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COVID-19 and all phases of the Movement Control Order (MCO) have been tough for many folks here in Malaysia. That is why Shell wants help to motivate some fellow bikers by giving away 500 bottles of their finest Shell Advance lubricants. (more…)

  • Shell and Ducati have collaborated for 21 years.

  • They started in World Superbike before joining MotoGP, as well.

  • They renewed the partnership to celebrate.

Shell and Ducati are two brands symbiotic with each other.

Time flies and it’s been 21 years of collaboration between the petroleum giant and maker of exotic motorcycles. To celebrate that union, Shell and Ducati announced the renewal of their technical partnership, on the eve of the 2019 Shell Malaysia Motorcycle Grand Prix.

The partnership began in 1999 during Ducati’s age of dominance in the World Superbike Championship. Since then, they have celebrated championship titles together. Shell followed Ducati when the manufacturer ventured into MotoGP in 2003.

The technical partnership extends beyond the racetrack. Each motorcycle that leaves the Ducati factory at Borgo Panigale in Bologna, Italy is filled with Shell V-Power petrol and Shell Advance engine oil. As such, Ducati recommends Shell fuels and Shell Advance engine oils to Ducati owners.

Back on the track, the awesomely powerful (the most powerful MotoGP bike, in fact) Desmosedici GP uses Shell Advance engine oil. Shell then introduced the new Shell Advance with PurePlus Technology to the bikes four years ago.

MotoGP organisers limit fewer and fewer engines year after year, in an effort to cut down on spending to encourage more teams to join. The effect of this ruling is that manufacturers must make their engines more reliable. Using more engines than the allocated units will result in penalties, which no team regardless of position needs.

Releasing the full potential of the fierce Desmosedici GP’s engine is one thing, but the engine oil must also play an essential and critical role of ensuring reliability. How many times have we seen Ducati MotoGP bikes break down due to engine trouble? Virtually none.

The partnership has secured more than 200 wins in both WorldSBK and MotoGP and they will continue to win more.

  • Ten motorcycle mechanics who qualified for the 2019 Shell Advance Masterclass competition received awards from Ducati MotoGP rider Andrea Dovizioso.

  • They will represent Malaysia on 4th November against 5 other Asian countries.

  • They were chosen from 750 others who competed.

Ten very lucky mechanics from across Malaysia had the rare opportunity of receiving awards from Ducati’s MotoGP rider, Andrea Dovizioso. They’ll be representing Malaysia at the 2019 Shell Advance Masterclass competition on 4 November 2019 against other elite mechanics from India, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

Around 750 motorcycle mechanics and workshop owners from around Malaysia took part in this special training program organised by Shell Malaysia in collaboration with Ducati Malaysia as an initiative to further enhance their skills in motorcycle repairs and maintenance. They’ve also developed online videos to help educate fellow mechanics around the nation on proper bike maintenance.

These individuals were awarded at an exclusive ‘meet the fans’ session (also organised by Shell Malaysia) in conjunction with the 2019 Shell Malaysia MotoGP weekend that’s just around the corner. Shell Malaysia Trading’s Managing Director, Mr Shairan Huzani Husain was also present to award these fine bike mechanics ahead of their global competition next week. Also present was Shell Advance Malaysia’s brand ambassador, Fattah Amin.


  • Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd has launched two new variants of Shell Advance AX7 semi-synthetic motorcycle engine oil.

  • They are the Shell Advance AX7 10W-30 and Shell Advance AX7 15W-50.

  • Both are priced at RM 33.90 for a 1-litre pack.

Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd has launched two new variants of Shell Advance AX7 semi-synthetic motorcycle engine oil.

The new Shell Advance AX7 10W-30 and 15W-50 are both priced at RM33.90 per 1-litre pack (recommended retail price) and complement the existing Shell Advance AX7 10W-40.

