The 2023 Harley-Davidson  Homecoming Festival roared into Milwaukee from July 13 to 16, drawing moto-enthusiasts from all corners of the globe to celebrate the iconic motorcycle brand’s remarkable 120-year history.

  • The festival, featuring a thrilling blend of music and moto-culture, left attendees awestruck with its headline performances by Green Day and Foo Fighters, along with a variety of captivating events across the Milwaukee area.
  • Over the weekend, 73,000 motorcycles lined the museum grounds and Sixth Street, attracting 130,000 attendees.

At Veterans Park on the picturesque Milwaukee Lakefront, Green Day and Foo Fighters took center stage on Friday and Saturday nights, respectively, performing to electrifying crowds of more than 80,000 motorcycle and music enthusiasts.

Preceding the headlining acts were stellar performances by Abby Jeanne, KennyHoopla, Phantogram, and The Cult on July 14, while July 15 witnessed extraordinary sets by Ghost Hounds, White Reaper, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, and Cody Jinks. Additionally, the Nitro Circus delivered an adrenaline-pumping freestyle motocross show, and the Ives Brothers’ Wall of Death & Ball of Steel showcased exhilarating stunts, offering a family-friendly experience.

The celebrations extended to the Harley-Davidson Museum grounds, where Bike Night kicked off the festivities on Thursday. Over the weekend, 73,000 motorcycles lined the museum grounds and Sixth Street, attracting 130,000 attendees who enjoyed food trucks, Flat Out Friday Boonie Bike races, motorcycle displays, and demo rides of the latest 2023 Harley-Davidson models, including the electrifying LiveWire  and Stacyc electric vehicles.

The Division BMX Stunt Show, custom and vintage motorcycle displays, and evening musical entertainment featuring headliners Hairball, The Jimmys, The Now Band, Rust Bucket Road Trip, and The Toys and Rebel Grace added to the excitement.

Notably, the Harley-Davidson Powertrain Operations in Menomonee Falls hosted engaging activities such as demos of 2023 Harley-Davidson motorcycles, factory tours, and impressive Police Skills Riding Demonstrations.

The festival’s grand finale was the Harley-Davidson 120th Anniversary Motorcycle Parade on Sunday, which saw 7,000 motorcycles revving their engines as they paraded through Wisconsin Avenue to downtown Milwaukee, concluding at Veterans Park on the lakefront. Enthusiastic crowds gathered along the route, cheering and waving in admiration.

To ensure that all roads led to Milwaukee, Harley-Davidson devised six exhilarating Ride In routes starting from various points across North America, culminating in the Homecoming festivities. Riders had the freedom to join at any point along the routes and ride at their own pace, fostering a sense of camaraderie among fellow H-D enthusiasts.

Moreover, the festival witnessed the consumer debut of the new 2023 Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) Motorcycles, the CVO Street Glide and CVO Road Glide models, which showcased cutting-edge technology, enhanced rider comfort, and dynamic performance driven by the powerful new Milwaukee-Eight VVT 121 engine. These awe-inspiring motorcycles were showcased at the Harley-Davidson Museum Garage area and available for demos at the Company’s Powertrain Operations facility.

The 2023 Harley-Davidson Homecoming Festival was undoubtedly an unforgettable celebration of motorcycle culture, uniting riders from around the world to commemorate 120 years of the legendary Harley-Davidson brand. As the festival concluded, the anticipation for next year’s event, scheduled for July 25-28, 2024, reached new heights, promising even more excitement and thrills in the years to come.

Autoliv, a leading automotive safety company, has unveiled its revolutionary motorcycle airbag system, bringing hope for increased rider safety on the roads.

  • Autoliv set to introduce on-bike airbags soon. 
  • the system works similarly to those used in modern cars. 

In an exclusive interview with CycleWorld, Atsushi Ishii, Autoliv’s head of technology for mobile safety solutions, shed light on the cutting-edge project and the company’s vision for this life-saving technology.

