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Kawasaki memuatnaik video ketiga berkenaan dengan model Z H2 dan tayangan kali ini menampakkan susuk jentera ‘supercharge’ tersebut dari sebelah tepi.

Menariknya, video tersebut turut memaparkan tarikh 23 Oktober 2019 yang dijangka merupakan tarikh tayangan rasmi jentera terbabit kepada orang ramai di Tokyo Motor Show.

Saksikan video tersebut di bawah:

Kami menjangkakan model Z serba baharu ini akan menampilkan rekaan yang sangat agresif bagi membawa identiti H2 di samping didatangkan dengan enjin ‘supercharge’ ikonik, 998cc inline-four.

Saban tahun, EICMA menjadi medan pilihan bagi pengeluar motosikal untuk mempamerkan jentera konsep atau model baharu tetapi kebelakangan ini, Tokyo Motor Show semakin menjadi pilihan utama bagi pengeluar motosikal Jepun.

Bagi edisi 2019, Honda bakal memperkenalkan CT125 – sebuah motosikal konsep yang berlandaskan Honda C125 namun telah disuntik dengan ciri scrambler.

Honda sebelum ini pernah menghasilkan motosikal jenis ‘trail cub’ pada 1964 ,beberapa tahun selepas Honda Cub dilancarkan. Tahun lalu, pengeluar motosikal Jepun itu melancarkan Honda Super Cub – versi yang telah dinaik taraf.

Difahamkan, CT125 bakal ditayangkan bersama-sama pelancaran Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin.

Menariknya, rekaan keseluruhan CT125 tampak lebih garang dengan bahagian enjin kini terdedah sementara bahagian ekzos menampilkan rekaan yang terdapat pada Honda Monkey 125.

Bahagian depan juga didatangkan dengan sistem penyerap hentakan yang tampak lebih agresif sementara bahagian belakang dilengkapi dengan rak besi.

(SUMBER: Ride Apart)

  • A German magazine reported that the all-new 2020 Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade will debut in October 2019.

  • The date puts it at the Tokyo Motor Show, instead of EICMA.

  • The new bike may prove to be the world-beater in WorldSBK.

A German magazine reported that the all-new 2020 Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade will debut in October 2019.

If what Speedweek magazinesaid was true, the bike will be introduced at the Tokyo Motor Show instead of at EICMA in November.

Lending credibility to the rumour is rider Alvaro Bautista purportedly signing a two-year deal to ride for the HRC factory team in WorldSBK from 2020. There was “news” that the bike he will ride is the all-new CBR1000RR.

The Honda CBR1000RR is the best-handling and easiest to ride superbike we’ve tested thus far but the current model is lacking in top-end horsepower, at least on paper, anyway. However, superbike buyers are always looking at the specs sheets and the CBR’s 189 hp “isn’t enough” when compared to its peers.

As such, the new ‘Blade may have the most powerful naturally-aspirated roadgoing inline-Four.

It may also feature the “active aerodynamics” shown in a patent filing. The system features ECU-controlled winglets in addition to “aerobodies” seen in MotoGP.

The news should bode well for the WorldSBK team, as well. The riders are at the deep end of the field, finding themselves outgunned and unable to mount any serious challenge to the top runners.

Honda and CBR1000RR Fireblade fans will likely rejoice at the news too.

  • Musim acara pameran motosikal telah bermula untuk tahun ini.
  • Pelbagai pengeluar telah mempersembahkan model terbaru mereka sebelum bermulanya pertunjukan-pertunjukan ini.
  • Namun, ada banyak lagi yang masih belum diperkenalkan.


  • It is motorcycle show season again.

  • Many manufacturers have unveiled their new bikes ahead of the shows.

  • But there may be more in store.

The end of the year brings MotoGP, heavy rain and touring season to Malaysia. On the international scene, however, the year-end marks the motorcycle show season.

We have reported on many new motorcycles that have broken their cover over the past months, notably the new-Boxer powered BMWs, Moto Guzzi V85 TT adventure bike, new Harleys and many more but they have yet to be officially launched. There are teasers, as well, such as Triumph who have promised the new 1200 Scrambler and Suzuki with their new Katana.

So, we decided to put together a list from A-Z of we expect to see at the Intermot (2nd October), Tokyo Motor Show (27th October) and the big one, EICMA (8th November).


