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PDRM (Royal Malaysia Police) is focusing on launching its latest big-scale operation that targets all sorts of modified bikes with specs that are deemed illegal. According to the police chief himself, Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Bador, this operation will look into high-powered motorcycles as well as mopeds within the 150cc range. (more…)

  • Another accident and death occurred due to loose clothing.

  • It claimed the life of a 10-year-old girl this time.

  • This isn’t the first time.

There’ve been many motorcycle accidents caused by loose clothing and another such incident took the life of a 10-year-old.

The accident took place in Kampung Gong Tanah Merah, Jertih, Terengganu yesterday.

According to the victim’s aunt, who was riding the motorcycle, her daughter’s rain suit had gotten stuck in the bike’s sprocket. It then tied around her throat and dragged her off the bike. She passed away on the spot.

Chief of Police for the Besut District, Superintendent Abdul Rozak Muhammad confirmed the accident and death. He said that the subsequent autopsy found that Tuan Nur Irdina Najwa Tuan Rosli had suffered mortal wounds to the throat.

She was spending her school vacation in her grandparents’ hometown.

This isn’t the first occurrence. Many media outlets and us have reported many times about the need to secure loose clothing while riding a motorcycle, for both the rider and pillion. Motorcycle occupants are faced with a chain final drive that’s open to the environment. The chain could act as a chainsaw, while the wheel and sprocket as pulleys.

Read: Child’s limb trapped due to loose clothes

Yet it seems that all the advice fell on deaf ears, just as countless advice on safe riding and proper techniques. Another frustrating was the victims’ family blaming fate (takdir) for the accidents, when it was their negligence and could’ve been fully avoidable. What? Is god responsible now?

Is every motorcycle supposed to be fitted with an enclosed chainguard like the Honda EX5?

Stop wearing jackets front to back and secure those loose clothing today. Also, bear tie-downs and soft luggage in mind.

Source: Berita Harian

  • Grab is hiring motorcycle e-hailing riders.

  • The GrabBike pilot programme will last for six months from January 2020.

  • Interested riders need to sign up by 2nd December 2019.

Grab is hiring motorcycle e-hailing riders in view of the Ministry of Transport’s decision to greenlight the service for a pilot programme.

As we published earlier, the programme will run for six months beginning January 2020. It will be carried out in the Klang Valley only in order for the ministry and e-hailing operators to collect data.

Interested riders can sign up by 2nd December 2019. Successful applicants will be notified within 5 working days or by 9th December.

Conditions to fulfill include: The motorcycle must not be more than five years old; the rider has a valid motorcycle license; he or she above 18 years old; and no outstanding summonses with the police or Road Transport Department (JPJ).

GrabBike drive-partners are also expected to deliver food (except for cake and pizza). As such, they will each be provided with a smaller food delivery bag and special training. Also, riders are not allowed to turn off requests for ferrying passengers, although they can do so for food deliveries.

In terms of renumeration, the operator will charge a 20% commission for their cash wallet.

GrabBike also says that for the first month only, riders in the Klang Valley will receive special incentives, a riding jacket and helmet for the pillion.

Please click on the link below if you are interested:



  • A mechanic had his right hand chopped off for his refusal to upgrade a motorcycle.

  • He also suffered a multitude of other injuries.

  • His wife was also injured in the attack when he stopped the suspects from attacking their children.

A mechanic in Changlun, Kedah had his right hand chopped off when he refused to upgrade a motorcycle.

The 36-year-old Thai national from Patani almost lost his left hand too, after being attacked by four masked men. He also suffered severe chopping wounds to his head, neck, waist and left ankle. Unfortunately, the severed limb could not be located and was believed to have been brought along by the suspects.

His 33-year-old wife also suffered injuries to her left hand when she stepped in to protect her sons aged eight and thirteen from being attacked. Thankfully, both children escaped unhurt by hiding in a rubber plantation with their mother.

District Police Chief, Superintendent Mohd. Ismail Ibrahim said that three of the four masked suspects broke into the mechanic’s house and attacked the occupants with machetes (parang).

The incident was believed to have been triggered by the mechanic’s refusal to modify one of the suspect’s motorcycle for illegal racing. The suspect had visited the house a number of times previously.

The victim is stable condition although he is still weak and treated at the Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital in Alor Setar.

Royal Malaysian Police have picked up one of the suspects and are hunting for his other three conspirators.

Source: Utusan Online

  • The Johor Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) raided a distribution company for attempting to sell fake engine oil.

  • A total of 4,524 bottles were confiscated.

  • The company touted the fake product at RM 10 cheaper than market prices.

A distribution company in Kawasan Perindustrian Selatan, in Senai Johor was raided by the Johor state’s Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna – KPDNHEP) for attempting to sell 4,524 bottles of fake engine oil worth RM 45,692.20, yesterday.

