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It’s finally here, everyone. The long weekend has finally arrived. Thanks to Malaysia’s love for public holidays and efficiency in timing those holidays right before AND after weekends, we’ve been blessed with multiple three to four day weekends this year so far. (more…)

  • Aunty Aini’s is famous for their Rendang and Masak Lemak Cili Api

  • Located in Kampung Chelet, Nilai, it’s only 10 minutes away from Sepang International Circuit

  • Many famous chefs have been there including Gordon Ramsay and Anthony Bourdain

Welcome to yet another addition to The Weekend Ride segment brought to you exclusively by Bikes Republic. For this week, our main highlight is shining upon a hidden (but very well-known) gem in the heart of Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. We are of course referring to the famous Aunty Aini’s Garden Cafe. (more…)

  • This week’s Weekend Ride highlights the superb mee sotong (fried squid noodles) or mee rebus (stewed noodles)

  • Good lunch option located at the Esplanade Park Food Court, just 20 minutes from the first Penang Bridge

  • Opens Mondays to Saturdays (Closed on Sundays, probably to watch MotoGP or WordSBK races too)

Welcome to another ‘The Weekend Ride’ segment right here on Bikes Republic. This week, we’re featuring one of the most iconic dishes ever to be produced from the little island of Penang; the incredible Mee Sotong (squid noodles) from Hameed ‘Pata’ food place located in Esplanade Park Food Court near Padang Kota Lama. (more…)

  • Excellent halal Chinese food especially for breakfast

  • Best Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun

Welcome to another new addition of our Weekend Ride segment. For those of you who are new to the site, this particular article will highlight specifically on great riding destinations to go to for Sunday rides or even the entire weekend. This week, the go to destination is probably the best breakfast spot we’ve been to in a long while; the New Hollywood Restaurant located in the great city of Ipoh, Perak. (more…)

  • Best known for their asam pedas, specialty is asam pedas daging tetel (beef asam pedas).

  • About two hours from Kuala Lumpur.

Tired of going to the same place over and over again for your weekend rides? Well, Bikes Republic is starting a brand new segment called “The Weekend Ride” focusing specifically on great riding destinations to go to for the Sunday rides or even the entire weekend. Our first destination? Restaurant Lot 85 located on Jalan Durian Daun, Malacca.

Located just 10 minutes from Dataran Pahlawan, the restaurant is known for its superb asam pedas daging tetel. From the outside, it looks like a normal eatery by the side of the road but never judge a book by its cover. Their main focus is mixed rice with a variety of side dishes to choose from but since it’s Malacca, they do have a variety of asam pedas to choose from. If you don’t fancy asam pedas or mixed rice, they do serve an awesome beriyani rice and also chicken rice. CLICK HERE to read the reviews on Facebook.

There are several routes to choose from when heading to this lovely destination. The fastest way would be to take the PLUS highway E2 route down South until you reach Exit 231 towards Ayer Keroh and Bandaraya Melaka. From there, it’s about 13km to the restaurant which will take about half an hour. In that route, you will pass a few great places to visit before lunchtime like Zoo Melaka, Taman Buaya dan Rekreasi Melaka, World’s Bees Museum and many more before heading over to the lunch haven.

After a great lunch, there are many other places worth visiting before heading home. Have sweet tooth or just looking for an awesome way to cool down after lunch on a hot day? Well, start your engines and take a 15-minute ride towards Pantai Klebang and you can try their famous (some say it’s legendary) coconut shake.

Everyone loves a good coconut shake and if you don’t, then maybe a short stop over at Klebang Original Coconut Shake will change your mind. Too overrated?  There are many (SO MANY) other great coconut shake shacks to choose from to excite any taste buds. CLICK HERE to read the reviews on their official Facebook page.

We here at Bikes Republic will be bringing you great riding destinations every week to fill your weekends up with riding destinations. Great destinations create good stories and good stories are always fun to hear, so share your riding stories with us on our Facebook page, tag us on our Instagram page, hashtag your posts with #bikesrepublic, or simply email us at if you have amazing stories to share.

Stay tuned to Bikes Republic for more great riding destinations.

Kawasaki Malaysia has a unique way of providing some fun for owners of Kawasaki motorcycles.


Every Sunday, the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer encourages its owners to meet up at the Kawasaki headquarters in Glenmarie Shah Alam.


There are no pre-planned rides, nothing glamorous. Riders just meet at the HQ and decide what they want to do on that day. They decide where to ride and what to do at that point itself.


The bike maker works with various Kawasaki clubs like the Z250 club, Z800 club and the Versys club to bring owners together. But that doesn’t mean only owners of a certain bike are allowed to come; every Kawasaki owner is encouraged to come together.


We had a chance to witness this camaraderie for ourselves last Sunday. About 30 Kawasaki riders came together at about 830am not knowing where they were going or what the plans were, they just showed up.


After everyone showed up, it was decided that the group was going to ride to Sungkai, Perak for lunch and return back before 3pm.


From the HQ, the group rode to a nearby ‘mamak’ restaurant for breakfast, which was paid for by Kawasaki Malaysia.


On the safety front, Kawasaki Malaysia provided marshalls to help ensure everyone’s riding within limits.


All riders were encouraged to bring full riding and safety gear, but those who did not were not turned away, just advised on the need for proper riding gear especially for long distance rides.


Kawasaki Malaysia is one of the few manufacturers that actively engages its owners and customers to go on weekend rides. Kudos to the company for this amazing effort.


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