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  • Trusting your bike to a certified technician is a no-brainer.

  • There are great “traditional” mechanics out there but motorcycles are getting more complex.

  • A certified technician invariably means official training, discipline and knowledge.

Before we go on, surely you have experienced a horrific visit or two to a motorcycle workshop. You have ridden motorcycles for decades, but there always seem to be something to surprise you. (more…)

  • More and more certified superbike technicians are in demand right now thanks to a growth of a multitude of bikes here in Malaysia.

  • The TOC Automotive College has specially developed a program called “Superbike Technician Course” to assist in the demand.

  • The TOC STC is made up of three levels of academic and career development, and all one needs is a minimum Form 3 education to apply for this 18-month course.

The motorcycle scene in Malaysia has been growing steadily over the years, with more and more bikes of all sizes and makes taking to the road, there has never been a time when so many new superbikes from various bike-makers have been introduced in rapid succession. (more…)

  • Make a career out of your passion with the superbike technician course.
  • The new course by TOC Automotive College aims to prepare students with the knowledge to maintain almost any type of superbike.
  • The course offers a balance of class room studies and real-world experience.
  • And there is also a financing programme that aims to make the course affordable for all.

There’s no better way to become a certified superbike technician than enrolling at the TOC Automotive College.

Their latest 18-month Superbike Technician Course offers nothing but the best of both knowledge and real-world experience.

With over 70% of hands-on learning, becoming a certified superbike technician has never been easier or more fun.

There comes a time in everyone’s lives where there’s a great need to learn or improve oneself. The best method always goes back to education but what’s better is a combination of valuable knowledge and real-world experience. That’s exactly what you can expect when you pursue your studies at the TOC Automotive College.

There are many comprehensive automotive-related programmes suited to anyone and everyone regardless of their skills. Armed with just the passion and strive to succeed, anyone can become a certified technician upon completing their studies over at TOC.

Their latest Superbike Technician Course is a program where anyone can become a certified superbike technician in the shortest time possible whilst ensuring the highest levels of quality. Their three-level programme covers 18 months of comprehensive superbike knowledge from installation, maintenance, repairs, and motorcycle parts replacements.

This particular course offered by TOC is the first of its kind to provide extensive exposure to real-world working scenarios and workshop conditions. Through their many industry partners particularly the Malaysia Motorcycle and Scooter Dealers Association (MMSDA), valuable work experience can be collected through a wide variety of brands and manufacturers for all those who enrol for TOC’s Superbike Technician Course.

Those of you who are sceptical about the programme will be glad to know that they are highly-recognised by the Ministry of Education (MoE). Combined with the fact that the course is majorly focused on hands-on learning rather than books and exams, you can be sure that the end-product of the TOC Automotive College is nothing but the highest of qualities.

Worried about financing your journey to becoming the next top certified superbike technician? Fret not as TOC offers low upfront payment to begin the course together with easy monthly loan payments once you enter to working world after graduation. Thanks to their very own TOC Bina Bakat (Building Talents) program, future superbike technicians can start their training with up to 100% loan.

There are three different levels to complete the 18-month program. Each six-month level comprises of three months of building skills and knowledge at the college itself and the other three months for ‘Industrial Training’ over at any of the workshops stationed to gain real-world experience.

The first level covers the basics of motorcycle workshop safety, application of related study, basic metal works and introduction to motorcycle technology, plus many more. Level 2 focuses on repairs and maintenance of engines, transmission, chassis, services, and maintenance.

The final level dwells deeper into the world of motorcycle electrical system, performance, overhauling, and more. Combined with the fact that the TOC Automotive College has a wide variety of superbikes from major manufacturers hailing from Japan and Europe, becoming a certified superbike technician armed with the best qualities is easily done thanks to folks over at TOC.

All in all, there’s really no valid excuse you can give if you want to become one of the greats in the world of superbikes. Rest assured that the TOC Automotive College has got you covered through every step of the way. All you need to bring to the table is just your passion and willingness to commit your time as well as effort and TOC will take care of the rest.

Click here to know more about TOC’s Superbike Technician Course.

  • TOC Automotive College provides funding for students interested to pursue the Superbike Technician Course!

  • The Bina Bakat option funds up to 100% of the course fees.

  • Bina Bakat students only repay after they have secured employment after completing the course.

Education is one of the most important aspects of modern life, if not the most important. Lives are built based on education, and goals too are achieved through good education. Unfortunately education sometimes is out of reach for the regular person due to accessibility issues such as the costs associated with education.

While there are many scholarships available in the market, these are usually reserved for top tier students with near perfect results. Options are not as great for others, and that is what TOC Automotive College aims to change through a special financing program called TOC Bina Bakat Program.

