S2 Del Mar

LiveWire, the electric motorcycle OEM born out of Harley-Davidson, has unveiled the full specifications of its highly anticipated LiveWire S2 Del Mar model.

  • the S2 Del Mar is a stylish electric mobility designed for urban commuters. 
  • the S2 Del mar Launch Edition sold out in less than 20 minutes.

Powering the S2 Del Mar is an electric motor that delivers 84 horsepower and 194 pound-feet of torque. With a top speed of 103 miles per hour and a 0-60 mph time of just 3.0 seconds, the motorcycle offers impressive performance capabilities.

Equipped with a 10.5 kilowatt-hour battery, the LiveWire S2 Del Mar supports J1772 Type 1 charging standards. Riders can charge the bike using a standard 110V household outlet or Level Two charging stations. Charging times range from 8.4 hours for a full charge using an L1 charger, to just 2 hours and 22 minutes using an L2 public charger.

The S2 Del Mar is primarily intended for city riding, boasting a city range of 113 miles on a single charge. Highway range is estimated at 70 miles at a sustained 55 mph speed, and 43 miles at a sustained 70 mph speed. Combined range for mixed city and highway riding is projected to be 86 miles at 55 mph and 62 miles at 70 mph.

The motorcycle features a modular frame constructed from cast aluminum, along with adjustable suspension, Brembo brakes, and 19-inch cast aluminum wheels fitted with Dunlop tires. Five ride modes are available, offering various combinations of power, throttle, regen, traction control, and ABS settings.

Other notable features include a four-inch color TFT display, over-the-air software updates, smartphone connectivity via Bluetooth, and full LED lighting.

With its attractive design, impressive performance, and range, the LiveWire S2 Del Mar is poised to make an impact in the electric motorcycle market.

LiveWire, Harley’s spinoff electric brand, has announced new pricing and availability for its upcoming S2 Del Mar electric motorcycle.

  • Only 100 units of the S2 Del Mar is available for Europe. 
  • the S2 Del Mar powertrain is capable of producing 250Nm. 

The company has revealed that the S2 Del Mar’s recommended selling price will be USD15,499 (RM68.7k), which is USD1,500 (RM6.6k) less than the previous target. Deliveries for the US market are expected to start in July, and reservations can be made now for just USD100 (RM443).

The S2 Del Mar is LiveWire’s second model, with a promised city range of 170 kilometres and a 0-100 kmh time of 3.1 seconds. The electric powertrain produces 250Nm of torque.

Charging the battery from 20 to 80 percent on a Level 2 charger is said to take 75 minutes. LiveWire has also announced that reservations for the ultra-limited S2 Del Mar Launch Edition will open on April 27, with only 100 units available for the European market.

The Launch Edition models will feature unique hand-applied graphics and paint in Himalaya White that takes five days to complete.

LiveWire has not yet released the complete specifications for the S2 Del Mar, but promises to publish them in June along with a full calendar of demo opportunities and events. The company has also announced that it will be hosting a series of viewing events for the S2 Del Mar European Launch Edition at locations in London, Paris, and Amsterdam.

The S2 Del Mar is LiveWire’s most affordable model, with the LiveWire One still priced at USD22,799 (RM101k). The LiveWire One has a greater range estimated at 235km, while the S2 Del Mar is intended for city riding with a range of 170km. The production version of the S2 Del Mar will be available in blue, black, or gray and will be assembled at Harley’s Vehicle Operations plant in York, Pennsylvania.

Overall, the S2 Del Mar is expected to be a significant addition to LiveWire’s lineup, offering a more affordable and accessible option for those interested in electric motorcycles. With its promising specs and sleek design, the S2 Del Mar is sure to attract attention from riders and enthusiasts alike.

The launch of LiveWire upcoming electric motorcycle, the S2 Del Mar has been put on hold. 

The announcement were made by LiveWire president, Ryan Morrissey during the company quarterly presentation.

According to Ryan, the S2 Del Mar which originally planned to start rolling out in the first half of 2023, has been pushed to a later date. 

Also, LiveWire plans to shipped around 7,000 units of the S2 Del Mar has been adjusted downward to just 2,000 units. 

Looking back, things have been moving slower since LiveWire inception and to this day, it’s still not clear how well the bikes are selling. 

So the question is, when will the S2 Del mar eventually make its way to the public? Only time will tell but we’ll be sure to keep you updated. 

Harley-Davidson has steadily developing its own electric programme over the last few years with the LiveWire becoming the firm’s maiden voyage into electrification. 

  • Harley-Davidson CEO, Jochen Zeitz confirm plans to go fully electric in the future. 
  • Harley-Davidson spin-off brand, the LiveWire proven to be an ideal step towards electrification. 

At first, the LiveWire came with a USD30,000 price tag before it was substantially reduced to USD21,999 after Harley-Davidson decided to spin off LiveWire into an independent brand in 2021 with the original LiveWire sold as LiveWire One. 

Harley made another big move early last year by taking the LiveWire public which resulted the company revealed it’s product line for the future including the S2 Del Mar. 

Unlike the LiveWire One, the S2 is LiveWire’s middleweight electric bikes developed in partnership with KYMCO. 

The S2  – inlcuding S3 and S4 in the pipeline – showcased Harley’s dedication towards sustainability and a cleaner future. 

That said, Harley-Davidson Chairman and CEO, Jochen Zeitz admitted that the brand will go fully electric in the future. 

“At some point in time, Harley Davidson will be all-electric. But that’s a long-term transition that needs to happen. It’s not something you do overnight. It’s a natural evolution that needed to happen,” ,” Zeitz told design publication, Dezeen early this month. 

Turning a company with its unique cruiser heritage into a full blown electric brand might not be something that a Harley-Davidson purist wants to hear. 

However, Zeitz admitted that the company intend to do so by honouring the past, whatever that means. 

Second all-electric Livewire model, the S2 Del Mar LE, revealed. Initial offering is 100-unit only special, and they’re all sold out.



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