The system’s components closely resemble those used in modern cars, comprising a crash sensor, detection Electronic Control Unit (ECU), harness, and airbag module. However, adapting these elements to motorcycles presented a unique challenge. Unlike cars with a crash deformation cell to absorb impact, motorcycles lack this feature, demanding exceptionally rapid triggering algorithms for the airbag.

Mounted below the handlebars, the motorcycle airbag utilizes an electrically-triggered chemical reaction to inflate swiftly, resembling the mechanisms found in car airbags. Currently, the focus of Autoliv’s airbag deployment is on scenarios where a car pulls out in front of a motorcycle, a common accident type with significant potential for safety improvements.

Addressing concerns about the limited use-case scenarios, Ishii emphasized that starting with the most common crash cases, even if they only account for 10% of all incidents, is crucial for saving lives.

He compared the evolution of car airbags, which initially were only on the steering wheel but now extend to various areas, providing comprehensive protection. Similarly, Autoliv envisions its motorcycle airbag technology to expand to other accident types like side impacts, lowsides, highsides, and more, eventually encompassing a broad range of crash scenarios.

During a showcase at EICMA, a motorcycle manufacturer questioned the pursuit of this technology, citing its limited applicability. Ishii’s response underscored the significance of saving lives, stating that while it may not cover all accidents, for those riders involved in head-on collisions, the airbag system could be the difference between life and death.

Autoliv’s commitment to rider safety is evident as they embark on this pioneering journey. By starting with scenarios offering the most immediate safety gains and gradually expanding to other crash types, the company aims to enhance motorcycle safety significantly.

he excitement is building among Maverick Viñales’ fans as the highly anticipated RX-7X Maverick GP5 helmet from Arai is set to hit the market in early September 2023. 

  • This race-ready lid, adorned with the Spanish Aprilia Racing Team rider’s name and graphics.
  • Arai has a long-standing history of producing top-quality racing helmets, and the RX-7X has garnered immense popularity both on and off the track. With Snell and JIS ratings, the RX-7X has earned the trust of riders worldwide for its exceptional safety standards.

Additionally, certain models, like the RX-7V Evo, have received FIM homologation and ECE 22.06 approval, further solidifying Arai’s commitment to providing helmets that meet the highest safety standards.

Priced at JPY72,600 (RM2.3k), this graphic-rich helmet features a design approved and used by Maverick Viñales himself during his races, with the exception of a larger spoiler at the back.

The helmet boasts a sophisticated ventilation system with three massive vents on the top, brow vents, a chin vent, and multiple extractors at the rear, ensuring optimal airflow and rider comfort. The aerofin design reduces rear turbulence, enhancing aerodynamics for an improved racing experience.



Inside the RX-7X, riders will find Arai’s Eco Pure interior, which not only keeps the helmet fresh but also inhibits bacterial growth. The helmet is also equipped with intercom compatibility, catering to the communication needs of professional riders.

Maverick Viñales enthusiasts and motorcycle racing aficionados alike are eagerly awaiting the helmet’s release, eager to get their hands on this iconic piece of safety gear. 

In an exciting announcement, Italian helmet manufacturer AGV has broken its silence on new product releases with the revival of its iconic K3 helmet.

  • The reintroduction of the K3 is set to delight riders looking for a blend of style and performance.
  • The AGV K3 is ECE R22.06 approved. 

The revived K3 helmet boasts a fresh facia, incorporating contemporary design elements with a touring-inspired aesthetic. While it retains its sporty appeal, the helmet features contoured lines on the sides and top, giving it a distinctive and eye-catching look.

Notably, the air intakes on the chin bar and the streamlined air inlets on the top bring the K3 closer in appearance to its premium sibling, the K6.

Underneath the revamped exterior, the AGV K3 incorporates technical innovations to enhance its performance. The helmet’s thermoplastic shell is available in three different sizes, allowing for a comfortable and personalized fit.

Additionally, the four-density EPS lining effectively absorbs and disperses impacts, ensuring maximum safety. The contoured sides of the K3 provide extra protection for the collarbone in case of an accident, emphasizing AGV’s commitment to rider safety. Importantly, the AGV K3 is ECE R22.06 approved, meeting the latest safety standards.