According to Shell Lubricants Marketing General Manager May Tan, the popular Shell Advance AX7 now offers three viscosity grades (in addition to the Shell Advance AX7 10W-40).

“This enables motorcyclists to choose a premium semi-synthetic engine oil from Shell Advance that best suits their riding needs,” she said.

All three grades feature Shell’s proprietary Active Cleansing Technology that provides complete protection for your bike. The benefits include:

  • 33% cleaner engine;
  • 29% better protection at high temperatures;
  • 3 km further in travel distance per litre of fuel;
  • 36% better wear protection against industry limit; and
  • No power loss even after 12,000 km of travel.

The new, thicker Shell Advance AX7 15W-50 promises smoother power delivery and better protection for engines that run for long periods under high stress conditions.

The new and thinner viscosity Shell Advance AX7 10W-30 provides excellent engine protection and offers better fuel economy, enabling your motorcycle to go for up to 3 km further compared to mineral oils.

The existing Shell Advance AX7 10W-40 has a well-balanced formulation that meets the needs of almost all types of motorcycles in daily riding conditions. It is ideal in providing the necessary protection for frequent stop-and-go traffic conditions.

However, it is advised that consumers follow OEM recommendations on the viscosity grade and quality rating of engine oils, as stated in the respective owner’s manual for optimal performance.

The new products are blended and packed in Malaysia and come with ‘Made for Malaysia’ front labels that identify them as genuine Shell Advance products meant for sale in Malaysia.

The new front label can be peeled to reveal a unique QR code for quick product authentication, while the label at the back features product information in English and Bahasa Malaysia.

“This is part of a strategic investment by Shell Malaysia to protect the interests of both motorcyclists and trade partners by enabling them to clearly identify official and genuine products. The presence of counterfeit and unauthorised products in the market is affecting customer confidence. The on-going introduction of the new ‘Made for Malaysia’ Shell Advance range is a key step to address this issue,” added Tan.

For information on the new Shell Advance AX7, visit or call the Shell Customer Service Hotline at 1300 88 1808.


  • Festival International Motomania of Kuala Lumpur 2019 telah menggegarkan ibu kota sepanjang hujung minggu yang lalu.
  • Pelbagai penjual, kecil dan besar, turut serta dalam festival ini, antaranya Harley-Davidson, Moto Guzzi, Aprilia, Shell Indian Motorcycles, Ducati, Yamaha, dan lain-lain.
  • Persembahan rock retro berkumandang sepanjang hari.


  • The International Motomania of Kuala Lumpur 2019 rocked through the weekend.

  • Many vendors big and small were present including Harley-Davidson, Moto Guzzi, Aprilia, Shell, Indian, Ducati, Yamaha.

  • Retro rock performances went on throughout the day.

The International Motomania of Kuala Lumpur 2019 rocked the capital over the weekend, from Friday 22ndFebruary to Sunday 24thFebruary.

Held at the Malaysian Tourism Centre (MaTiC), it attracted motorcycle riders and fans, and tourists alike. There were fun activities throughout the day and through the night, so visitors never felt bored throughout.

Premium motorcycle and motorcycle-related product vendors were also present, including Harley-Davidson of Petaling Jaya, Aprilia Malaysia, Moto Guzzi Malaysia, Hong Leong Yamaha Motor, Indian Motorcycles, Ducati Malaysia and Shell Advance Malaysia.

Shell Advance Malaysia’s booth was busy throughout the event due to a special promotion. Visitors who bought the Shell Advance AX7 and Shell Advance Ultra with PurePlus Technology received exclusive cool towels, motorcycle covers and goodie bag. They also qualified for the lucky draws on the last day.

Besides them, there were also other vendors who displayed their products such as luxury cars (including a Ford Mustang!), retro motorcycles (Suzuki Katana, Suzuki RG500 Walter Wolf), riding gear and merchandize.

