Moto Morini

Moto Morini could unveil a wide range of an all-new motorcycle based on the company’s slide which was leaked online, recently. 

  • Moto Morini is set to unveil the bigger and bolder X-Cape 1200 at EICMA this year. 
  • The Italian motorcycle company is relying on it’s V-Twin engine configuration. recently spoke the firm’s CEO, Alberto Monni who also revealed that the brand is putting an emphasis on the V-twin configuration, in contrast to the prevailing parallel-twin trend.

Foremost among the revelations is the imminent debut of the X-Cape 1200 at EICMA 2023. Whispers suggest a nimble 750cc V-Twin engine destined for a sporty naked bike, reminiscent of the Moto Morini Corsaro.

The company also has its sights set on a “modern classic,” drawing parallels to the Moto Morini Milano, and a venture into the cruiser realm with a low-slung cruiser and a spirited bobber.

Moto Morini’s ambitions extend further, venturing into the adventure-enduro domain with the V2 750N category, poised to rival formidable competitors. Anchoring these aspirations is a trio of “heavy middleweight” V-twin models, housing a muscular 925cc engine—a lineup spanning adventure, naked, and sportbike variants.

Is Moto Morini lining up a special unveiling at EICMA 2023? We’ll find out soon enough.

Americans will soon find a new range of affordable motorcycles from the Italian-Chinese company Moto Morini. 

  • Moto Morini set to bring the X-Cape 650 and Seiemmezzo to the US. 
  • The Moto Morini brand is currently available throughout Europe and Asia. 

In the last couple of years, Moto Morini has been making great strides in Europe and Asia with the introduction of the X-Cape 650 adventure bike and the retro-style Seiemmezzo. 

Just a few months ago, Moto Morini made its way to India. 

However, Moto Morini is ready to set foot in the U.S., as confirmed by new U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration documents.

Based on the document, listed the official manufacturer as Zhejiang Morini Vehicle Co. Ltd, operating under the Moto Morini brand. 

While it remains to be seen which model will make its way to the Big Apple, it is likely to include X-Cape 650 and the Seiemmezzo range. 

The Moto Morini brand is growing thanks to the introduction of the middleweight adventure motorcycle, the X-Cape 650, back in 2021. 

  • Moto Morini is to introduce the X-Cape 1200 soon. 
  • The big V-Twin adventure motorcycle is powered by the firm’s V87 twin-cylinder Bialbero Corsacorta engine.

The X-Cape 650 is currently doing well thanks to its affordability, as all bikes are now manufactured in China after the acquisition of Zhongneng in 2018. 

Back in September, Moto Morini was reportedly working on a bigger adventure-type motorcycle, later confirmed by a CAD sketch that revealed a 1200cc V-Twin engine. 

However, fast forward to November, and the X-Cape 1200 has appeared in a complete form, as revealed on social media.

The motorcycle is reportedly powered by the firm’s V87 twin-cylinder Bialbero Corsacorta engine, which is found in the 2005 Corsaro and 2020 Scrambler 1200. 

While further details remain scarce at the moment, Moto Morini is likely to make an announcement soon as the bike is already in a finished form. 

Nonetheless, from the spy photos, we can see that the X-Cape 1200 is equipped with premium features, including Brembo callipers, upside-down forks, twin discs, tubeless spoke wheels and an aluminium sump guard.

Interestingly, the side profile, including the front headlamp design, looks similar to the Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin. 

Could the X-Cape 1200 make its way to 2023? We’ll find out soon enough. 

Moto Morini has introduced a new pair of middleweight motorcycles, the Seiemmezzo STR and Seiemmezzo SCR.

  • The Moto Morini Seiemmezzo is a middleweight motorcycle with a 649cc parallel-twin engine.
  • The Seiemmezzo range consists of a naked (STR) and scrambler (SCR) motorcycle. 

For those who don’t speak Italian (including us), Seiemmezzo translates to “six and a half,” which is self-explanatory.

The Seiemmezzo range consists of two mid-range 649cc motorcycles, the STR (naked) and SCR (scrambler).

The main visual difference between the STR and SCR is the wheels, with the latter featuring wire-spoked wheels and the former getting alloy rims. However, both bikes get the same Pirelli Angel GT 120/70-18 front and 160/60-17 at the back. 

The motorcycle is equipped with the same 649cc parallel-twin liquid-cooled engine that makes 61hp and 54Nm. 

Morini claimed the STR and SCR could hit a maximum speed of 170km/h despite weighing around 200kg (dry) and carrying a large 16L fuel tank.