The department’s chief of enforcement, Zubir Hamsa said that the success of the raid was due to the department’s intelligence efforts following the tip off by the brand owner.

Six workers and the company’s proprietor were present during the raid.

The operation netted the aforementioned number of 1-litre bottles in 377 crates. The department also discovered that the company was attempting to distribute the fake lubricants at RM 10 cheaper than the market price. The stock has not been distributed to retailers.

According to the KPHNHEP, the packaging of the bogus products looked very similar to the genuine items. They added that only the brand owner and KPNHEP can spot the difference(s).

All items were confiscated under Section 8(2)(c) of the Trade Description Act 2011.

In our opinion, low lives who sell fake motorcycle items should be incarcerated for life, since it involves the safety of motorcyclists.

Source: Kosmo! Online

  • A new black colour option is added to the 2019 Honda CRF250 Rally.

  • The CRF250 Rally is a dual-sport motorcycle, compared to the CRF250L.

  • Both colour options are priced from RM 26,999.00 (basic selling price without insurance, registration and road tax).

There is an additional colour for the 2019 Honda CRF250 Rally. The new black colour is for riders who want something low-key yet neat in appearance, over the usual Extreme Red offering.

We’ve tested and came to like the Honda CRF250 Rally. Its great looks were borrowed heavily from Honda’s CRF450 Rally bike which is the basis for the manufacturer’s Dakar Rally effort. While the engine and chassis are shared with the CRF250L trail bike, the CRF250 Rally trumps in having a windscreen and larger bodywork. Thus, the Rally is a dual-sport motorcycle which allows the rider to seek adventures off the tarmac path.

Being a lightweight machine also means that the CRF250 Rally is easy to handle when situations turn tough. But the rider can rest assured of surviving those situations due to its Honda’s high build quality and reliability.

Three CRF250 Rally and the five CRF250L were entered in the punishing Rimba Raid Rally at Mat Daling in 2018. Two CRF250L occupied the first two spots on the podium, another in fourth and a CRF250 Rally rounded out the Top 5. The rest finished the race, too.

The CRF250 Rally is equipped with ABS on both ends, asymmetrical LED headlamps, fully-digital LCD clock, floating windscreen, Showa upside-down forks and 10.1 litre fuel tank.

Both Extreme Red and Black options are priced from RM 26,999.00 (basic selling price without insurance, registration and road tax).

Sumber imej: Detik News


  • Seorang lelaki warga Indonesia telah menyeksa dan mengheret seekor kucing di belakang motosikal yang ditunggangnya.
  • Seorang pemilik kucing telah berjaya merakamkan video aksi tersebut.
  • Polis kemudiannya telah berjaya menangkap lelaki terbabit dan dia telah memberitahu bahawa dia terdengar suara yang menyuruhnya membunuh kucing berkenaan.


  • An Indonesian man tortured and dragged a cat behind a motorcycle.

  • The cat’s owner caught the act on video.

  • Police caught him later and he told them that he heard voices to kill the cat.

An Indonesian man was arrested for dragging a cat behind his motorcycle. He claims to have “head voices” telling him to torture the cat because it was evil.

Diefie Hafiez Maufalia was looking for her ginger-coloured cat, Mio, when she saw the horrific scene involving a familiar-looking cat. She was outraged at the act but was afraid to reprimand the man for fear of his reactions. So she whipped out her phone and shot the video of him dragging the cat behind his motorcycle.

“The passenger was the one who pulled the cat, but I wasn’t sure if the cat was still alive or not,” Diefie told Detik News (Indonesian media).

Ms Didie – Photo credit Detik News

The 15-second video went viral and the police hunted down the perpetrator based on the motorcycle’s number plate.

They revealed an even more disturbing find after questioning.

The man had beaten the cat until it stopped moving before tying a rope around the poor animal’s neck and dragged him behind his accomplice’s motorcycle. He also claimed that he
“heard voices” telling him to carry out the macabre act.

Police sent him to the hospital afterwards to check on his mental state after he kept chaning his story during questioning.

Diefie said Mio has yet returned home.

  • An Associate Professor told Bernama that 4 out of 10 Malaysians use the phone while driving.

  • A 5 to 10 second distraction equals 160 metres on the road.

  • As motorcyclists we must always mitigate our risks and look out for signs of impending danger.

1 out of 4 Malaysians are using their smartphones while driving – as if many other things distracting them inside a car isn’t enough.

University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia Highway Engineering expert, Associate Professor Mohd. Ezree Abdullah told this when contacted by Bernama.

A driver distracted for 5 to 10 seconds at normal highway speeds is equivalent to turning the car into a runaway vehicle for 160 metres. How far is 160 metres? It’s the distance from the pedestrian crossing outside Suria KLCC and Avenue K to the Jalan Ampang-Jalan P. Ramlee intersection.