AGV has also prioritized comfort and hygiene with the K3 helmet. The detachable and washable interior, made of 2Dry fabric, offers an easy and hygienic experience for riders. Furthermore, the helmet features grooves specifically designed to accommodate eyeglasses, adding to its overall convenience.

Visibility is a key aspect of any helmet, and the AGV K3 excels in this area. Equipped with a clear anti-scratch and anti-fog screen, the helmet provides an impressive 190-degree field of vision. The XQRS system allows for quick and easy screen removal, and micro-openings enhance ventilation during city rides. Moreover, the visor is compatible with the Pinlock 70 anti-fog film, which significantly improves vision in adverse weather conditions. To top it off, the K3 helmet includes a drop-down sun visor, perfect for those sunny rides.

In terms of functionality, the AGV K3 helmet features a chinstrap with a micrometric clasp, offering a secure and adjustable closure. This improvement over the previous double-D ring closure enhances convenience for riders. The addition of a splash guard prevents water or debris from entering through the bottom of the helmet.

Additionally, the AGV K3 is intercom-ready, making it seamlessly compatible with communication systems. Weighing approximately 1,500 grams in size M, the helmet strikes a balance between comfort and safety.

To cater to individual tastes, the AGV K3 is available in a range of fashionable colors, including white, matte black, matte green, red, matte grey, and various graphic options.

The new AGV K3 helmet is priced at EUR239.95 (RM1.2k).

Harley-Davidson was once known as the bike to have for those who liked to cruise on straight roads and were not bothered about getting anywhere fast. The image of a Harley on an iconic American highway like Route 66 was what the brand was all about – the love for the open road. 

Things have changed for the famous American though. Faced with dwindling profits and fierce competition from Europe and Japan, the company had to make a decision, either face the traditionalists head on and change the motorcycles it produced, or face being relegated to the pages of history. 

The motorcycle world is undoubtedly grateful that the management chose the latter. These days the brand has moved on from the chrome and glitz and offers a model for just about any want and need. There are tourers, adventure bikes and even sports bikes. And to try them all out at one go, Harley-Davidson recently organised an event in Thailand called the Harley-Davidson Dirt, Road & Track (DRT) Experience. 

Taking place in beautiful Khao Yai, this exhilarating event, now in its second iteration, aimed to showcase not only the iconic style but also the exceptional performance capabilities of Harley-Davidson motorcycles across a variety of terrains and venues. With roaring engines, the symphony of exhaust notes, and an atmosphere filled with excitement, the DRT Experience left participants with unforgettable memories and a deep appreciation for the brand.

While style has always been synonymous with the brand, it is often overshadowed by the perception that performance takes a back seat. However, the DRT Experience aimed to challenge this conception, proving that Harley-Davidson bikes and engines can rival some of the finest motorcycles in the world.



The event began with the Road segment, where participants embarked on a scenic ride up to the stunning Khao Yai National Park which was the country’s first national park. With the powerful Fat Bob 114 and its Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine at their disposal, riders could unleash the full potential of these machines. 

The open road beckoned, and as the group set off, the thunderous roar of the engines resonated through the picturesque countryside. The Fat Bob’s commanding presence and torque made every twist of the throttle an exhilarating experience. 

The wind rushing against their faces, participants revelled in the freedom and power that the Harley-Davidson motorcycles offered. Although the bikes were not allowed to venture into the serene national park due to their noise levels, participants experienced a bike swap on the journey back. 

Transitioning to the Nightster, riders were treated to a comfortable yet dynamic riding experience, with its upright position and offset pedals adding to the overall enjoyment. The Nightster’s nimble handling and responsive engine provided a delightful balance between comfort and performance, making the journey back equally memorable.

Next was the Track section of the DRT Experience, which proved to be a favourite among participants. Harley-Davidson Asia had closed off the 8-Speed Khaoyai circuit, offering riders the opportunity to push the Nightster Special and Sportster S to their limits. As participants lined up at the starting line, anticipation filled the air. The green flag dropped, and engines roared to life as riders unleashed the power within. 

The Nightster’s agility and precise handling allowed riders to navigate the circuit’s twists and turns with confidence. Its exceptional ground clearance ensured that no corner was too tight, as participants leaned into the curves. 

