20120310-082925 PTG.jpg

MM reader, Alhan Salwan, has sent this picture into MM FB page about this 2012 Yamaha 125ZR in new maroon livery. It looks like the new GP edition livery that recently launched.
What do you think readers?

GTMax Motors has always been helpful to me and they have given me the opportunity to snap as many pictures as I want of the Y125ZR GP Edition. I managed to snap 77 pictures and a video for all of you to check it out!  (more…)

20111221-092757 PG.jpg

BLH Motor has posted in their FB page that they are going to get the stock for Yamaha Y125ZR in blue colour soon. Previously, I was notified by rumors that Y125ZR is going to be discontinued after the launched Ego LC, but luckily all that was pure rumors. There is no plan yet from HLYM to stop the production of the one of their big seller item. (more…)


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