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The Triumph Rocket 3 is already a beast, not because it packs a 2,458cc three-cylinder engine, but because the behemoth cruiser also churns out 164.7hp and 220Nm.

  • TTS Performance developed a supercharger kit for Triumph’s Rocket 3. 
  • The supercharged Rocket 3 TFT pumps out more than 300hp. 

If that wasn’t enough, the good lad at Hinckley rolled out the TFC trim that produces 179hp and 224Nm. 

However, Britain’s TTS Performance might disagree with you if you think that’s already a considerable power for the beastly cruiser. That’s because the power-hungry firm decided to inject the Rocket 3 TFC with a Rotrex C30-94 Supercharger. 


Dubbed as the Rocket 300, the supercharged version now pumps out a whopping 340hp and 366Nm.

As usual, the crazy idea came from TTS frontman Richard Albans after he previously made headlines with a supercharged Suzuki Hayabusa that produces 372hp. 

Fortunately, TTS has detuned the Rocket 300 to 300hp for the street, allowing for better control for anyone who might not share the same level of craziness as Albans. 

Nevertheless, TTS has already sold ten supercharger kits for the Rocket 3, with five more currently developing. 

That said, the supercharger kit retails for GBP 8,000 (RM43.2k). If you think your current Rocket 3 needs to be more powerful, go ahead and give the supercharger kit a go. 

Because why not?

The Suzuki Hayabusa needs no introduction. The hyperbike from Hamamatsu factory in Japan holds the title as “The World’s Fastest Production Motorcycle” when it was introduced in 1990.

  • TTS Performance teamed-up with Kardesign to built a supercharged Hayabusa.
  • The ‘SuperBusa’ makes a whopping 372hp and 250Nm. 

Fast forward to 2022, the Hayabusa is now in its 3rd generation, introduced by Suzuki in 2021, the new Busa makes less power and torque than its predecessor but makes up in rideability and refinements.

Modern riding aids also makes the new Hayabusa is easier to ride not just a high speeds but also at lower rev range.

However, for those who wants the 3rd-gen Hayabusa to shake the world as it did back in the 90s, TTS Performance might have something in store just for you.

The UK-based motorcycle performance company has teamed up with Kardesign to unleashed a “supercharged” version of the Hayabusa. 

Dubbed the SuperBusa, the motorycle recently showcased to the public at the TTS 40th Anniversary Bash.

Fiitted with Rotrex C30—94 superchargers, the SuperBusa makes a whopping 372hp and 250Nm.

In addition, the SuperBusa also features Rotobox carbon fibre rims, single-sided swingarm, larger brake disc and upgraded suspension. 

According to reports, TTS Performance plans to build 40 units of the SuperBusa, with each one will be made to order and individually numbered.

Suzuki telah pun memperkenalkan Hayabusa generasi ketiga tahun lalu yang hadir dengan pelbagai naik taraf terkini termasuk reka bentuk berbeza. 

Bagaimanapun, rata-rata peminat Busa berpendapat generasi ketiga itu “terlalu selamat” dan tidak lagi gila seperti model terdahulu.

Kami sendiri sukar mempercayai dakwaan itu kerana selepas menguji kemampun Suzuki Hayabusa 2021 yang ditawarkan Suzuki Malaysia, kami mendapati Hayabusa generasi terbaru itu masih lagi mengekalkan DNA sama.

Bagi yang mengikuti perkembangan Hayabusa, pastinya pernah dengar nama TTS Performance, sebuah syarikat yang berpangkalan di UK.

TTS Performance sudah sinonim dengan Hayabusa apabila berpengalaman menghasilkan Busa versi ‘supercharge’ lebih 20 tahun. 

TTS Performance dalam satu projek terbaru telah menjalinkan kerjasama dengan Kardesign bagi membangunkan jentera ‘supercharge’ terbaru dengan menggunakan Suzuki Hayabusa generasi terkini yang dilancarkan tahun lalu. 

Hasil dari kerjasama itu, TTS Performance X Kardesign memperkenalkan SuperBusa.

Menurut TTS Performance, SuperBusa itu menawarkan 372hp dan 250Nm! Kuasa tersebut dicapai dengan menyumbat enjin ‘supercharge’ Rotrex C30-94.

Antara ciri lain ditawarkan adalah rim gentian karbon Rotobox, ‘swingarm’ jenis ‘single-sided’, cakera brek lebih besar, suspensi serba baharu, komponen enjin yang telah diperkuat, serta pilihan warna istimewa. 

Menariknya, SuperBusa juga tampil dengan ‘winglet’, komponen yang kini cukup popular dikalangan jentera ‘superbike’ antaranya Ducati Panigale V4 S dan BMW S 1000 RR.

Bagi yang berminat, TTS Performance akan menghasilkan 40 unit SuperBusa – mengikut tempahan – dan ditawarkan pada harga GBP45,999 (RM243k). 


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