X-Lite X-803 Ultra Carbon

Nolan Helmets Malaysia is now accepting bookings for Hafizh Syahrin’s helmet design used in MotoGP.

Their entry-level Nolan/X-Lite N60-5 Hafizh Syahrin Replica helmet can be booked at several locations.

From now until the end of June 2018, they’re offering the replica helmet at a special price of only RM1,500.00.

Image source: Monster Energy

It was only a few days when we wrote a very special feature regarding the helmet worn by our Malaysian MotoGP rider, Hafizh Syahrin. Dubbed the “Stripes of Glory”, his X-Lite full face helmet is painted with the colours of the Malaysian flag is a symbol of pride and hope for Malaysian motorsports talents on an international scene. (more…)

Hafizh Syahrin’s MotoGP helmet design is all about how he is the first ever Malaysian rider in MotoGP premier class.

Called the ‘Stripes of Glory’, his X-Lite X-803 Ultra Carbon carries the Malaysian flag for the world to see.

Currently, Hafizh Syahrin is well on his way to becoming this year’s MotoGP Rookie of the Year.

It has been five rounds since national rider Hafizh Syahrin broke into the world of MotoGP. Besides his happy-go-lucky antics in the paddock, being the first ever Malaysian MotoGP rider has been described by many as a “breath of fresh air”. (more…)


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