Meanwhile, the Sportster S showcased its impressive power, propelling riders forward with every twist of the throttle, as the straightaways became a blur with the full thumping force of the Sportster S’s engine. 

The sound of exhaust reverberated off the track’s walls, creating an auditory symphony that added to the overall thrill. For those accustomed to riding sports bikes, the chance to experience the thrill of a Harley-Davidson on a track was a revelation. It shattered preconceived notions and highlighted the performance capabilities that these motorcycles possess.

The final adventure of the DRT Experience was the Dirt section, which took riders on the Pan America across a small section of the Khao Yai countryside. This formidable motorcycle truly shined in this terrain, thanks to its 1250cc Revolution Max engine, which effortlessly conquered any obstacles in its path. As participants veered off the paved roads and onto the rugged terrain, they were greeted with undulating trails, loose surfaces, and challenging inclines. 

The Pan America’s robust suspension and advanced electronics made conquering these obstacles feel like a Sunday morning joyride. With each twist of the throttle, the Pan America’s power was shocking yet buttery smooth. Its responsive handling and traction control instilled a sense of control and stability, even in the most challenging off-road conditions. Participants marvelled at the bike’s capabilities, appreciating its plug-and-play nature for off-road adventures.

However, what made the DRT Experience truly remarkable extended beyond the motorcycles themselves. Harley-Davidson has cultivated a deep cult like following over the years, and this event epitomized the unique and vibrant culture that surrounds the brand. Beyond the thunderous engines and the distinctive exhaust notes, participants also felt a sense of kinship and camaraderie. 

They became part of a tight-knit family of like-minded individuals who share a passion for the freedom and exhilaration of riding on the open road. Whether it was bonding over shared experiences on the track, discussing the unique challenges of off-road riding, or simply admiring each other’s bikes, the DRT Experience fostered a sense of community that is truly unparalleled.

The Harley-Davidson DRT Experience 2023 was an exceptional event that provided enthusiasts with the opportunity to explore the full range of Harley-Davidson motorcycles in a safe and exciting environment. It celebrated not only the power, versatility, and style that have made Harley-Davidson a legend in the motorcycle industry but also the vibrant community that accompanies it. Participants left with a profound appreciation for the brand, its motorcycles, and the camaraderie that exists among Harley-Davidson enthusiasts. 

The DRT Experience showcased the undeniable performance capabilities of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, proving that they can stand toe-to-toe with some of the finest machines in the world. For anyone seeking an unforgettable experience on two wheels, the Harley-Davidson DRT Experience is an absolute must-try. It is an invitation to embrace the freedom, power, and unity that the open road and the Harley-Davidson community have to offer.

In a groundbreaking development, the world’s first titanium-built motorcycle is nearing completion, leaving motorcycle enthusiasts in awe.

  • This remarkable project features a Suzuki Hayabusa engine encased in a breathtaking titanium frame, swingarm, exhaust, subframe, and bodywork.
  • the project is spearheaded by New Jersey custom builder W. Robert Ransom,

Titanium, known for its lightweight and robust properties, makes it an ideal material for various applications. Its strength surpasses that of aluminum while weighing only 60% more. Additionally, when exposed to high temperatures, titanium oxidises into captivating, permanent colors, making it highly desirable for motorcycle exhausts.

However, the adoption of titanium in motorcycle construction has been limited due to its high cost and challenging workability. The metal’s reactivity at elevated temperatures poses difficulties during welding, as it readily forms brittle compounds when exposed to ambient air. Moreover, titanium’s natural springiness in sheet form requires extra effort to shape it into intricate designs necessary for motorcycle bodywork.

Despite these challenges, New Jersey custom builder W. Robert Ransom, commissioned by a customer named Mohammed, undertook the ambitious task of creating an all-titanium motorcycle. Ransom aimed to showcase unparalleled artistry and craftsmanship in the motorcycle industry.

