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In a recent interview with Motorrad magazine, MV Agusta CEO Timur Saradarov addressed the swirling controversy surrounding the partnership between MV Agusta and KTM, dispelling rumours of a potential takeover by the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer.

  • Partnership between MV Agusta and KTM began in November 2022.
  • KTM currently holds a 25.1-percent stake in MV Agusta. 


The partnership sparked speculation about KTM’s intentions to acquire a majority stake in the Italian brand with executives from Pierer Mobility, KTM’s parent company, had expressed their desire for a majority stake in MV Agusta, with an undisclosed timetable in place.

However, Saradarov remains unfazed by KTM’s ambitions.

“It’s nice that there is such a great interest from KTM in MV Agusta,” he said. 

Saradarov, who currently owns 74.9 percent of MV Agusta, expressed his intention not to sell and assured that nothing would change in the next three to four years.

*Lucky Explorer 9.5

Meanwhile, regarding KTM’s comments about MV Agusta’s Lucky Explorer model, Saradarov neither confirmed nor denied its inclusion in the lineup but revealed that the MV Agusta LXP series is in the works, with the 950 variant confirmed. 

Saradarov stated that the KTM portfolio is under consideration now that the two companies are in partnership, leading to the development of the MV Agusta LXP series, which will include the Lucky Explorer model.


Saradarov also provided insights into the forthcoming LXP series, stating that it will feature a completely different three-cylinder engine. The global unveiling of the LXP series is expected in late summer 2023, with MV Agusta aiming to produce 2,500 to 3,000 units this year.

(source: Motorrad)

Pierer Mobility Group (PMG) has expressed its intention to become the majority shareholder of renowned Italian motorcycle manufacturer MV Agusta, according to a recent interview with Hubert Trunkenpolz, a member of PMG’s Executive Board.

  • PMG currently holds 25.1 percent stake in MV Agusta. 
  • PMG plans to expand the current production line. 

Last year, PMG acquired a 25.1% stake in MV Agusta, raising concerns in Italy that the company would suffer the same fate as Husqvarna, which became a subsidiary of KTM. However, Trunkenpolz has reassured enthusiasts that MV Agusta will not follow the same path.

Contrary to downsizing and relocating production, PMG plans to enhance MV Agusta’s existing production line. Last year, the company manufactured a mere 1,000 motorcycles, a figure Trunkenpolz considers insufficient. He envisions increasing the production capacity to 12,000 bikes annually, highlighting the importance of achieving this goal for KTM.

In addition to preserving MV Agusta’s production base in Schiranna, Trunkenpolz explained that the brand’s role within the PMG portfolio will be focused on producing luxury motorcycles priced at EUR30,000 (RM140k) or higher. 

This strategic positioning aims to prevent overlap with other PMG brands such as KTM, Husqvarna, and GasGas. Trunkenpolz also criticized MV Agusta’s Lucky Explorer model, which is manufactured abroad and, in his opinion, detrimental to the brand’s image.

*The Lucky Explorer 5.5 initial plans is to be manufactured in China via QJ Motor. 

Acquiring a controlling stake in MV Agusta is crucial for PMG to implement the desired changes. PMG aims to hold at least 50.1% ownership in the company.

Trunkenpolz confirmed that PMG’s stake will gradually increase but did not disclose the exact timeframe, as agreed upon by the shareholders. However, he did mention that PMG intends to invest in the Varese region, where MV Agusta is headquartered, over the next two years.

With these plans, PMG aims to revitalize MV Agusta, ensuring its future as a luxury motorcycle brand known for its Italian heritage. By expanding production capabilities and maintaining the brand’s distinct identity, PMG seeks to unlock the company’s untapped potential. Motorcycle enthusiasts will eagerly await the developments resulting from PMG’s increased investment and growing influence within MV Agusta.

Thanks to a strong backing by KTM, MV Agusta is preparing to launch a range of new motorcycles, including upgrades to existing models and all-new machines. 

  • MV Agusta is expanding its range for the new year thanks to a strong support from KTM. 
  • MV Agusta in an official statement has confirmed that KTM AG now holds 25.1 per cent of the Italian company’s share.

The Italian company has filed documents with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in America which inadvertently revealed the names of the upcoming models.

The new models include upgrades to the existing three-cylinder Brutale and Dragster ranges, with the Brutale 950 and Dragster 950 expected to replace the 798cc versions. 

The Lucky Explorer 9.5 adventure bike, which features a 931cc engine, will also be added to the lineup. The E1 line, which is the company’s first adventure bike range, will see the addition of two new models, the Lucky Explorer Premium and Lucky Explorer Orioli.

Meanwhile, the F1 range, which features MV’s sportier, faired triples, including the F3 and Superveloce models, may also get new additions, including the limited-edition Superveloce 98 Edizione Limitata. 