Other notable features include:

  • dual 298mm front disc
  • single 255mm rear disc
  • dual-channel Bosch ABS

Also, the Seiemmezzo STR and SCR are suspended by 43mm Kayaba front forks with 120mm of travel and a Kayaba monoshock at the rear, with adjustable preload. 

In addition, the rear shock is linked to the rear wheel by an aluminium swingarm.

According to Moto Morini, the Seiemmezzo STR is available in “Starlight White”, “Fire Red”, and “Smoky Anthracite”, while the SCR features “Navy Green” and “Night Black” colourways. 

Italian motorcycle company, Moto Morini is set to introduce four new models in India.

  • Moto Morini is bringing the X-Cape and Seiemezzo 650 to India.
  • Both are powered by a liquid-cooled 649cc DOHC parallel-twin that delivers 60HP and 56NM.
  • Key features include fully adjustable Marzocchi front forks, Brembo brakes, dual USB charge ports, and more.

The company made headlines in recent months since the introduction of the new middleweight adventure motorcycle, the X-Cape 650.

The mid-sized ADV was also recently launched in Malaysia, under local distributor, MForce Bike Holdings.

However, Moto Morini will now expand its reached to India with the introduction of the X-Cape 650, X-Cape 650 X, Seiemmezzo 650 Street and Seiemmezzo 650 Scrambler.

In addition, Moto Morini will also set up a new manufacturing facility in India as well as distribution network for the Asian region.

We’re particularly familiar with the X-Cape 650 and X-Cape 650 X as both model runs with 649cc parallel-twin engine capable of pumping 60hp @ 7,000rpm and 56Nm.

The X-Cape 650 will take on Aprilia’s Tuareg 660 and Yamaha Tenere 700 in India. While the brand is considered new in some part of the world, the X-Cape 650 comes with an affordable price tag compared to its rival.

Despite the lack in power, the X-Cape features premium components, including 50mm inverted Marzocchi forks, adjustable KYB rear monoshocks, Brembo brakes and a full-colour TFT display.

Meanwhile, the Seiemezzo 6 brings retro styling and the same 650cc parallel-twin mill but retuned to produced just 54hp with a higher rev range.

Similarly, it boast components like KYB suspension, Brembo brakes and dual-channel Bosch ABS.

MForce Bike Holdings expands portfolio with new Moto Morini X-Cape 650 duo priced from RM39,999 and RM43,499.


Pada Disember tahun lalu, MForce Bike Holdings telah pun diumumkan sebagai pengedar rasmi jenama Moto Morini untuk pasaran tempatan.

Jenama motosikal Itali itu sertai Benelli, SYM, WMoto di bawah kendalian MForce di Malaysia.

created by Polish

Setelah beberapa bulan berlalu, MForce dengan rasminya memperkenalkan Moto Morini X-Cape 650 (CKD) untuk pasaran tempatan dengan harga jualan atas diletakan pada RM39,999 (Standard) dan RM43,499 (650X)

Moto Morini X-Cape 650 datang dengan dua varian, dengan varian (flagship) 650X dilengkapi ‘crash guard’, ‘bash plate’ dan ‘engine guard’ secaar standard di samping dilengkapi dengan rim jenis soked wheels (lidi).

Motosikal ADV itu juga akan ditawarkan dengan dua warna pilihan, Smoke Anthracite dan Red Passion.

Moto Morini X-Cape 650 didatangkan dengan gabungan tayar 19″ depan dan 17″ belakang dan dipadankan bersama fork Marzocchi 50mm boleh laras depan dan penyerap hentakan belakang KYB. Sementara sistem membrek pula hadir dengan brek kaliper Brembo dengan sokongan ABS.

Ketinggian tempat duduk diletakkan pada 845mm bagi menjaminkan tunggangan selesa atas jalan raya dan off-road.

Antara ciri menarik lain:

  • Tangki 18L
  • paparan skrin TFT 7-inci
  • kerangka steel trellis dengan swingarm aluminium
  • dua pengecas USB

X-Cape 650 ini dikuasakan enjin parallel-twin 649cc yang berupaya menghasilkan 60hp pada 8,250rpm dan 56Nm pada 7,000rpm.

Menurut MForce setiap pembelian Moto Morini X-Cape 650 didatangkan dengan waranti 20,000km atau dua tahun (mana yang sampai dahulu). Model terbaru ini akan tiba dipengedar pada Mei.

It was first confirmed that the Moto Morini brand would be distributed in Malaysia by Penang-based MForce Bike Holdings.

