Tiger 1200

Triumph Motorcycles has rolled out a new feature for its popular Tiger 1200 range: the Active Preload Reduction.

  • The new advancement adds to the bike’s already advanced Showa semi-active suspension, aiming to give riders greater control.
  • The Active Preload Reduction allow riders to manoeuvre the Tiger better and confidently. 

The feature adjusts the rear suspension preload as the motorcycle slows down, potentially lowering the seat height by up to 20mm when the bike is at a standstill. This allows for an easier reach to the ground, boosting riders’ confidence.

Current seat height options range from 850mm to 895mm depending on the model, but the new feature allows for even greater customisation. 

To activate the Active Preload Reduction, new customers can simply press the ‘Home’ button on the switch cube for one second. Existing Tiger 1200 owners can avail of this update at their next dealer service.

Steve Sargent, Chief Product Officer at Triumph, stated that this on-the-fly feature lowers the bike’s center of gravity at slower speeds, making it more accessible and increasing riders’ confidence.

The Tiger 1200, celebrated for its agility and maneouverability, further solidifies its standing in the competitive adventure motorcycle market with this addition.

Fast Bike Sdn Bhd, the sole distributor of the Triumph Motorcycles brand in Malaysia has also announced the official price for the 2022 Triumph Tiger 1200 range for the local market.

The introduction of the Triumph Tiger 1200 marks an exciting start to the calendar year for Triumph Motorcycles Malaysia.

“We are anticipating that it will become an exciting year ahead not only for the brand but all motorcycle enthusiasts with this new line-up of models which offers the best proposition in terms of performance, the level of equipment and value,” said Chief Executive Officer of Fast Bikes Sdn Bhd, Dato’ Razak Al-Malique Hussain.

According to an official statement by Fast Bike Sdn Bhd today, the Tiger 1200 range is available in two variants, the GT Pro and Rally Explorer and is priced at RM115,900 and RM130,900 respectively.

The construction of the new Tiger 1200 focused solely on creating lighter and much powerful ADV bikes with class-leading handling and specs on and off-road.

At the centre of the building is an all-new T-Plane crank engine that was previously introduced on the Tiger 900 range.

The all-new 1160cc powerplant now makes 147hp @ 9,000rpm (8.5hp increase than the previous generation) and 130Nm @ 7,000rpm (8Nm up).

For 2022, Triumph’s added the Rally Explorer as the newest member of the Tiger 1200 range which features a 30L fuel tank – 20L fuel tank on the GT Pro -, higher-spec kit and added electronics, inlcuding the innovative blind spot detection system.

The Tiger GT Pro features semi-active Showa suspension and gets a 19-inch front and 18-inch rear cast aluminium wheel while the Rally Explorer sports a 21″ front and 18″ rear tubeless spoke wheels.

After teasing us with the Speed Triple 1200 RR Prototype and the Tiger Sport 660, the lads at Hinckley decided to drop a set of photos on the new Tiger 1200 prototype.

Triumph Motorcycles has been making serious waves in the industry ever since they launched the Tiger 900 range in 2019.

Words of mouth were quick to suggest that the next obvious move is to introduce an all-new Tiger 1200; however, the British marquee decided to focus on the middleweight segment, with the Trident 660.

Nonetheless, waiting is over as Triumph Motorcycles has provided a clear look into the upcoming Tiger 1200.

Clad in a camo overall, the Tiger 1200 looks more aggressive than its 900 range, especially with a broader front fascia and bigger LED headlamp.

However, it remains to be seen whether 1200 will feature the new Euro 5 T-plane engine configuration like the Tiger 900.

The T-Plane engine provides an uneven firing order, resulting in a more efficient drive at low rpm and extra push at high rpm, which makes the 900 the best adventure motorcycle that you can enjoy on and off-road.

We like the new Tiger 1200’s slimmer and minimalistic bodywork compared to another manufacturer – which we can’t mention who, but they do speak Germans.

Triumph also confirmed that the new adventure motorcycle is significantly lighter than its closes competition.

We have to wait for its official unveiling for further confirmation, which we think will happen anytime soon.

Kurang sebulan selepas Triumph Motorcycle melancarkan Tiger 1200 Desert dan Alpine Edisi Terhad, pengeluar motosikal Britain itu didakwa sedang menguji sebuah jentera baharu.

Disyaki sebagai Tiger 1200 2021, Ride Apart melaporkan jentera tersebut ketikai ni sedang menjalani ujian.

Sumber: Ride Apart

Mengekalkan rekaan seperti yang terdapat pada Tiger 900, namun Tiger 1200 ini tampak berbeza seperti model sebelumnya terutamanya ketiadaan bonggol besar di bahagian tangki.

Menariknya, model ini dilihat tidak lagi menggunakan ‘single sided swingarm’!

Sementara nadi Tiger 1200 ini dijangka masih lagi mengekalkan enjin 3-silinder yang merupakan identiti Triumph.

(SUMBER: Ride Apart)

  • The stolen Triumph Tiger 1200 test bike was been returned early this morning.

  • The bike was returned by the thief’s father and brother.

  • We were informed that he had done so on a number of prior occasions.

As a follow-up of the Triumph Tiger 1200 test bike stolen yesterday, Triumph Motorcycles Malaysia informed us that the motorcycle was returned early this morning. Triumph also wishes to extend their appreciation to those who shared the news.

The miscreant signed up for a test ride yesterday afternoon at around 3.46pm, but did not return after six hours. Thousands of netizens shared the news in social media.

We were then informed just after 1am that the thief’s father and older brother returned the motorcycle.

There were also netizens who pointed us to the person who rode off with the bike, and we were informed that this person Bro Superbike has done such a thing many times previously. His previous alleged crimes included driving off in his colleague’s car, plus a number of test bikes. Each time, his father and brother returned the vehicle.

His Facebook page shows him on a 2018 BMW S 1000 RR, and purporting to being affiliated to the S 1000 RR and Yamaha MT-07 owners groups in Malaysia and Singapore. There was only 1 posting in that FB account on 13th June 2019, calling on buyers if they are interested in purchasing a superbike.

The case is now handled by the police.

In our personal opinion, provided that he committed the alleged crimes before, this man is a pathological thief and requires rehabilitation.


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