The B7 models will also see new Superveloce 1000 S and Superveloce 1000 R versions.

With these new models, MV Agusta aims to meet the demands of motorcycle enthusiasts who are looking for high-performance machines with cutting-edge technology and sophisticated designs. With the backing of KTM, the company can now leverage its resources to develop new and innovative models that meet the evolving needs of the market.

(source: Cycle World)

Qianjiang, the parent company of Benelli, is reportedly developing a new V-4 engine that will power the company’s future motorcycle models.

  • QJ Motor plans to introduce it’s own V4 engine in the near future.
  • The V4 powertrain is said to be around the 1L mark and offers more than 200hp. 

The engine has been featured in several patent applications published in China recently, revealing that it is a 90-degree V-4 engine with double overhead camshafts and four valves per cylinder, somewhere around the 1,000cc mark.

*the new patent showcased a 90-degree V4 engine.

Although the engine’s intended motorcycle model is unknown, some of the patent drawings feature the QJMotor logo, indicating that it will appear in at least one model in the company’s fast-growing QJMotor range. However, Qianjiang already shares its current engines across both the QJMotor and Benelli lineups, making it likely that the V-4 engine will eventually appear under the Benelli banner.

QJMotor range already includes more than 30 motorcycles, ranging from 50cc to 900cc. Therefore, the addition of a V-4 engine will help the company achieve its goal of having every type of combustion engine in its motorcycle lineup.

Qianjiang’s new V-4 engine project is a significant step towards establishing the company’s presence in the high-performance market.

Sebelum ini kami telah pun melaporkan bahawa jenama motosikal mewah Itali, MV Agusta, bakal menembusi pasaran Malaysia menerusi pengedar baharu, AFY Mobility Sdn Bhd (AMI). 

Menariknya, bukan sekadar mengedar malah beberapa model akan turut dipasang sepenuhnya di Malaysia. 

Dalam perkembangan terbaru, Pengerusi Kumpulan Eksekutif AMI, Ahmad Faez Bin Tan Sri Yahaya telah berkongsi beberapa gambar di media sosial yang memaparkan dua buah jentera MV Agusta Brutale RR dengan salah satu daripadanya merupakan edisi Nurburgring. 

Perkongsian itu sedikit sebanyak memberi gambaran bahawa pelancaran model MV Agusta untuk pasaran tempatan akan diumumkan tidak lama lagi. 

Untuk rekod, MV Agusta Brutale RR dikuasakan enjin empat inline 998cc yang berupaya menghasilkan 208hp pada 13,450rpm dan 116.5Nm. 

Sebelum ini, pihak AMI telah pun mempamerkan beberapa jentera ketika minggu MotoGP Malaysia antaranya MV Agusta Turismo Veloce. 

MV Agusta revival of the Cagiva Elefant 900 is set to roll out soon with the introduction of the Lucky Explorer 9.5. 

  • MV Agusta Lucky Explorer 9.5 is the brand maiden adventure capable motorcycle.
  • Features an all-new 931cc three cylinder engine. 

The Italian company first announced their Lucky Explorer project at 2021 EICMA and at the time no further details were revealed to the public. 

However, with the official launch inching closer, MV Agusta was kind enough to share the specs. 

Firstly, the Lucky Explorer 9.5 boast a 931cc three-cylinder engine that is derived from the 800cc mill found in the F3 800. 


The 57kg engine churns out 124hp and 102Nm with a claimed max speed of 240kph. 

MV Agusta also redesigned the crankshaft to improved handling by reducing the inertia. 

Although efforts were taken to reduced the engine weight, the Lucky Explorer 9.5 is heavy, tipping the scale at 220kg (dry) and with a 20L fuel tank, expect the weight to bump up tremendously. 

Nevertheless, stopping power comes in the form of a four-piston Brembo Stylema callipers with dual 320mm front disc and single 220mm rear disc. On top of that, the bike’s is also equipped with ABS. 


Meanwhile, the engine is suspended by a double-beam steel frame design with a bolt-on cradle and a steel trellis subframe. 

At the front, the bike is fitted with a 21-inch wire-spoked wheels connected to the frame via a 48mm Sachs USD telescopic forks with 220mm of travel while the rear gets an 18-inch wheels connected to single-sided aluminium swingarm and Sachs monoshock.

Other notable features include:

  • 7-inch TFT display
  • Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connectivity
  • cruise control
  • launch control
  • eight-level traction control
  • GPS sensor
  • built-in immobiliser
  • full LED lighting

We expect MV Agusta to officially launch the Lucky Explorer 9.5 alongside the 5.5 early next year.

Baru-baru ini, MV Agusta mencuri tumpuan apabila disahkan telah menjalinkan kerjasama erat dengan pengeluar motosikal Austria, KTM. 