Voice calls isn’t the only distraction. There are so many apps to distract drivers such as Waze/GPS, Whatsapp/WeChat, SMS, Facebook and games. Yes, we’ve spotted drivers playing games on their smartphones while driving!

Drivers are think that they are paying attention as long as their eyes are on the road. But how many times have drivers “zoned out” even when they are just driving along?

Remember that a car driver may be distracted by other occupants, his favourite song on the radio, blindspots, an itch in the crotch… etc. etc. etc.

This article is not about blaming car drivers (there are motorcyclists talking on the phone while riding, too!). Instead, we wish to highlight that we should always trust our judgment when we ride and not leave our fates to other road users. We should always mitigate the risks around us by paying attention to “signs” of impending danger, such as the driver ahead is about to stop or switch lanes suddenly.

As such, adhere to traffic laws at all times, including not charging away from the red light!

Red light accident. Notice the red traffic light in front of the motorcycle – Credit Sinji Ng and Malay Mail Online

  • Team Suzuki Ecstar telah melancarkan jentera Suzuki GSX-RR 2019 bagi MotoGP musim 2019.
  • Para penunggangnya adalah veteran pasukan Suzuki selama tiga tahun, Alex Rins dan penunggang rookie, Joan Mir.
  • Motosikal GSX-RR 2019 telah dipertingkatkan dalam beberapa buah bahagian utama tanpa menjadkannya sebuah jentera serba baharu.


  • Team Suzuki Ecstar has launched the 2019 Suzuki GSX-RR for the MotoGP 2019 season.

  • The riders are three-year Suzuki veteran Alex Rins and rookie Joan Mir.

  • The 2019 GSX-RR is improved in a number of key areas without being completely new.

Team Suzuki Ecstar has launched the 2019 Suzuki GSX-RR for the MotoGP 2019 season.

Unlike other teams, Suzuki chose to unveil their bikes through a video on YouTube, instead of a “live” launch event. The team unveiled their all-Spanish rider line-up last season. Three-year factory veteran Alex Rins is joined by newcomer Joan Mir. The latter replaces Andrea Iannone who left for Aprilia. Sylvain Guintoli continues his role as test rider for Suzuki.

Alex Rins #42

Alex Rins finished in second place in the last three rounds of 2018 and hopes to move up to the front step in 2019. Suzuki last won a race with Maverik Vinalez in 2016.

“After the last test in November I left clear feedback for the engineers to work on, as far as I know the improvements we will try in Sepang will not be drastic but many small improvements in many areas, which is totally the Suzuki philosophy. We know what we were missing on the bike, so I believe the R&D in Japan will deliver a package which will help us to improve further,” said Rins.

Joan Mir #36

Joan Mir made his first Moto3 appearance in 2015 to replace the injured Hiroki Ono. He crashed out after making contact with John McPhee. Mir came back as a full rider in 2016 and finished 5thoverall. In 2017, he dominated the series with 10 wins and a 91 point advantage over his closest rival. Pundits felt that he could be the next Valentino Rossi or Marc Marquez.

He moved to the EG 0,0 Marc VDS team in Moto2 in 2018 where he captured 4 podiums and finished the season in 6th.

“Of course I still need many more hours on the bike, there are so many things I still need to understand to be even more effective, but I feel very supported by the team and I will rely on their wealth of experience to improve, and also to contribute my own improvements to my bike,” he said.

2019 Suzuki GSX-RR

The 2019 bike follows the basic shape of the 2018 model with some visible but small modifications.

2019 Suzuki GSX-RR
  • Fatter tail section.
  • Different front brake calipers.
  • New wheels.
  • The front suspension also appears to be different.
  • The footpegs are placed higher.
  • New graphics with bolder yellow and gray stripes on the upper fairing, extending to the fuel tank.
  • The news bikes are shown in their “raw” form before being modified later to each rider’s individual preference.
2018 Suzuki GSX-RR

Those are differences we could see, but the team’s Technical Manager Ken Kawauchi said that the factory has developed a new engine, chassis, besides improvements in the electronics and fairing. He also added that Suzuki’s approach to the MotoGP project is by taking step-by-step improvements rather than redesigning something completely new all the time.

That last statement proves how important it is for the riders to start off their new season with something familiar yet improved, instead of riding something which completely alien to them. It helps the rider to familiarize himself to the bike quicker and hopefully translate to great results from the beginning.

All pictures from Suzuki and MotoGP

  • Model Yamaha YZF-R15 adalah sebuah motosikal lumba ringan.
  • Kelebihannya adalah pada kelajuan menyelekohnya dan kelincahannya.
  • Unit yang kami uji telah mengagumkan kami dengan kelajuan tertingginya.



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