You could very well expect an updated RSV4 superbike. But rumours have been circulating about a 600cc superbike, too. Expect them to be shown off at EICMA as Italian manufacturers prefer to unveil their new bikes on home turf.

BMW Motorrad

BMW is expected to launch nine new bikes for 2019 but it still is not clear whether they would do it at one go or spaced out over the next year.

Like the Italians, the German manufacturers tend to introduce their new bike at Intermot since it is in Germany.

However, models that are sure to be unveiled officially are the new R 1250 GS and R 1250 RT.

Apart from the Boxers, you could reasonably expect the new S 1000 RR superbike which is said to feature a counter-rotating crankshaft, besides being Euro 5 compliant.

There is also talk of the F 800 GS Adventure making its debut.


Ducati have since introduced the updated Scrambler Icon (our Editor Sep Irran rode the bike in Tuscany, Italy last week).

Let’s see, what does that leave us with, then? How about the homologation special Panigale V4 R for the World Superbike Championship? Oh yes, that ought to do it.


We hope the Italian electric motorcycle manufacturer will launch the roadgoing version of their MotoE World Cup racer.


The Motor Company has unveiled their Touring, CVO and FXDR models a couple of months back, but the prototypes of the Pan America adventure bike, Custom 1250, Streetfighter 975 and LiveWire electric bike may make their appearances.


Computer rendering of CBR1000RR – Courtesy of MCN

There is a heady expectation for the updated CBR1000RR Fireblade to break covers. If that does happen, it should first appear at the Tokyo Motor Show and EICMA later.

Indian Motorcycles

Time to finally unveil the FTR1200 dirt tracker!


It has been reported that Kawasaki will unveil their bikes at Intermot without waiting for the Tokyo Motor Show. That may signify that Big Green could have something interesting for the European market.

The updated Ninja ZX-10R superbike will surely be there but the Z400 naked sport bike may be launched.


KTM fans the world over have been holding their breath for the 390 Adventure and 790 Adventure. KTM may also show off updated models to counter BMW’s foray into variable valve timing technology.

MV Agusta

Milan, the city where EICMA is held is just 30 minutes away from MV Agusta’s HQ at Varese. However, there is no news of new models except for the F3 675 equipped with an Inertia Measurement Unit (IMU).

Moto Guzzi

The V85 TT adventure bike has been revealed very recently but it will be the first opportunity for the public to see it in the metal.


Katana concept at EICMA

Oh yes. Suzuki will be present at Intermot ahead of Tokyo. That ought to set alarm bells ringing of something important. How does the new Katana sound?

There has also been lots of rumors about the Japanese manufacturer working on a turbocharged bike to go up against the Kawasaki Ninja H2.

Or how about something wild like a turbocharged Katana? Ooooh.


Triumph will launch the new 1200cc Scrambler of October 24th at Hinckley, UK (we’ll be there for it!), and that means it will be launched after Intermot.

However, there have been hints of a new Rocket III and long-awaited replacements for the Thunderbird and America cruisers.

The Moto2 engined Daytona test mule/demonstrator should make an appearance at Intermot.


The Tenere 700 prototype was unveiled at EICMA 2017 and Yamaha has been testing the bike all over the world ever since. This could very well mean they will launch it this year.


  • Honda telah memperkenalkan motosikal PCX Electric dan PCX Hybrid di Pertunjukan Motor Tokyo 2017 kali ke-45.
  • Kedua-dua buah motosikal ini dijangka akan mula dijual di rantau Asia bermula tahun 2018.
  • Honda bekerja keras bagi menepati tarikh akhir yang ditetapkan oleh sesetengaha negara yang ingin ke arah kenderaan elektrik.


  • Honda has unveiled the PCX Electric and PCX Hybrid at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017.

  • Both bikes are slated to be sold in Asia from 2018.

  • Honda is pushing hard to meet the datelines set by certain countries to go electric.

While we were on the edge of seats and cheering our hearts out for our favourite racers in the 2017 Shell Malaysia MotoGP, Honda has launched the new PCX Electric and PCX Hybrid scooters at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show.

Honda says that both bikes will go on sale beginning 2018 across Asia.

