Get ready for a thrilling new LEGO project that combines the best of speed, engineering, and creativity with LEGO Technic Yamaha MT-10 SP. 

  • The all-new LEGO Technic Yamaha MT-10 SP is a captivating replica of Yamaha’s iconic motorcycle, designed to spark inspiration and ignite a passion for speed.
  • Crafted with precise attention to detail, this LEGO Technic model seamlessly captures the spirit of Yamaha’s Hyper Naked range while paying tribute to the premium styling of its real-life counterpart.

Every aspect of this model is thoughtfully designed to provide an authentic Yamaha experience, including the 4-cylinder engine and multi-speed transmission, which are meticulously rendered in LEGO Technic form.

Builders will appreciate the precision and engineering that went into creating this exceptional replica, including the gearbox elements such as the shift drum, shift fork, gear shift ring, and ratchet drum that contribute to the model’s realism. Measuring over 25 cm high, 44 cm long, and 15 cm wide, this set is a remarkable gift idea for motorcycle collectible enthusiasts and devoted Yamaha fans.

The 42159 LEGO Technic Yamaha MT-10 SP is designed to provide an unparalleled building experience, promoting a shared passion for precision, innovation, and adventure among motorcycle enthusiasts and LEGO fans alike. To showcase this exceptional set, builders can take advantage of the included display stand.

The 42159 LEGO Technic Yamaha MT-10 SP set will be available at major retailers and department stores in Malaysia and LEGOLAND™, as well as the LEGO Certified Stores, LEGO Official Store on Lazada, and Shopee from August 1, 2023, priced at RM999 

Back in March of 2016, we ran a report that Yamaha had officially ruled out any hope of there ever being a touring version of the MT-10. Back then, our report and those circulating the grapevine said that any chance of there ever being a MT-10 Tracer was quashed when Yamaha introduced an option touring pack that included “a tall Tracer-like windscreen plus luggages, which should complement the MT-10’s standard-equipped electronic cruise control feature.”

Well, tides and markets are constantly changing – and now there are new reports around the net suggesting that a mysterious new trademark has revealed that a Yamaha “Tracer GT” is supposedly on its way to global markets.

Yamaha has never spoken of a “Tracer GT”, so there is a chance that it could be one of two things – a more extensive touring kit for existing Tracer models with panniers and taller screens perhaps?

Or it could just be the highly anticipated MT-10 Tracer? Why not actually? There is already the MT-07 Tracer as well as the MT-09 Tracer (above), so a MT-10 Tracer would fit right in? Right? Well, on the flip side, maybe not.

The MT-10 is based on the manic R1, so putting on a screen and slapping on panniers would in effect, as some online reports suggest, create a R1 Tourer.

But before we completely rule it out, consider for a second that BMW created touring version of the S1000RR superbike and called it the S1000XR and almost immediately the bike was selling better than the RR in some markets. And Ducati almost single-handedly created the Sports Touring segment with the Multistrada 1200S, so there is an established market for it already and Yamaha knows that.

The Japanese company has previously offered a MT-10 Tourer Edition early 2017. The touring MT-10, shown in the photos above and below, featured soft panniers, a pannier frame, touring screen, GPS bracket, hand guards and a comfort seat.

Having already tested the market with the Tourer Edition, it would come as no surprise then should a MT-10 Tracer appear. At this year’s EICMA perhaps?

Yamaha MT-10 specifications officially released with glitzy promotional video. (more…)

Having already set a milestone with its all-new 2015 YZF-R1, Japanese powerhouse Yamaha have opted surprise everyone by debuting the superbike’s naked offshoot during EICMA 2015.

Meet the all-new Yamaha MT-10 super-naked. Essentially, this is the budget-friendly Yamaha R1S superbike as we know it reborn as a streetfighter.


As far as its design goes, the work is rather controversial to say the least with Yamaha fans being divided over it. Nevertheless, we can’t argue at the fact that it looks rather sharp and quite futuristic, more akin to some of Yamaha’s radical concepts instead of a full-blown production bike.


More importantly, the MT-10’s arrival signals Yamaha entry into the competitive super-naked segment, and sees the brand completing its range of offerings to cover a wide spectrum of buyers. Yamaha has been absent in the high performance naked bike segment since perhaps the Fazer 1000 model.


Being based on the venerable R1 superbike, the MT-10 shares the same 998cc CP4 crossplane in-line four-cylinder from its fully-faired sibling, albeit detuned ‘slightly’ with just 165hp and roughly 101.6Nm of torque. Complementing the powertrain are features such as a three-level traction control feature, a slipper clutch, as well as a cruise control function.


The chassis is also derived from the R1S, with the MT-10 also retaining the same suspension set and swingarm assembly. And, minus the Bosch IMU, much of the R1S’s electronics package is also retained here in the MT-10. Other notable highlights include a full LCD dash, 320mm twin floating front discs with quad-piston radial calipers combined with a single 220mm rear disc with a sliding calipers, as well as ABS.


Clearly, Yamaha has got the BMW S1000R naked in its target crosshairs, explaining the standard equipped cruise control. This being based on the budget R1S, we can also expect this MT-10 to carry a lower pricing from the flagship R1 as well. There is no doubt though that the MT-10 now sits at the top of the brand’s MT naked model range.

2016 Yamaha MT-10

Sources: Asphaltandrubber / Visordown / MCN


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