacturer’s internal name for the YZF-R1, while the flagship YZF-R1M carries the YZF1000D code.

According to reports, FIM updated the documents on June 15 after receiving Yamaha’s submission on June 9.

While the internal code refers to a new track-only Yamaha R1 for the 2023 model year, it could also indicate that the Japanese marquee is set to introduce a street-legal 2023 YZF-R1 too.

While the matter is still inconclusive, the R1 is due for an update with the current-generation R1 is already seven years in the market since its introduction in 2015. Although Yamaha revised the R1 in 2020 to meet Euro 5 emission standard, it is the right time to introduce a new generation going into 2023.

If there is a new 2023 YZF-R1, there is a good chance there could also be a new 2023 YZF-R1M on its way, which we could find out soon enough.




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