The Honda PCX Electric is a fully-electric scooter featuring a high-output motor developed by Honda. However, its most novel feature is the Honda Mobile Power Pack, which consists of two detachable lithium-ion battery packs. Can’t find a charging station? Remove the Power Pack and bring it to a plug point.

The Honda PCX Hybrid, conversely, uses Honda’s newly-developed and original hybrid system specifically for motorcycles. The compact hybrid system employs a high-output battery and the AC generator (ACG) similar to the starter-type Idling Stop System in the current petrol-powered Honda PCX 150.

Both PCX Electric and PCX Hybrid look similar to the petrol PCX, except for a few differences.

Honda is pushing hard to go electric to meet the datelines set by many countries to prohibit the production of internal combustion engines within the next decade or two, in the interest of reducing greenhouse gases which contribute to global warmin. Honda Motor President and CEO Takahiro Hachigo added that the PCX Electric is part of Honda’s goal to increase production of EVs to two-thirds of all vehicle production by 2030.

In Asia, India is leading the way to go electric, having proposed 2030 as the dateline, while China will complete their EV infrastructure by 2022. Malaysia, on the other hand, is still stalling.

Honda CBR250RR is one step closer to production as headlight patent leaks online.


Sources report that the Yamaha MWT-9 concept three-wheeler will head for production within a year or two. (more…)

Rumours indicate that the Honda Light Weight Super Sports concept could enter production as the ‘Honda CBR250RR’. (more…)

As part of the brand’s technological tour-de-force in the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, the Yamaha PES2 and PED2 concept bikes stand as the Japanese brand’s vision of zero-emissions two-wheeling, with Yamaha further promising its arrival into its line up sometime in the future.


Yamaha PES2 concept
As an evolutionary successor of the PES1 concept from 2013, the Yamaha PES2 concept looks more production ready than the bike it replaces. Underneath, the electric bike is powered using the Yamaha Smart Power Module unit, which is a removable battery pack that doubles as a structural element of the motorcycle frame, thus granting the PES2 with a monocoque frame design.

Interestingly, the PES2 concept also features a hub motor in its front wheel, effectively making it s 2WD electric bike. With that, Yamaha states that the PES2 concept was designed to new performance boundaries and experience levels too. Another innovative feature is the PES2’s unique single-sided front fork-leg suspension setup.


Yamaha PED2 concept
Evolving from the PED1 concept, the PED2 concept stands as the Yamaha brand’s take of an electric-powered fun dirt machine for the future. Like the PES2, the PED2 concept looks more production ready than the PED1 ever was, with Yamaha envisioning it to have as much power as a regular petrol-fuelled 125cc- or 500cc-sized dirtbike.

Tipping the scales below 100kg, the featherweight concept utilises the same Yamaha Smart Power Module unit as the PES2, resulting in its adoption of a monocoque frame design yet again.

When exactly will we see production versions of either concept? Well, Yamaha has already planned to introduce an electric-powered model as early as 2016, so we could perhaps see either by then.

Sources: MCN and Asphaltandrubber ( Link 1 / Link 2 )

Having shown us the Recursion concept during the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, Suzuki’s intent at bringing forced induction into bikes is very clear indeed. Fuelling the flame further are rumours of said concept being finalised for production in the last few months, followed by the fact that the mighty S-brand’s move towards trademarking the ‘Recursion’ name and filing patents for designs surrounding the bike’s unique powerplant.


Well, at the on-going 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, it appears that Suzuki are indeed one step closer towards making the Recursion a production reality. At the heart of Suzuki’s stand was this, a compact and turbocharged two-cylinder engine called the EX7, presumably made for Recursion.

Other than the fact that it has twin camshafts (DOHC) and four valves, Suzuki did not say much about this turbocharged and intercooled parallel twin. It is presumed that the mill displaces about 588cc, which was the quoted engine size of the Recursion concept. The concept also envisioned the mill to generate just over 100hp and at least 101Nm of torque too – not bad for its size.


There is still no sight of the Recursion concept’s production version during the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, which likely suggest that we will only see it next year or early in 2017. However, we are led to believe that Suzuki could surprise all with a reveal in this year’s edition of EICMA that will take place in just several weeks time in Milan, Italy.


Sources: Asphaltandrubber and Visordown


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