The heart of this groundbreaking motorcycle is a modified second-generation Suzuki Hayabusa engine, boasting around 200 horsepower. Nearly all components, including the stunningly curved tubular frame and rigid swingarm inspired by MotoGP designs, are meticulously crafted from titanium. The swingarm, slightly extended and designed for optimum cornering performance, is also constructed with curvaceous titanium tubing.

Among the remarkable features of this motorcycle is the custom 4-into-2-into-1-into-2 titanium exhaust system. With over 130 sections on the header pipes alone, this exhaust setup, along with its ram’s horn headers and teardrop-shaped under-seat cans, is an undeniable standout element.

The long-awaited Moto Guzzi V100 Mandello are now officially available in Malaysia after it’s successful global introduction two-years ago. 

  • The V100 Mandello is available in two variants; Standard and S. 
  • The first production motorcycle to feature adaptive aero. 

The V100 Mandello is available in two different trims, Standard and S with the latter features lavish components including Öhlins Smart EC 2.0 semi-active suspension, quickshifter, heated grips, TPMS and Moto Guzzi MIA system. 

That said, the standard is available at RM99,900 while the S comes in at RM117,900. 

The V100 Mandello is not just another new motorcycle coming from Moto Guzzi, it also represents the brand bold move into the 21st century.

This is due to the fact that the V100 is the first production motorcycle to feature semi-active suspension, 6-axis IMU, cornering ABS, quickshifter and a liquid-cooled engine.

Basically, it is the first Moto Guzzi with everything modern and we are surprised that the V100 Mandello even has an adaptive aerodynamics package. Nevertheless, as a sport-touring machine, the V100 Mandello still sport the classic element of a Moto Guzzi.

The V100 Mandello makes 115hp and 105Nm @ 3,500rpm from its 1,042cc transverse 90-degree V-Twin engine. The engine is also 103mm shorter than the V85 TT platform. Thanks to a lower positioning of the drive shaft, the V100 Mandello offers a smooth ride during accelerating and decelerating on par to a bike with a chain drive.

It also features a 17.5L fuel tank and a large saddle comfortable for riders and pillion. However, to increase comfort, the V100 is equipped with adaptive air deflectors located at the front fairing which extend to different degrees depending on the riding mode and bike speed.

According to Moto Guzzi, air deflectors can reduce wind disturbance up to 22%. Moving on to the best bits, the V100 gets Öhlins semi-active suspension, traction control, three engine maps, and three engine braking that can be accessed via a 5″ TFT display.



In a timely move to address the rising concern of high-speed riding, PDRM  has introduced a special operations focusing on individuals riding high-powered motorcycles. 

The ‘Op Khas Motosikal Berkuasa Tinggi’ is an initiative aims to crack down on reckless and dangerous behaviour on the roads, according to Deputy Director Mohd Nasri Omar of PDRM’s JSPT Bukit Aman.

Acknowledging the prevalence of motorcyclists exceeding speed limits, Deputy Director Mohd Nasri emphasized that JSPT will prioritise monitoring those who operate high-powered bikes during the special ops. 

To ensure effective enforcement, JSPT will collaborate with other prominent agencies such as the Road Transport Department (JPJ) and the National Anti-Drugs Agency (AADK). This strategic partnership will enable a comprehensive approach in combating reckless riding, emphasizing not only the safety aspect but also the prevention of potential drug-related offenses linked to the motorcycle community.

Offenders found guilty of reckless riding may face charges under Section 42(1) of the Road Transport Act 1987. If convicted, they could be sentenced to a maximum of five years in prison and fined between RM5,000 and RM15,000.

(source: Sinar Harian)

Verge Motorcycles has announced the launch of a new electric superbike designed in collaboration with Finnish Formula 1 legend Mika Häkkinen.

  • Verge Motorcycles teamed up with F1 legend, Mika Hakkinen to create a limited edition e-bike. 
  • Based on the Verge TS Pro, only 100 units of the signature edition will be built. 

The partnership between the two powerhouses has resulted in a luxurious and powerful bike that is sure to make waves in the motorcycle industry.

According to Verge Motorcycles CEO Tuomo Lehtimäki, the signature model developed with Häkkinen is a perfect combination of two leading experts in their respective fields. Häkkinen himself has also expressed his excitement about the project, stating that he wanted to design the bike “right down to the smallest detail.”