Launched at the beginning of 2018, the TOC Bina Bakat Program which translates to Building Talents Program in English, works to provide financing to students who need it the most. It offers both apprenticeship programs and loan repayment plan for students where an education loan is provided for the enrolled courses and the students will only need to make the repayments through a monthly deduction from their salary or allowance. This deduction will only take place once the student obtains apprenticeship or a permanent job placement.

“With living costs increasing steadily, more parents and students find themselves struggling to pay for tertiary education cost. Our role as the pioneering educator in Malaysia’s automotive industry is committed towards overcoming external challenges which could deprive higher learning opportunities among the younger generation. Through the TOC Bina Bakat Program, we hope to bridge the financial differences and provide easier access to quality education for everyone,” said Adelaine Foo, Founder of TOC Automotive College.

Foo further added, “TOC Bina Bakat Program strikes long term mutual benefits for students and TOC’s Industry Partners as these students will be groomed in the very organization they hope to secure permanent placement with, be it in after sales-service or in the technical area.”

The TOC Bina Bakat Program also applies to the recently introduced Superbike Technician Course, which aims to provide certified training to students who want to pursue a career in superbike maintenance. What’s more is that TOC Automotive College has partnered with the Malaysian Motorcycle and Scooter Dealers Association (MMSDA), and through this partnership students who have undergone TOC’S Superbike Technician Course will be able to find almost instant employment among the MMSDA’s 5,000-member workshops.

Students who are interested to pursue this course will be able to secure a 100% loan to finance their education, repayable only when they secure a job.

Click here for more information regarding TOC Bina Bakat Program and the Superbike Technician Course.

  • TOC Automotive College is a household name in Malaysia for anyone wanting to become an automotive mechanic. 
  • With firmly established courses for cars, TOC Automotive College has now introduced a new course designed for those who would like to learn about superbikes. 
  • The college has partnered with the Malaysian Motorcycles & Scooters Dealers Association to be able to offer its students almost instant employment among the 5,000 members of the MMSDA. 
  • Read on for more information, or click here to register your interest in this course for yourself, or for your children. 

Finding a good mechanic to work on your vehicle is one of the hardest things about vehicle ownership. Get a bad mechanic and maintaining your bike can very quickly become a nightmare, not to mention seriously expensive.

Truth of the matter is, it is not easy to meet a qualified mechanic with all the right training. It isn’t only difficult for us as vehicle owners, but even for workshop owners.

It is that vacuum that TOC Automotive College aims to fill, and it has recently taken the first step by signing a partnership with the Malaysian Motorcycle and Scooter Dealers Association (MMSDA). Through this partnership, students who had undergone TOC’s Superbike Technician Course will find almost instant employment among the MMSDA’s 5,000-member workshops. Nothing is worse than not being able to find a job after spending thousands of Ringgit for education.

The signing of this partnership also connects readily with the TOC Bina Bakat (Building Talents) program. TOC understands that there exist individuals who are passionate about automotive technology but are unfortunately unable to bear the costs of education. Hence, successful applicants will undergo training with up to 100% loan until they begin their journey in the workplace.

Adelaine L.K. Foo, CEO and founder of TOC recently said, “Alongside the growth of the four-wheel market, there should be fair competency through improved skillsets given to the motorcycle scene, which also contributes to a large part of the automotive industry.”

“One of the common challenges I have come across which resonates well with me as a parent, is the financial struggle for single parents putting their children through higher education,” she continued. “Through this collaboration, one of our main objectives is to help ease the financial burden and raise the quality of higher education at the same time.”

Chairman of MMSDA, Wee Hong says, “The support of the Bina Bakat Program has increased the opportunity for our industry to have a greater access to quality skilled talents, something which had been lacking before.”

He further added, “MMSDA and TOC share a collective passion and dedication to delivery excellence towards the motorcycle industry. Through this partnership, not only will we see updated and improved facilities for conducive learning but also the increased employment of qualified and skilled technicians with our members and partners.”

The Superbike Technician Course runs for 18 months with 3 levels of academic and career development opportunities. The students will be exposed to real-world experience during industrial training with TOC’s partners during the course.

Adelaine stressed the importance of sending the students out for industrial training, “We can’t have for example a student who graduate with a degree in all expects of automotive engineering or maintenance but has never lifted a single spanner.”

This augurs well for motorcycle owners throughout Malaysia as we will have well-trained and experienced mechanics handling our pride and joy.

Application for the first batch of the Superbike Technician Course is open for its first intake in July 2018. Please visit or for more information, or click here if you are interested to know more about this course.


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