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The Scorpion EXO-491 is a budget-friendly full-face helmet and the successor of the EXO-490.

This new sports touring helmet is made for the novice rider who is looking for a reasonable helmet at a bargain price.

The EXO-491 is intended for those who drive sportily but also enjoy long rides.

The helmet comes with a ratchet closure and an integrated SpeedView sun visor.

The Scorpion EXO-491 is expected to compete with the Nolan N87 plus, the Shark Skwal 2.2, the HJC I70, the Shark Spartan RS and the Scorpion EXO 1400 Air.

The EXO-491 is an entry level-helmet yet offers protection, comfort and practicality. The helmet is Pinlock ready and has a Kwikwick C liner. The liner is removable, washable and moisture-wicking. The fabric feels soft and has antibacterial features. The liner also has Kwikfit cheek pads, which make the helmet glasses friendly.

Ventilation is a very important part for any full-face helmet. The ventilation grilles of the EXO-491 are located on the chin guard.

There is a ventilation outlet on the back, which ensures that the hot air is discharged. These features can also be seen on the EXO-920 EVO and the EXO-930 from Scorpion.

The outer shell is made of polycarbonate which is not as strong as fiberglass. As a result, more material is needed to provide an equivalent level of protection.

Furthermore, the helmet comes in three shell sizes. Based on these results, the EXO-491 gets three stars.

Compared to its competitors, most helmets scored as well or even less than the EXO-491. Nonetheless, being an entry level helmet the EXO-491 is accountable.

Best of all, it comes with plain or graphic options, with a total of 13 designs for users to choose from.

Nolan Helmets Malaysia is now accepting bookings for Hafizh Syahrin’s helmet design used in MotoGP.

Their entry-level Nolan/X-Lite N60-5 Hafizh Syahrin Replica helmet can be booked at several locations.

From now until the end of June 2018, they’re offering the replica helmet at a special price of only RM1,500.00.

Image source: Monster Energy

It was only a few days when we wrote a very special feature regarding the helmet worn by our Malaysian MotoGP rider, Hafizh Syahrin. Dubbed the “Stripes of Glory”, his X-Lite full face helmet is painted with the colours of the Malaysian flag is a symbol of pride and hope for Malaysian motorsports talents on an international scene. (more…)


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