KTM menerusi syarikat induk, Pierer Mobility telah membeli saham MV Agusta sebanyak 25.1 peratus. 

Perkembangan itu menyaksikan KTM akan membantu meluaskan jaringan pengedar MV Agusta di Eropah dan pasaran Amerika Utara.

Sebelum itu, MV Agusta juga telah memeterai kerjasama dengan QJMotor bagi pembangunan motosikal ADV, Lucky Explorer 5.5 yang mengguna pakai enjin Benelli TRK502. 

Namun, dalam perkembangan terbaru, MV Agusta turut berminat menerjah pasaran motosikal elektrik apabila menjalinkan kerjasama dengan pengeluar skuter Taiwan, Kymco.

Sewaktu pameran motosikal EICMA berlangsung di Milan, MV Agusta dan Kymco memperkenalkan Ampelio sebuah skuter elektrik prototaip.

Meskipun hanya prototaip, namun pembangunan skuter elektrik itu telah pun dilakukan sejak dua tahun yang lalu sekaligus memberi bayangan bahawa MV Agusta serius dalam menceburi pasaran itu.

Dibina berasaskan skuter Kymco S7, Mv Agusta Ampelio menawarkan 9.7hp yang dikuasakan dua bateri berkuasa 1.7kWh yang boleh dicas di rumah.

MV Agusta is back on the rise since being purchased by Russian entrepreneur, Timur Sardarov in 2019. 

  • KTM AG signs a multi-year deal with MV Agusta to distribute the Schiranna motorcycles in North America.
  • KTM purchased 25.1% stake in MV Agusta.
  • KTM to distribute MV Agusta motorcycle and vice versa.

Despite immediately facing serious struggles including the global pandemic, supply and resource shortages and the recent Ukraine-Russia conflict, MV Agusta has been making great strides. 

However, the focus now is not just surviving but also ensuring that the MV Agusta brand continue to thrive in the motorcycle market.

In order to do so, the Italian moniker recently agreed to a strategic partnership with Pierer Mobility Group’s KTM.

In a recent interview with, Sardarov explained the reason behind the big move.

“And so that’s why for me to partner up with a big business, with a big industrial partner like KTM–it makes my life easier.

“I want to focus on developing the business, on making the company better and more efficient–but it’s very hard to do this when you’re constantly thinking about whether we should ship our wheels from China by plane or by boat!,” he said. 

MV Agusta and KTM announced a new distribution deal back in September before it was confirmed a month later that KTM AG has owned a 25.1 per cent stake in MV Agusta.

Interestingly, two KTM senior management team members also joined MV Agusta’s board of directors as a result from the partnership. 

“We’re going to develop a network together, so it’s going to be either multi-brand dealers, or standalone dealers, depending on the country, but it’s definitely going to mean better dealers overall.

“I hope some of our existing dealers will stay with us, because many of them have invested heavily in MV, and I’m really grateful to them for doing so, and I will make sure that they are still part of our family. 

“But some other dealers simply haven’t performed, so we’ll be letting them go,” added Sardarov.

Although some might suggest that KTM AG could acquire the Italian brand altogether, Sardarov is adamant that this is not the case.


For those who attended the EICMA show in Milan, you’ll noticed that MV Agusta did not participate in this year edition. 

  • MV Agusta 921 S is an all-new motorcycle set to roll out in a few years time. 
  • Inspired by the glorious MV Agusta 750 Sport of the 70s. 

However, the Varese company did hold a press conference to encapsulate their production plans for 2023 which include the 921 S concept bike. 

According to MV Agusta, the 921 S is an all-new motorcycle that departs from the rest of the Italian product range. That said, the motorcycle combines the Italian firm’s past footprint with modern technology. 

Interestingly, the 1970 MV Agusta 750 Sport was the inspiration behind the 921 S Project therefore you can easily notice a glimpse of the past including the red, silver, white and blue colour combination and the exposed frame.

While the overall look is nothing short of moden and futuristic the minimalistic design bring forth a classic Italian steed. 

The 921 S features a completely new open-cradle type frame with steel-tube-trellis design that incorporates billet-aluminium rear plate and a supporting subframe. 

The frame houses an engine that is based on an earlier generation Brutale 1000 RR that has been significantly reworked to give it a traditional streetbike appeal.  The 921cc engine makes a solid 115hp @ 10,000rpm and 118Nm of peak torque @ 7,000rpm. 

In addition, the 921 S also has a longer wheelbase that spans 1465mm, that’s 50mm more than the Brutale 1000 RR. 

 Suspending the MV Agusta 921 S is a top-of-the-line Ohlins front and rear suspension with a 41mm NIX-cartridge design that offers a fully adjustable compression and rebound damping. 

Meanwhile, the rear gets a fully adjustable TTX36 shock. 

