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In honour of the Italian Air Force’s 100th anniversary, Massimo Tamburini, has introduced the all-new Massimo Tamburini F43 Centenario. 

  • the all-exclusive Tamburini F43 Centenario is the first motorcycle from the Tamburini brand. 
  • the F43 Centenario will be auction off for a good cause. 

This exclusive bike, based on the MV Agusta F4, marks the debut of the Massimo Tamburini brand. While Massimo Tamburini himself passed away in 2014, his son, Andrea, carries on his father’s legacy by designing motorcycles and related accessories.

The F43 Centenario is an extremely limited-edition masterpiece, with only one unit ever being crafted to pay tribute to the Italian Air Force. Although specific details are scarce at the moment, the build incorporates an abundance of carbon fiber, showcasing the brand’s commitment to performance and innovation.

The Moto Club Massimo Tamburini intends to auction this singular F43 Centenario to support the Italian Association for Cancer Research (AIRC), an immensely worthy cause. Those interested in learning more about AIRC or providing support can find additional information and donation options on their website.

This unveiling comes just six months after the announcement of the Tamburini Corse F43 Tributo in December 2022. The Tributo featured five different variants, with Tamburini Corse producing only five units of each variant for public release.

Distinguishing the F43 Centenario from its predecessors is the accompanying helmet, which perfectly matches the bike’s design. Designed by Andrea Tamburini himself, the Arai RX-7V Evo helmet underwent meticulous hand-airbrushing to ensure a seamless aesthetic integration with the F43 Centenario.

As of now, Tamburini Corse’s website has yet to be updated with information regarding the F43 Centenario. However, their active social media channels contain numerous photos from the official unveiling held in mid-June 2023. 

For further inquiries about the bike and details regarding the upcoming auction, interested individuals can contact Tamburini Corse at 

Additionally, the limited-edition Arai RX-7V Evo helmet, available separately, can be purchased through Tamburini Corse using the provided email address for any inquiries or purchases.

  • Massimo Tamburini’s personal Ducati 916 prototype is on display in the Ducati Museum.

  • It is one of three which he developed into the production model.

  • The display commemorates the 25th anniversary of the model.

The late Massimo Tamburini richly derserves the title as the best motorcycle stylist. It was his work in producing the Ducati 916 which transformed how all bikes look these days.

Now one of his three prototype Ducati 916 is on display in the Ducati Museum at Borgo Panigale.

Tamburini took six years to develop the bike. The aerodynamics and chassis were all done through personal expertise and experience on the roads around Rimini, besides the Mugello and Misano circuits He never used the wind tunnel once. Tamburini was one of the founders and partners at Bimota and brought his speciality in designing the frame and chassis.

No one in the wildest dreams could probably think such a machine could dominate the World Superbike Series, given the way it was developed. And it was the 916 which secured Ducati’s name as a prestigious motorcycle manufacturer.

Sadly, Massimo Tamburini passed away in 2014 before the 25th anniversary of the Ducati 916. Ducati produced a limited run of the Panigale V4 25th Anniversario 916 to commemorate the historic model.

His legacy lives in this machine displayed in the museum. It’s of the 916 SP version which features the top-shelve components such as Brembo Gold Line brakes, Ohlins suspension, five-spoke magnesium wheels, carbon fibre Termignoni exhaust silencers, lightened single-side swingarm, etc. The bike has only a tachometer and water temperature gauge.

The RM4 million Tamburini T12 will finally make its public debut this week in Monaco.

Built as the ultimate track day superbike without following any regulations, this is the product of the late Massimo Tamburini.

The T12 is powered by a 999cc inline-four engine taken from the BMW S 1000 RR which has been tuned to produce 230hp.

Ever wanted a superbike that is built without following any rules or regulations for streets or racing? Want something that’s purely the essence of motorcycle performance? If money is not an issue for you, the Tamburini T12 might be of interest for you. (more…)


  • Bimota telah menghentikan pengeluarannya di Rimini.
  • Papan tandanya juga telah diturunkan dari fasiliti di Rimini.
  • Projek BB3 yang berasaskan dari BMW S 1000 RR juga telah dihentikan secara rasmi.


  • Bimota has shut the doors at Rimini.

  • The signage has also been removed from the Rimini facitlity.

  • The BMW S 1000 RR-based BB3 project has officially stopped.

Bimota Tesi 3D Naked

Bimota, the small Italian motorcycle maker of revolutionary motorcycles has shut it doors again, probably for good this time.

Bimota YB1

The company started in 1973, its name being the amalgam of the two last letters of the three owners’ last names: Valerio Bianchi, Giusepper Morri, Massimo Tamburini. Wait! Tamburini? The late-Tamburini who designed the Ducati 916 and MV Agusta F4?


The late-Tamburini with the MV Agusta F4 and Ducati 916

It was at Bimota that Tamburini sought to perfect the motorcycle, by delivering technical and styling excellence through hard work, often times with his own hands. He had cut, bent and welded chrome-moly steel tubing for the advanced frames. The same designs would later be seen at Ducati.

Tamburini welding a frame section

A fall-out with Giuseppe Morri forced him to quit unceremoniously, leaving Bimota bereft of the technical and design genius the company was famous for. Valerio Bianchi had already left by then. But karma seemed to reign as Morri was himself forced out a few years later.

Bimota DB5-R

The brand is currently owned by Daniele Longoni and Marco Chiancianesi, Italians who are residing and operating from Switzerland. However, rumours surfaced in as early as January this year that Longoni was buying time to sell off all stock and what remains of the stillborn BB3 project. Based on the BMW S 1000 RR, it was to be Bimota’s superbike to reclaim their prestige.

Bimota BB3

While some say Bimota isn’t closing much to anything, since the factory near Rimini has been empty for a while, the signage has also been ominously removed. The only hope left for this unorthodox motorcycle manufacturer is investors. But let’s hope these future fund managers truly understand what the Bimota stands for, otherwise the brand is forever doomed as a failed genius.


Inevitably, with the great Massimo Tamburini’s recent passing, some of his works has predictable risen in value with some heading under the gavel later this month in Bonhams auction house. (more…)


One of the most celebrated figures in the motorcycling industry, Massimo Tamburini, has passed away at the age of 70 due to lung cancer. (more…)


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