The new electric superbike boasts a range of 350 kilometres and a fast charging time of only 35 minutes. It also features an integrated rim motor within the rear wheel, which was invented by Verge and has been internationally recognised.

The bike’s fairings are constructed from carbon fibre and feature a unique ceramic coating that repels any damages or scratches. Additionally, the bike is made with the highest-grade materials available, making it truly one of a kind. Its powerful and graceful design is sure to turn heads on the road.

Only 100 of these signature electric bikes crafted by Häkkinen and Verge Motorcycles will ever be produced, making them an incredibly rare and unique item.

The bike can be purchased through Verge Motorcycles’ online store in several European countries, as well as their flagship store in Monaco during the Monaco GP event launch. By the way, the limited machine will cost you a whopping EUR80,000 (RM390k).


Triumph, the British motorcycle manufacturer, is set to launch its first affordable, single-cylinder models on June 27 in London. 

  • Triumph-Bajaj partnership set to reveal first bike in London. 
  • According to reports, two models have been caught testing in Europe. 

The retro-styled street bikes have been developed in partnership with Indian manufacturer Bajaj and mark a significant turning point for Triumph, which hasn’t produced an entry-level, single-cylinder bike since the early 1990s. 

The bikes will be available worldwide and will join the current Triumph product portfolio, distributed by the Triumph-led dealer network. 

Two models have been spied on test, a retro-style roadster and a 1960s-inspired scrambler, both of which share the same DOHC single-cylinder engine. 

The launch event will be global, organized by Triumph, and the bikes should be available at dealerships in India from the second quarter of this financial year.

Honda is reportedly working on an electric motorcycle with a power output equivalent to a 500cc to 750cc petrol-powered bike, according to Shinji Aoyama, the head of Honda’s global electrification program.

This would be a step up from the smaller electric scooters and 125cc-equivalent bikes currently on the market. Aoyama stated that Honda is hoping to release this electric motorcycle by 2025.

This news is in line with Honda’s previous announcement that they are working on electric motorcycle development specifically for racing. 

Aoyama also revealed that Honda is researching the development of solid-state batteries for future EVs, a technology also being studied by other automakers such as BMW and Ford.

While some motorcycle manufacturers, like KTM, have been dismissive of the idea of larger, high-powered electric motorcycles, Honda’s willingness to invest in this technology is an interesting development. 

It remains to be seen how the motorcycle market will react to the release of Honda’s electric motorcycle, but it’s clear that the industry is beginning to shift towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly options.

(source: Young-Machine)

Italy’s two-wheeled market has reported a significant upswing in Q1 2023, with March alone recording impressive sales figures for both scooters and motorcycles. 

  • Italian motorcycle market recorded a surge in sales for the month of March 2023. 
  • BMW R 1250 GS, Honda Africa Twin and Benelli TRK 502 continue to dominate the market. 

According to the National Association of Cycle Motorcycle Accessories (Confindustria ANCMA), the country’s two-wheeled market posted a 26.7-percent spike in March, translating to growth of 27.6 percent in Q1 2023.

In March, scooter sales amounted to 17,777 units sold, representing a 31.5-percent increase, while motorcycles recorded 18,221 new registrations, reflecting a 25.8-percent boost. The surge in sales has been welcomed by dealers, who are looking to build on the growth gained at the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023.

The Confindustria ANCMA has also broken down the top-selling motorbikes in Italy for March 2023. Moto Morini’s X-Cape 650 adventure bike made it into the top ten list with 283 units sold, followed by Honda’s NC750X with 303 units moved.

Meanwhile, Yamaha’s Tracer 7, Moto Guzzi’s V7, and Yamaha’s Ténéré 700 round out the top ten, with Honda’s new CB750 Hornet cracking the top five with 401 units sold.

The top three places go to the Honda Africa Twin, BMW R 1250 GS, and Benelli TRK 502, respectively, with Italian consumers registering 674 Africa Twins, 621 R 1250 GSs, and 600 TRK 502s throughout March 2023.


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