As usual, the MV Agusta 921 S gets premium components including twin Brembo Stylema four-pot callipers at the front and a two-piston Brembo at the rear with 320mm and 220mm rotors, respectively. The bike is also shod with 120/70-17 front and 180/55-17 rear wheels. 

Take a closer look at the front wheel you’ll noticed that the 921 S is equipped with a massive aluminium flange that helps to direct air intake to cool the rotor. 

Unfortunately, there’s no telling when MV Agusta 921 S will actually makes it to the production stage and how much will it go for.

KTM AG now owns a large chunk of Italian motorcycle maker, MV Agusta after months of rumours circulating between the two brand.

  • KTM purchased 25.1% stake in MV Agusta.
  • KTM to distribute MV Agusta motorcycle and vice versa. 

In an official statement released on Thursday, KTM AG has acquired a significant 21.1 per cent of the Varese-based company, just weeks after the two side entered a distribution agreement in North America.

The distribution deal was the strongest signal yet that KTM AG and MV Agusta has gotten into a bigger agreement than what was expected.

“Within the framework of this strategic partnership between the two European motorcycle manufacturers, KTM AG, a company of PIERER Mobility, will provide MV Agusta with supply chain support and take over the purchasing. 

“Furthermore, in the course of this cooperation, MV Agusta will partly distribute its product range via PIERER Mobility’s worldwide distribution network. 

“In November 2022, KTM AG will acquire a 25.1% stake in MV Agusta Motor S.p.A., based in Varese (Italy), by way of a capital increase,” said MV Agusta in a statement. 

The new partnership will witness both sides helping each other out in terms of motorcycle distribution and supply chain support. 

KTM AG announced a new distribution deal with MV Agusta, which will see the Austrian firm assist with distributing the Italian company’s motorcycles.

  • KTM AG signs a multi-year deal with MV Agusta to distribute the Schiranna motorcycles in North America.
  • Selected KTM dealership will sell MV Agusta motorcycles in North America. 

According to the official statement, the multi-year partnership will see KTM AG – the subsidiary of PIERER Mobility AG – distribute and promote MV Agusta’s motorcycle range in North America and Mexico. 

To achieve this, KTM AG will set up a dedicated US-based legal entity that will take charge of all the Italian company operations in North America.

That said, MV Agusta motorcycles can still be purchased from the Italian brand’s existing dealers and new ones but also selected KTM dealerships. 

In addition, KTM AG will also set up a company based in the United States dedicated to MV Agusta operations in North America.

The deal is part of MV Agusta’s strategic plan to achieve significant growth in the coming years. 

“I am particularly pleased with this agreement signed between two historic European motorcycle companies. 

“I am sure that KTM’s impeccable and widespread sales organization, combined with the very strong appeal that our brand has always exercised overseas, will bring great satisfaction to both, creating synergies that will allow us to best implement our growth strategy in the North America market,” said MV Agusta CEO, Timur Sardarov.

Meanwhile, Hubert Trunkenpolz, a Member of the Executive Board at KTM AG, also expressed his excitement over the new partnership.

“We are extremely excited to start a new partnership with such a historic motorcycle brand. 

“Our brands are going from strength to strength everywhere in the world, particularly in North America, where we will exceed 100,000-unit sales in 2022 with the KTM, Husqvarna and GASGAS motorcycle brands. 

“Taking on the distribution of the MV Agusta brand will complement our extensive premium motorcycle range.  

“With the addition of the most iconic Italian luxury motorcycle brand to our KTM North America operations, we are able to ensure support to all North American motorcycle enthusiasts as well as bringing exciting new business opportunities to existing and new dealers,” he said.

It’s official, MV Agusta officially returns to Malaysia with MV Agusta Malaysia Sdn Bhd appointed as the sole and exclusive of MV Agusta motorcycle, parts, merchandise and special parts in Malaysia.

  • MV Agusta to be distributed and locally assembled in Malaysia by MV Agusta Malaysia Sdn Bhd.
  • MV Agusta Malaysia Sdn Bhd is the subsidiary of AFY Mobility Sdn Bhd. 

The announcement was made by none other than MV Agusta CEO, Timur Sardarov. 

“I am particularly thrilled about this new, important partnership marking the consolidation and the expansion of the MV Agusta presence in one of the most dynamic economies in SouthEast Asia.

“The CKD assembly solutions found with our partners will boost our competitiveness in the region, in line with our global expansion strategy. 

“I wish the newly born MV Agusta Malaysia every success,” he said in a statement.

Meanwhile, MV Agusta Malaysia Sdn Bhd is a newly formed company that is a subsidiary of AFY Mobility Sdn Bhd (AMI).

As mentioned by Sardarov, all MV Agusta motorcycles will be completely assembled at the AMI assembly and training facility in Glenmarie, Shah Alam. 


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