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The world of motorcycle helmets is in a constant state of evolution, and leading the way in this pursuit of excellence is Shoei Helmets, a name synonymous with quality, innovation, and safety. Their latest offering, the NEOTEC3, takes motorcycle helmet design to new heights by seamlessly combining functionality, comfort, and advanced safety features. In this article, we’ll delve into the features that make Shoei Helmets’ NEOTEC3 a game-changer for the touring enthusiast.

  1. A Seamless Blend of Form and Functionality

Shoei Helmets’ NEOTEC3 is not just a helmet; it’s a work of art designed to enhance your riding experience. Shoei Helmets has created a helmet that strikes the perfect balance between a sleek and sophisticated design and a wealth of functionalities suitable for a variety of riding environments.

  1. The Art of Seamless Design

One of the key features of Shoei Helmets’ NEOTEC3 is its seamless design. The face cover and other components are seamlessly integrated into the shell, creating a sense of unity and purpose. This design isn’t just about aesthetics; it serves a vital purpose in enhancing the helmet’s airtight seal.

  1. Wind Tunnel Perfected

The NEOTEC3 underwent extensive testing in Shoei Helmets’ own large-scale wind tunnel testing facility to optimize its shape for improved sealing. By minimizing the gap between the face cover and the helmet shell, the intrusion of wind and rain is significantly reduced, ensuring a more comfortable and weather-resistant riding experience.

  1. Interior Excellence

Inside the helmet, Shoei Helmets has left no stone unturned in pursuit of rider comfort. The cheek pads are extended to the rear of the helmet, reducing the gap around the neck. Additionally, a noise isolator beneath the chin further prevents wind intrusion. The result is a secure and comfortable fit for long rides.

  1. Customizable Comfort

Should you feel any tightness on the head, the NEOTEC3 allows for fine adjustments to the fit using optional adjustment pads in the center pad. The interior surface fabric is designed for both sweat absorption and quick drying, as well as softness against the skin, ensuring you stay comfortable throughout your journey.

  1. Advanced Ventilation

Shoei Helmets has created an efficient ventilation system with the NEOTEC3. The upper air intake has a simple design, while the top air outlet is designed for high exhaust efficiency. The lower air intake even has a defroster function, providing versatility to enjoy riding in various weather conditions.

  1. Security and Functionality

The locking mechanism for the face cover offers two stages of security. The first stage is for easy helmet removal, while the second stage ensures a strong hold, preventing the face cover from accidentally closing during your ride. All of this is achieved without adding extra weight.

  1. Airtight Face Cover

The NEOTEC3’s face cover features an eccentric rotation axis, preventing interference with the shell and parts when opened or closed. The locking mechanism utilizes a 360-degree pivot system for added security and to prevent unexpected openings in case of a fall.

  1. Upgraded Shield System

The NEOTEC3 is equipped with the CNS-3C shield, which optimizes the shape for system helmets. It prevents wind and rain from entering, while the tab placement and rib design ensure smooth shield operation.

  1. Seamless Communication

This helmet’s communication system attachment mechanism is compact and aerodynamically friendly, ensuring it doesn’t disrupt your ride’s experience. Battery space is provided to charge your devices, and the interior is designed for easy microphone and speaker installation.

  1. Sun Visor Innovation

The NEOTEC3 features the QSV-2 sun visor, offering an extended coverage area and clear visibility with minimal distortion. Its operation mechanism ensures smooth opening and closing, even while wearing gloves.

  1. Micro Ratchet Chinstrap

This helmet is equipped with a micro ratchet type chinstrap that can be easily adjusted, even with gloves on. It’s compact, lightweight, and highly durable, ensuring both safety and convenience.

Shoei Helmets’ NEOTEC3 is not just a helmet; it’s a testament to the brand’s commitment to rider safety, comfort, and innovation.

Shoei has not released details on the helmet’s pricing outside of Japan or if it will be available in global markets including Malaysia.

In 2024, the Shoei Helmets lineup, including the much-loved Marc Marquez collection, is growing with the introduction of the Glamster. The Shoei Glamster, while not a new model on its own, has been a familiar sight on European roads for nearly a decade. Characterized by its iconic rounded shell shape, a generous visor, and the timeless retro Shoei logo, the Glamster serves as a nod to the earliest days of full-face motorcycle helmets.

Marc Marquez has an affection for retroy styling and this has been evident throughout his racing career. This affection often finds expression in the unique, one-of-a-kind helmet designs he showcases at the MotoGP Grand Prix of the Americas in Austin, Texas, influenced by his passion for flat track racing.

The latest addition to the Shoei Helmets lineup, the Shoei Glamster MM93 edition, continues to reflect Marquez’s fondness for vintage aesthetics. This helmet features a dark color scheme, dominated by black and grey on the shell, accented with striking red stripes and details that distinctly identify it as part of Shoei’s MM93 collection. Marquez’s iconic number, 93, is elegantly displayed in a retro-style font against a light-grey background on both sides of the helmet.