Interestingly, MForce also confirmed that the highly anticipated Moto Morini X-Cape 650 would also make its way to Malaysia.

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 80

During a recent event held in Alor Setar, Kedah, MForce did a special preview of the Moto Morini X-Cape 650.

According to reports by, the Moto Morini X-Cape 650 will be available in Malaysia by mid-2022 with an estimated price of RM45k.

The X-Cape 650 features a 649cc parallel-twin engine that makes around 60hp @ 8,250rpm and 56Nm @ 7,000rpm. While the power is decent, the X-Cape 650 comes with premium components, including adjustable upside-down Marzocchi forks, adjustable KYB rear shocks and Brembo brakes.

The adventure-tourer also comes equipped with an 18L tank and a 7-inch TFT instrument display.

The X-Cape 650 is built around a steel trellis frame and paired to an aluminium swingarm to ensure its rigidity on and off-road.

(Source: Paultan)

One of the most anticipated bike for 2022, the Moto Morini X-Cape 650 is coming to Malaysia via MForce Bike Holdings.

In an official statement, MForce Bike Holdings has announced that the company has been appointed as the exclusive distributor of Moto Morini in Malaysia.

For those who are not in the loop, Moto Morini is an Italian motorcycle company established back in 1937 and is based in Bologna.

While it retains the Italian image and head office in Milan, Moto Morini went into liquidation in late 2010 before they were revived by again a year later. However, in fall of 2018, the ownership rights had transferred to Zhongneng Vehicle Group.

Currently, the Moto Morini motorcycle range includes the Corsaro ZT, Corsaro ZZ, Milano and Super Scrambler, all of which is powered by a 1,200cc V-Twin.

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 80

However, the one that caught our attention is the upcoming X-Cape 650 that whas first showcased at EICMA in Milan, Italy back in November.

The X-Cape 650 features a 649cc parallel-twin engine that makes around 60hp @ 8,250rpm and 56Nm @ 7,000rpm. While the power is decent, the X-Cape 650 comes fitted with premium components, including an adjustable upside down Marzocchi forks, adjustable KYB rear shocks and Brembo brakes.

The adventure-tourer also comes equipped with an 18L tank and a 7-inch TFT instrument display.

To ensure its rigidity on and off-road, the X-Cape 650 is built around a steel trellis frame and paired to an aluminium swingarm.

According to MForce, the X-Cape 650 is expected to arrived in Malaysia sometime in Q2 2022.

MForce Bike Holdings telah pun mengsahkan bakal menjadi pengedar eksklusif rasmi jenama Moto Morini di Malaysia.

Bagi yang tidak mengikuti perkembangan semasa, Moto Morini merupakan jenama motosikal Itali yang dibangunkan Alfonso Morini di Bologna sekitar tahun 1937.

Ketika ini terdapat beberapa buah motosikal berkuasa tinggi di bawah payung Moto Morini antaranya Corsaro ZT, Corsaro ZZ, Milano dan Super Scrambler dengan kesemuanya dikuasakan enjin V-Twin 1,200cc.

Bagaimanapun, model yang paling mencuri tumpuan adalah X-Cape 650 yang telah pun didedahkan kepada umum di EICMA pada November tahun lalu.

Berdasarkan kenyataan MForce yang dikeluarkan hari ini, X-Cape 650 akan turut masuk pasaran tempatan sekitar suku kedua 2022 yang sekaligus bakal menarik perhatian peminat ADV di Malaysia.

Moto Morini X-Cape 650 didatangkan dengan gabungan tayar 19″ depan dan 17″ belakang dan dipadankan bersama fork Marzocchi 50mm boleh laras depan dan penyerap hentakan belakang KYB. Sementara sistem membrek pula hadir dengan brek kaliper Brembo dengan sokongan ABS.

Ketinggian tempat duduk diletakkan pada 845mm bagi menjaminkan tunggangan selesa atas jalan raya dan off-road.

Antara ciri menarik lain:

  • Tangki 18L
  • paparan skrin TFT 7-inci
  • kerangka steel trellis dengan swingarm aluminium

X-Cape 650 ini dikuasakan enjin parallel-twin 649cc yang berupaya menghasilkan 60hp pada 8,250rpm dan 56Nm pada 7,000rpm.

Pemilihan MForce sebagai rakan pengedar Moto Morini di Malaysia dijangka bakal mengukuhkan kedudukan sebagai pengedar terkemuka di Malaysia.