Activities included retro motorcycle competition, custom motorcycle competition, battle of the bands, and concerts featuring great rock icons such as Datuk Awie, Mus May, Bandi Amuk and others. There were also other local bands who took to the stage and they showcased the amount of raw talent Malaysians have.

Food and refreshment were provided by food trucks. They offered a great variety of local and international delights.


  • Kunjungi Shell Advance Ride-Thru di Shell MotoGP 2018 untuk pengalaman yang tidak dapat dilupakan.
  • Anda akan menerima perkhidmatan yang terbaik dengan perbelanjaan minima serendah RM30 sahaja.
  • Shell Advance Ride-Thru ini terletak di kawasan parkir P1.


  • Visit the Shell Advance Ride-Thru at the Shell MotoGP 2018 for an unbeatable experience.

  • You will receive the best of the best with a minimal spending of just RM30.

  • The Shell Advance Ride-Thru is located at the P1 parking area.

Here’s a great way to experience the Shell Malaysia MotoGP 2018. Why not try out the Shell Advance Ride-Thru?

Oh, we know how it’s like at MotoGP. You ride there all hyped up about the atmosphere and race ahead of you. You’re thinking about the glitzy new bikes on display, opportunities to selfie with hot models, win some exclusive prizes, see your heroes in action.

But the road starts to get hectic by the time you near Sepang International Circuit. On top of that, you have to find a place to park your bike. That’ll be RM20, please. And there’ve been rumors circulating around that parts of the bikes go missing. Oh dear.The solution is? Shell Advance Ride-Thru.

It couldn’t get any simpler:

  • Ride right up to the counter;
  • Select the Shell Advance Package you prefer;
  • Leave your bike with the trained mechanics;
  • Shell provides a new oil filter for your bike – FOC! (No kidding!);
  • Go relax at the lounge or head into SIC’s mall area;
  • Your motorcycle will be parked in a secure area right next to the booth after it is serviced.

All for a minimum of just RM30.

However, if you also opt for the Add-On Package, you will receive:

  • Topping off your tank with Shell V-Power petrol;
  • A motorcycle cover;
  • A hill stand ticket.

For just another RM30.

So, not only could you enjoy the race in peace, but your motorcycle would’ve been taken care of in the best possible manner when you return. It’s almost better than selfies with hot MotoGP models.

NOTE: Servicing is only open to motorcycles 250cc and below. Please refer to the picture below.

  • Technician Khairil Anuar steadfastness in using Shell Advance lubricants paid off at last.

  • He won the Grand Prize of the Shell Advance Buy & Win Consumer Contest.

  • The prize happened to be Khairil Anuar’s dream Ducati Monster 797.

Sometimes, dreams do come through, especially for Khairil Anuar Abdul Rasol, 35, when he won a brand-new Ducati Monster 797 through his participation in the recent Shell Advance Buy & Win Consumer Contest.

“My discipline did payoff. I have always only used fully synthetic Shell Advance Ultra as it goes further without impacting the performance and makes my bike feel lighter and more powerful. I was surprised when I received the call informing me of the good news. I am so thrilled as I did not expect to win the Ducati Monster,” shared Khairil, who is a Technician by trade.

The contest was held between 1st April to 31st May 2018. It was open to any motorcycle owner who purchased any of Shell’s Advance 4T motorcycle engine lubrication worth a minimum or RM 25 or more in a single receipt from authorised Shell Advance retailers.

Khairil Anuar Abd Rasol with his Ducati Monster 797

The contest was aimed at rewarding bikers who are passionate and trust Shell Advance products to protect their prized motorcycles.

Shell is the Technical Partner of Ducati in MotoGP, allowing them to develop products that benefit motorcycle owners worldwide with cutting edge technology, such as the Shell Advance Ultra with PurePlus Technology. “PurePlus” derives its name from its virtually pure and crystal-clear base oil which is derived from Shell’s Gas-to-Liquid (GTL) process. A clean base oil is important in ensuring a lubricant that not only provides the best protection, but also holds its performance for a longer period of time without breaking down and leaving harmful deposits in the engine.