It’s crucial to note that the MM93 edition of the Glamster maintains the same technical specifications as the original Glamster. This includes ECE 22.06 certification for optimal safety, the utilization of Shoei Drylens and Pinlock Evo Lens on the visor to prevent fogging, and strategically placed minimalist air intakes on the chin area and the top front part of the shell for enhanced airflow. The helmet also features a removable interior lining for effortless cleaning and an EQRS (Emergency Quick Release System) for swift helmet removal in emergency situations.

Presently, the Shoei Glamster MM93 has been announced exclusively in Japan, where it is priced at ¥56,000 (approximately £310, excluding tax). It’s available in sizes ranging from S to XXL. Information regarding the helmet’s availability in markets outside of Japan, including Europe, is currently unavailable. Explore the latest offerings from Shoei Helmets, including the Glamster, to elevate your riding experience in style and safety.

Discontinued Designs for 2024

Shoei X-Fifteen akhirnya telah membuat kemunculan di Malaysia. Untuk meraikan kedatangan topeng canggih ini, Shoei Malaysia telah menganjurkan acara pra-tontonan eksklusif untuk 100 pemilik pertama X-Fifteen. Mereka yang bertuah ini diberi peluang unik untuk memilih grafik topeng pilihan mereka dan menetapkan saiz melalui sesi Sistem Penyesuaian Peribadi (PFS) X-Fifteen.

Shoei X Fifteen Launch 2910 361 Large

Salah satu ciri utama X-Fifteen ialah kecekapan aerodinamiknya, diselaraskan dengan sempurna di fasiliti terowong angin terkini Shoei. Reka bentuk topeng ini memberi tumpuan kepada stabiliti pada kelajuan tinggi, menghasilkan pengurangan tegasan sebanyak 6.1% dan pengurangan angkat sebanyak 1.6% berbanding dengan pendahulunya. Keajaiban kejuruteraan ini mampu memberikan prestasi cemerlang pada kelajuan sehingga 350 km/jam.

X-Fifteen membanggakan Kulit Matriks Terpadu Advanced Multi-Ply Plus (AIM+) (Multi-Ply Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus (AIM+) Shell), yang terdiri daripada matriks enam lapisan serat kaca ringan dan serat prestasi tinggi. Kulit ini bukan sahaja kuat tetapi juga mahir dalam penyerapan hentakan sambil mengekalkan keutuhan strukturnya. Ia adalah topeng perlumbaan sejati yang menjanjikan prestasi yang luar biasa, fungsi, dan, yang paling penting, keselamatan.

Shoei X Fifteen Launch 2910 256 Large

Keselamatan adalah yang utama, dan X-Fifteen berjaya dalam aspek ini dengan Penyerap EPS Multi-Bahagian/Multi-Ketumpatan, dengan strategi menggunakan ketumpatan busa yang berbeza untuk mengoptimakan penyerapan hentakan di sekitar kepala. Penempatan yang tepat ini menghasilkan reka bentuk yang lebih kompak dan ringan.

Shoei X Fifteen Launch 2910 118 Large

Ventilasi dan aliran udara dalam X-Fifteen telah dioptimumkan dengan tujuh lubang udara boleh ditutup dan enam lubang udara keluar, membenarkan udara panas berlepas dengan cekap. Tambahan pula, terowong EPS telah digali dari 6mm kepada 10mm, meningkatkan jumlah udara sejuk dan mempercepatkan pengeluaran udara panas, memastikan aliran udara yang berterusan untuk penunggang. Sistem penyejukan pad pipi yang inovatif kini mempunyai lebih banyak lubang udara untuk keselesaan tambahan.

Shoei X Fifteen Launch 2910 364 Large

Dari segi keselesaan, X-Fifteen memperkenalkan padding berbentuk poket dengan lapisan yang boleh dikeluarkan untuk ketepatan yang lebih baik. Mekanisme penyesuaian sudut paten boleh mengubah kedudukan topeng sebanyak 4 darjah, meningkatkan bidang penglihatan atas penunggang, terutamanya apabila berada dalam kedudukan perlumbaan ekstrem.

Fungsi diambil ke tahap seterusnya dengan reka bentuk kunci lensa dua lapisan, memastikan kestabilan semasa pemanduan pada kelajuan tinggi. Sistem kunci pelindung dua peringkat, termasuk kunci pelindung perlumbaan dan mekanisme kunci tengah, menawarkan perlindungan terbaik terhadap pelepasan pelindung yang tidak dijangka kalau terjatuh. Tambahan pula, mekanisme kunci pencetus yang baru menghalang pelindung daripada terlepas selepas kemalangan, menambah keyakinan penunggang.

