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Huge plumes of smoke from a burning rice field in Bagan Serai, Perak, forced a lorry driver to stop his vehicle due to extremely poor visibility yesterday afternoon. Unknowingly at the back, a motorcyclist carrying his wife and two kids weren’t unable to see the stopped three-tonne lorry due to the same heavy smoke and unfortunately, collided straight into it. (more…)

Most of us (if not all of us) have encountered some VIP escorts making their way through traffic to let whoever that they’re escorting reach their destinations faster and safer. According to a recent post by World of Buzz, there was one particular convoy who caused a road accident when they allegedly forced a motorcyclist off the road. (more…)

  • A rempit botched a wheelie and crashed, which led to a serious accident involving other road users.

  • The dashcam video was recorded by one of the vehicles involved.

  • All parties were thankfully okay.

The rempit (hooligan) menace is nothing short of an epidemic on Malaysian roads. In this latest case near Gua Chempedak, one botched a wheelie and crashed, which led to a serious accident involving other road users.

In the video below, the Nissan Almera’s dashcam recorded a group of three bikes ridden in dangerous manner. One of them pulled a wheelie after the on-bridge.

Further down the road, while a woman in the car can be heard planning a potluck party, a white Mitsubishi Triton 4×4 swerved hard left. It ran over a crashed motorcycle on the road and went cartwheeling toward the vehicle that was recording the entire episode.

The Nissan swerved left to avoid the barreling Triton but was still hit on the rear right quarter, and sliced off the road.

Photo credit Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS

The rempit was caught by passersby. All three vehicles involved i.e. motorcycle, Triton and Almera suffered major damage. All parties walked away from the accident, but we hate to imagine the outcome if there were infants or children in the vehicles.

As usual, the “onion army” was out in force in social media, criticizing the rempit who caused the accident. Some even went as far as questioning why didn’t the 4×4 driver just run over rider. Additionally, as commonly seen in accidents involving motorcycles, there were parties who criticized motorcyclists as a whole, as if we are collectively guilty.

Photo credit Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS

Truth is, no responsible motorcyclist can stand even the sight of a rempit. These cretins serve no other purpose than putting the general public at danger and sully the good name of motorcyclists everywhere. And don’t get us started about those who turn into dogs who love to chase bikes bigger than theirs.

There has to be some concerted approach in ridding the streets of this menace. Criticizing on social media serves no discernible purpose.

The rempit – Photo credit Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS
  • A car carrying ketum leaves collided with a motorcycle ridden by a mother sending her eldest child to kindergarten.

  • The collision killed all three motorcycle occupants.

  • Police discovered 150 kg of ketum leaves in the car.

A car carrying ketum leaves (kratom or Mitragyna speciose)collided with a motorcycle ridden by a mother sending her eldest child to kindergarten. Another younger child was also riding pillion at the time.

The high-speed front-end collision killed the mother Nor Zurita Shah Kadir, aged 26 and both children, Muhammad Adam Mukhriz Adnan, aged 5 and Siti Husna Qaisara, aged 4. Muhammad Adam’s kindergarten was only 3 kilometres away from home in Tanah Merah, Kelantan.

Investigators who arrived at the scene inspected the Wira Aeroback and discovered 150 kg of ketum leaves in the boot. They believed the product was on its way to be distributed in the Tanah Merah area.

Police deduced that the car had lost control while being driven at high speed, judging from the 50m-long skid marks on the road. The car then veered into the opposing lane and rammed the motorcycle. The Honda EX5 broke into two and was thrown into the bushes nearby, while all three motorcycle occupants were thrown 10m away.

The police also arrested the driver who tested positive for methamphetamine. He was a 25-year-old Thai national.

Source: Kosmo! Online

Motosikal yang tersangkut di atas kabel elektrik – Sumber imej: kumpulan Facebook Honda CB650F Thailand
  • Kemunculan sebuah motosikal terbang telah mengemparkan warga Thailand.
  • Kejadian ini berlaku apabila sebuah motosikal yang terlibat dalam kemalangan tidak semena-mena tersangkut pada kabel elektrik.
  • Kemalangan itu telah berlaku di wilayah Surin.


  • A traffic accident in Thailand gave rise to a flying motorcycle.

  • Instead of landing back on the road, it got caught in powerlines.

  • The accident happened in the Surin province.

Forget about the sensational news of flying cars, we’ve got a flying motorcycle in the present, too.

Well, this is not exactly the case of a controlled powered flight here. A road accident in Thailand sent a motorcycle flying and ended being suspended from high-voltage cables, 10 metres off the ground.

Eyewitnesses at the scene in Kab Cheong district of the Surin province reported that the motorcycle was carried in the back of an Isuzu pickup truck.

According to them, the driver of the pickup swerved hard to avoid another motorcycle ridden against traffic. But the vehicle overturned and came to rest upside down. The motorcycle in its flat bed, on the other hand, was thrown in the air. The trajectory sent it into powerlines, instead of coming straight back down to earth.

The cab of the pickup was crushed in the impact. Luckily, the five occupants were hurt with no serious injuries and were sent to the hospital nearby.

The crushed Isuzu pickup – Credit CB650F Group Thailand

Source: The Phuket News

  • Azlan Shah merupakan Juara ARRC 600cc bagi musim 2017.
  • Dia tidak mengalami sebarang kecederaan yang amat serius dalam kemalangan tersebut namun lidahnya memerlukan tujuh jahitan, selain kehilangan telefon serta wang.
  • Azlan dijangka akan memulakan persiapan bagi musim 2018-nya dalam masa yang terdekat ini.


  • Azlan Shah is the 2017 ARRC 600cc Champion.

  • He didn’t sustain bad injuries in the accident although his tongue required seven stitches, besides losing his phone and money.

  • Azlan is slated to begin his 2018 season preparation soon.

2017 Asia Road Racing Championship (ARRC) 600cc champion, Azlan Shah was involved in a traffic accident later yesterday.

“I was travelling home from Sunway. The road was very dark and I suddenly hit a lorry. I blacked out immediately and realised I was in the hospital when I came to,” said the rider when speaking to Malaysian daily, Berita Harian.

Onlookers rushed Azlan to the Selayang Hospital after witnessing the crash which totalled his Toyota.

“I’m thankful that I escaped relatively unscathed, although I’ve lost my cellphone and money,” he continued. He received a deep cut to his tongue for which it received seven stitches. “I could eat or talk much due to the multiple stitches. It’s only porridge for me at the moment.”

Azlan will be heading to the Chang International Circuit at Buriram, Thailand to being his pre-season preparations today.

“The accident will not affect my focus on defending my championship this year. My determination and motivation remains unchanged from last year. It’s going to be more competitive this year but I believe I could still put up a big challenge.”

Azlan will be riding for the Manual Tech KYT Kawasaki Racing team from Indonesia this year.



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