Reparto Corse

MV Agusta has rolled out three updated models for 2022: Turismo Veloce, Dragster and F3.

  • 2022 F3, Turismo Veloce and Dragster features the Reparte Corse trim. 

  • all three models gets electronic refinements and equipped with 800cc triple engine. 

All three motorcycles have been given the Reparto Corse (RC) treatment which features a distinct colour combination.

If you are a fan of MV Agusta, you would recognise the RC nameplate as the company’s racing department.

As a result, the Turismo Veloce, Dragster and F3 is an upgraded versions of the base model.

Turismo Veloce RC

The Turismo Veloce RC features the same 800cc triple engine found in the Dragster and F3 but with the power adjusted to just 110hp and 84Nm.

As a sports touring machine, the Turismo Veloce RC offers great comfort over long distances, and while the engine makes lower horsepower than the two, it is still capable of carrying the 21.5L fuel tank and 199kg (dry) weight.

According to MV Agusta, the Turismo Veloce RC can reach 230km/h max speed with stopping power comes in the form of a dual 320mm disc with Brembo piston callipers at the front and a single 220mm disc with dual-piston callipers at the rear.

Other features include cornering ABS with rear wheel lift detection and parking brake.

Dragster RC

The Dragster SC features an updated titanium nitride coating on 43mm Marzocchi USD telescopic forks at the front and Sachs single shock absorber with preload, compression and rebounds at the rear.

The same dual 320mm disc does braking with Brembo callipers at the front and a single 220mm disc at the rear. An ABS system also regulates the brake.

Like the Turismo Veloce RC, the Dragster is also equipped with a parking brake.

Unlike its touring sibling, the Dragster make 140hp and 87Nm from the 800cc triple and is the lightest among the three. It can also do a max speed of 245km/h, higher than the F3.


Finally, we have the F3 RC, which now carries the burden of becoming the brand’s flagship sportsbike since the F4 is no longer available.

Like the Dragster, MV Agusta upgraded the 2022 F3 RC edition with a titanium nitride coating front suspension that helps to reduce friction. The wheels are now 10% lighter, which MV Agusta claimed helps reduce the moment of inertia up to 7%.

The F3 is also the most powerful out of the rest, with 147hp and 88Nm and features a new traction control system with eight different stages and four-level torque control.

MV also claimed that the F3 RC could hit a top speed of 240km/h.

Other notable features include:

  • dual 320mm front disc with 4-pot Brembo callipers
  • single 220mm rear disc with 2-pot Brembo callipers
  • cornering ABS
  • 43mm Marzocchi USD telescopic forks
  • Sachs rear single shock absorbers
  • aluminium swingarm

Sadly, all three RC editions are available in limited numbers, which means by the time you read this, all 200 units of the F3 and 300 units of the Dragster and Turismo Veloce might be on their way to meet their new owners.

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