Menurut Ketua Pegawai Operasi (COO) MForce, Asri Ahmad, MForce telah pun mencatatkan peningkatan jualan lebih 25 peratus bagi tahun 2021 berbanding tahun 2020.

Italian motorcycle brand Moto Morini has unveiled the X-Cape 650 at the 2021 Beijing Motor Show.

Design in Italy and build in China after a change of ownership to Zhongneng Vehicle Group in 2018, the X-Cape 650 are expected to be available as early as 2022.

This is not the first time the X-Cape 650 make its appearance as it was first unveiled at the 2019 EICMA before the company decided to keep it under wraps for a few more years.

Nonetheless, the X-Cape 650 retains most of the design features displayed in 2019, including a dual-lens LED headlight and 7″ TFT screen with Bluetooth connectivity.

Despite manufactured in China, the X-Cape 650 offers some of the best features, including Marzocchi front forks and adjustable KYB rear shocks and Brembo callipers paired to a Bosch dual-channel ABS.

The motorcycle also comes with 19″ front and 17″ rear tires.

As for the engine, the X-Cape 650 is powered by a twin-cylinder 649cc water-cooled powerplant capable of producing 60hp @ 8,500rpm and 56Nm @ 7,000rpm.

According to reports, Moto Morini plans to introduce a few more models in the upcoming months.

  • The Cagiva company has had a long and storied history.

  • They even owned the Ducati and Husqvarna brands before.

  • Where are they now?

Cagiva. A name as hallowed in motorcycling as is storied. The brand’s history had so plot changes that it’ll turn viewers’ brains inside out if it was made into a movie.

They were even owned by our Malaysian automaker Proton at one time. Hey, wait a minute there! Wasn’t that MV Agusta? Yes, it was MV Agusta but it was also Cagiva. We can see question marks popping up everywhere around your heads now.

And where is Cagiva now?

Okay, okay, we’ll spare you the torture, and here we go (along with a pot of industrial-strength coffee).

The name “Cagiva” was actually derived from the founder’s name and the location of the factory: CAstiglioni GIovanni from VArese, Italy. It’s a norm among Italian companies and certainly among automotive companies there. For example, the later Bimota was an amalgam of BIanchi, MOrri and TAmburini.

Anyway, the company began in 1950 as a producer of small metal components.

The company was purchased by the sons of Giovanni in 1978 and they began producing motorcycles when they purchased the AMF-Harley-Davidson/Aermacchi factory, also in Varese. Thus the eight 125cc to 350cc two-stroke bikes were rebadged as Cagivas. Sales hit 40,000 units in 1979.

Cagiva SST 250

By 1983, they began using 350cc and 1000cc four-stroke Ducati engines. 

Cagiva became one of the strongest companies at the time, which saw then grow to a conglomerate, like how KTM is today (which is probably like the Microsoft in motorcycling).

You see, Italy produced and still produces the most beautiful motorcycles that usually did well in racing, but the manufacturers inadvertently got mired in financial troubles, and ended up either bought out or folded up. Not so with Cagiva.

Within seven years of producing motorcycles, they bought the Ducati brand in 1985. The company decided that Cagiva and Ducati motorcycles were produced side-by-side since the latter’s name is more well-known outside of Italy.

The Group also purchased Moto Morini in 1985, followed by Husqvarna in 1987 and trademarks to MV Agusta in 1991.

The 1980’s was a heady time for the manufacturer.

They had produced dirt bikes and there began a massive campaign in North America to promote them. Their bikes were powerful and featured a number of innovations ahead of their time. Most notable among them were forks that was for preload in one leg while another controlled the damping. It’s only now we see “separate function forks” being popularised.

Armed with those weapons, Pekka Vehkonen and David Strijbos won the World MX 125cc titles back-to-back in 1985 and 1986. The company also secured the 125cc contractor’s title in 1987.

Cagiva 125 WMX

It was during this time that the factory made their forays into 500cc Grand Prix racing, employing Randy Mamola from 1988 to 1990. He achieved one podium finish. Eddie Lawson joined in 1991 and won the 1992 Hungarian GP. John Kocinski was the last addition in 1992, and rode the ever beautiful C594 to third overall in 1994.

Massimo Tamburini

It was also in 1985 that the most important motorcycle designer joined the Cagiva Group. His name was Massimo Tamburini.

Tamburini was one of the founders of Bimota. As with most designers in Italy, they are also engineers. But Tamburini was a hands-on guy as well, often welding the frames he developed at Bimota.

