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Kenan Sofuoglu took the term ‘start them young’ to a whole different level as the ex-MotoGP and WorldSBK rider recently let his three-year-old son, Zayn Sofuoglu, take the Honda Gold Wing for a spin!

  • The Honda Gold Wing is a 1800cc motorcycle that weighs more than 300kg. 
  • The Gold Wing featured in the video is equipped with Honda’s DCT transmission. 

Before we show you the video, it’s probably wise to remind you not to let your kids take on a bike as massive and heavy as the Gold Wing, especially if he’s been around for only 1,095 days. 

In the video posted on Sofuoglu’s son’s Instagram account, we can see his kid approaching the Gold Wing, which is evidently taller and way bigger than him. 

Zayn continues to fire up the bike as if he is not bothered by the bike’s size before taking it for a spin under the watchful eyes of his dad.

A quick scan through Zayn’s social media accounts shows that he’s ridden several motorcycles, including the Yamaha TMAX, Italjet’s Dragster and a Honda Ruckus.

So for someone who was born in April 2019, it’s a surprise that a kid at that age can ride a full-size motorcycle.

However, perhaps the video somehow proves how easy it is to ride a Gold Wing, even for a kid who can’t even reach the footpegs to ride it.

But then again, we wouldn’t advise you to try this with your kids. 


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