Shell Advance Ultra with PurePlus 3000km Test & Review

As such, every new Ducati which leaves the factory is pre-filled with Shell Advance Ultra with PurePlus Technology.

Look out for more great programs from Shell Malaysia, such as the one at the Shell Malaysia MotoGP from 2nd to 4th November 2018.

  • Juruteknik Khairil Anuar Abd Rasol muncul sebagai pemenang hadiah utama Ducati Monster 797 dari Shell Advance.

  • Peraduan Beli & Menang Shell Advance telah dijalankan dari April hingga Mei lepas.

  • Peraduan ini bertujuan untuk memberi ganjaran kepada pelanggan yang memilih Shell Advance bagi perlindungan lengkap enjin motosikal mereka.

Dari April hingga Mei 2018 lepas, Shell Advance telah menjalankan sebuah peraduan di mana mereka yang telah membeli minyak pelincir dari mereka berpeluang untuk memenangi hadiah utama iaitu sebuah Ducati Monster 797. Peraduan Beli & Menang Shell Advance telah menerima banyak penyertaan dan Khairil Anuar Abd Rasol, seorang juruteknik berumur 35 tahun telah berjaya dan kini seorang pemilik Ducati Monster 797 baharu! (more…)

  • Shell Advance wants to reward users of its 4T motorcycle lubricants through its latest consumer promotion.
  • All you have to do is spend RM25 in a single receipt either by buying engine lubricant or gear oil.
  • Besides the Ducati, Shell will also give away two Oakley sunglasses a week!

Shell Advance wants to give you a Ducati Monster 797, and all you have to do is buy Shell Advance lubricants and you could walk away with a new Ducati Monster worth RM56,000.

The contest runs from April 1 to May 31, 2018, and for those who do not win the Ducati, Shell will also award two winners with Oakley sunglasses every week!

The winners will be announced on the Shell Facebook page (be sure to like and follow by clicking here), and also at the Shell Malaysia’s official website (

To participate in the contest, all you have to do is purchase any Shell Advance 4T motorcycle engine oil or gear oil worth a minimum of RM25 (before GST) in a single receipt from any Shell Advance branded workshop, participating independent workshops or the official online store on Lazada Malaysia.

You then have to answer a simple question, snap a photograph of your receipt and submit your entry via Whatsapp (send your entry to 018-3791326) or email to

According to Shell Lubricants Marketing General Manager May Tan, the promotion was aimed at rewarding discerning bikers who choose to trust Shell Advance for complete protection of their motorcycles’ engines.

“With Shell Advance, you can outride any unpredictability and have the courage to pursue your dream. For many motorcycle enthusiasts and MotoGP fans, it is to own a Ducati and we are here to help make it a reality,” she said.

Shell Advance Ultra motorcycle engine oil features Shell’s proprietary PurePlus Technology. Shell PurePlus Technology is a revolutionary gas-to-liquid (GTL) process that converts natural gas into a clear base oil with virtually none of the impurities of crude oil.

GTL base oil delivers higher levels of cleansing and superior wear and corrosion protection. As a result, the first-and-only-one of-its-kind motorcycle engine oil, Shell Advance Ultra with PurePlus Technology, is able to offer a clean start and deliver more and sustained power every time.

For more information on the Shell Advance Buy & Win Consumer Contest, please visit

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Kita semakin menghampiri penghujung musim MotoGP 2017, dan pusingan kedua terakhir iaitu Shell Malaysia Motorcycle Grand Prix sudah pasti telah memberikan keseronokan yang tidak terhingga kepada mereka yang menghadirinya. Setelah mendapat status sebagai salah sebuah litar yang paling mencabar dalam kalendar MotoGP, Litar Antarabangsa Sepang sentiasa bersedia untuk memberi cabaran tambahan dengan cuaca yang tidak menentu.



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