Tamburini welding a frame

He wasted no time and produced the Ducati Paso 750 in 1986. It may look ungainly (some likened it to a pregnant whale) with its fully-enclosing bodywork, but it went on to inspire other bikes which cemented Ducati’s name: The 851 and 888 superbikes, plus the 900 SuperSport/SS road bike.

1989 Ducati 750 Passo

The company set up the Cagiva Research Centre (CRC) in 1987, which Tamburini headed. This was why period Ducatis had CRC badges. There were also other well-known designers at CRC including Pierre Terblanche and Miguel Angel Galluzzi who joined in 1989.

1989 saw the birth of the first Mito. This zippy 125cc sportbike became the favourite of teens everywhere including one young Valentino Rossi. The model went through a number of iterations and became the main challenger to the Aprilia 125 Futura and then the RS125, albeit not on the tracks.

1989 Cagiva Mito 125

Cagiva kept a strong presence in the offload racing scene, contesting in the Paris-Dakar Rally. They were rewarded with a win by Edi Orioli on the Cagiva Elefant in 1990. The pairing would repeat the feat in 1994. The Elefant used a Ducati 90cc air-cooled V-Twin shared with the 900SS.

Cagiva Elefant 900ie

But the real domination period began when…… drum roll, please…. Ta-da! the Ducati 916 was unveiled in 1993 (for MY1994). The entire world went ga-ga, bananas and everything else in between! One journalist wrote that people only remembered the 916 in 1993/94 but couldn’t recall what else came out that year . The 916 would spawn the 748 a year later.

Ducati 916

While the 851 gave Ducati their first World Superbike title and was followed with two more by the 888, the 916 hit the tracks and dominated in the hands of a tempestuous and now-legendary rider, Carl Fogarty.

At the same time, Galluzzi designed the M900 which the factory’s test riders nickname “Il Monstro” (The Monster) due to its hooligan-inducing behaviour. It was thus known as the Ducati Monster henceforth.

But it seems that history has a knack for irony. While Ducati was kicking butts and taking names on the racetrack with the 916 and its later derivatives, they soon found themselves in financial trouble.

Sure, everyone had wanted a 916 but it was too expensive, hence the job of saving Ducati’s name fell to the Monster.

But it still wasn’t enough and soon, equity fund manager Texas Pacific Group Capital (TPG) bought 51% of Ducati’s shares from Cagiva.

While the 916 continued its form on the racetracks, Cagiva began to focus more on the MV Agusta brand. Cagiva finally sold the remainder of Ducati’s shares to TPG in 1996 and concentrated on MV Agusta. They also offloaded Moto Morini.

And in 1999, they released the show-stopping MV Agusta F4 Serie Oro (Gold Series), designed by none other than Massimo Tamburini.

1999 MV Agusta F4 Serie Oro

Since then, only the MV Agusta name was often used and the company itself went through many acquisitions, reselling and reacquisitions.

First, it was purchased by PETRONAS/Proton in 2004. But just a year later, Proton decided to let the brand go. Proton Chairman at the time Datuk Mohammed Azlan Hashim said that keeping MV Agusta would bankrupt the Proton. The company was sold it to the investment group GEVI for a token € 1.00 (excluding accumulated debts).

GEVI restructured the company and sold Husqvarna to BMW.

Harley-Davidson bought MV Agusta from GEVI in 2008 before being bought back in 2009 by Claudio Castiglioni.

But the Cagiva name lived on, contrary to popular belief, in the Mito which went on to the final model in 2012.

Fast forward to 2014, Mercedes-Benz purchased a 25% stake in the brand and marketed the bikes under the AMG banner, no doubt as to rival Ducati who are now owned by Lamborghini under Audi AG, which is itself under the VW Group.

But by 2016, the company was again in trouble which included a € 40 million debt while Mercedes absolutely refused to inject more capital into the venture. As such, Giovanni Castiglioni decided to buy back the shares but could not obtain the funds. The production line had stopped and there was no spare part for their customers. In view of this, the company filed for a temporary order to protect itself from creditors while attempting to look for investors.

Thankfully, the Black Ocean Group headed by Timur Sardarov (no “John Wick” jokes please, just sayin’) stepped in with the much-needed capital in 2016.

Since then, MV Agusta has grown from strength to strength and have just announced another round of investments recently. The company knows that only a select few could afford premium motorcycles hence tying up with the Loncin Motorcycle Company in China to produce bikes between 350cc to 500cc for the Asian market.

So there you go. While the Cagiva name is no more, MV Agusta is still Cagiva. And the other way around.


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