Shoei X Fifteen Launch 2910 167 Large

Yang paling penting, X-Fifteen mematuhi standard keselamatan homologasi ECE22.06 dan FIM terkini. Ia mempunyai pelindung/visor CWR-F2R yang melawan kabus dalam pelbagai keadaan cuaca, memberikan penunggang penglihatan yang konsisten jelas. Pelindung ini, bersama dengan perbatuan tingkap terkini, secara berkesan menghalang angin dan air daripada masuk apabila dipasang. Untuk memenuhi citarasa individu, topeng ini boleh didapati dalam pelbagai warna dan grafik, dan ia menawarkan saiz dari XS hingga XXL, memastikan kepadanan yang sempurna untuk setiap penunggang.

Shoei X 15 11 Content Fb 3 Large

Shoei X-Fifteen kini boleh didapati dengan harga runcit RM 2,850 untuk versi Biasa, RM 3,350 untuk Grafik, dan RM 3,500 untuk Riders Replica. Bagi mereka yang mencari sesi penyesuaian peribadi, pelanggan digalakkan untuk melawat Gomoto Experience Lab untuk memastikan helmet fitting yang terbaik.

Teruskan dengan berita dan perkembangan terkini di laman Facebook Shoei dan Instagram.

The wait is over for racing enthusiasts as SHOEI’s much-anticipated premium road racing helmet, the X-Fifteen, has finally made its debut in Malaysia. To celebrate the arrival of this cutting-edge helmet, SHOEI Malaysia hosted an exclusive preview event for the first 100 X-Fifteen owners. These lucky individuals were given the unique opportunity to choose their preferred helmet graphics and finalize the sizing through the X-Fifteen Personal Fitting System (PFS) session. As an extra special touch, every X-Fifteen owner received an exclusive limited-edition gift set.

One of the standout features of the X-Fifteen is its aerodynamic prowess, fine-tuned in SHOEI’s state-of-the-art wind tunnel facility. The helmet’s design prioritizes high-speed stability, resulting in a remarkable 6.1% drag reduction and a 1.6% decrease in lift compared to its predecessor. This engineering marvel is capable of delivering peak performance at speeds of up to 350 km/h.

The X-Fifteen boasts a Multi-Ply Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus (AIM+) Shell, constructed from a six-ply matrix of lightweight fiberglass and high-performance fibers. This shell is not only tough but also adept at shock absorption while maintaining its structural integrity. It’s a true racing helmet, promising exceptional performance, functionality, and, above all, safety.

Safety is paramount, and the X-Fifteen excels in this aspect with its Multi-Piece/Multi-Density EPS Liner, strategically using varying foam densities to optimize impact absorption around the head. This precise placement results in a more compact, lightweight design.

Ventilation and airflow in the X-Fifteen have been optimized with seven closable air inlets and six air outlets, allowing hot air to escape efficiently. Additionally, the EPS tunnels have been deepened from 6mm to 10mm, significantly increasing cold air volume and expediting hot air evacuation, ensuring a constant flow of refreshing air for the rider. The innovative cheek pad cooling system now incorporates more air holes to provide additional comfort.

In terms of comfort, the X-Fifteen introduces pocket-shaped pads with removable layers for a precision fit. Its patented angle adjustment mechanism can change the helmet’s position by up to 4 degrees, enhancing the rider’s upper field of vision, especially when tucked into extreme racing positions.

Functionality is taken to the next level with a double-layer lens lock design, ensuring stability during high-speed riding. The two-stage shield locking system, comprising a racing shield lock and a center locking mechanism, offers the best protection against unexpected shield releases during a fall. Furthermore, a newly developed trigger lock mechanism prevents the shield from detaching after an accident, instilling even greater rider confidence.

Most importantly, the X-Fifteen complies with the latest ECE22.06 and FIM homologation safety standards. It features a CWR-F2R shield/visor that combats fogging in various weather conditions, providing riders with a consistently clear vision. This shield, in combination with the latest window beading, effectively prevents wind and water from entering when secured. To suit individual tastes, the helmet is available in a wide range of colors and graphics, and it offers sizes ranging from XS to XXL, ensuring a perfect fit for every rider.

The SHOEI X-Fifteen is now available at retail prices of RM 2,850 for the Plain version, RM 3,350 for Graphic, and RM 3,500 for Riders Replica. For those seeking a personalized fitting session, customers are encouraged to visit the Gomoto Experience Lab to ensure the best helmet fit.

Stay updated with the latest news and developments on SHOEI’s Facebook page and Instagram. Shoei Malaysia says the new helmet will elevate your racing experience which bosts cutting-edge technology that meets uncompromising safety and performance.

Shoei treats both its Z-8 and Glamster lids with racy and special MM93 Retro colourway designs.


Futuristic Shoei Opticson helmet with an integrated head-up display (HUD) could reach store shelves soon.


New range-topping 2017 Shoei RF-SR helmet series introduced alongside new graphics schemes.



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