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  • Another accident and death occurred due to loose clothing.

  • It claimed the life of a 10-year-old girl this time.

  • This isn’t the first time.

There’ve been many motorcycle accidents caused by loose clothing and another such incident took the life of a 10-year-old.

The accident took place in Kampung Gong Tanah Merah, Jertih, Terengganu yesterday.

According to the victim’s aunt, who was riding the motorcycle, her daughter’s rain suit had gotten stuck in the bike’s sprocket. It then tied around her throat and dragged her off the bike. She passed away on the spot.

Chief of Police for the Besut District, Superintendent Abdul Rozak Muhammad confirmed the accident and death. He said that the subsequent autopsy found that Tuan Nur Irdina Najwa Tuan Rosli had suffered mortal wounds to the throat.

She was spending her school vacation in her grandparents’ hometown.

This isn’t the first occurrence. Many media outlets and us have reported many times about the need to secure loose clothing while riding a motorcycle, for both the rider and pillion. Motorcycle occupants are faced with a chain final drive that’s open to the environment. The chain could act as a chainsaw, while the wheel and sprocket as pulleys.

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Yet it seems that all the advice fell on deaf ears, just as countless advice on safe riding and proper techniques. Another frustrating was the victims’ family blaming fate (takdir) for the accidents, when it was their negligence and could’ve been fully avoidable. What? Is god responsible now?

Is every motorcycle supposed to be fitted with an enclosed chainguard like the Honda EX5?

Stop wearing jackets front to back and secure those loose clothing today. Also, bear tie-downs and soft luggage in mind.

Source: Berita Harian

  • Another motorcyclist suffered a horrendous fate due to loose clothing.

  • A nurse wore her jacket backwards and it was tangled in the rear wheel.

  • She was saved by passersby who untangled her neck and administered CPR.

Despite countless accidents, there are still motorcyclists who choose to wear clothing too lose, or especially in this case, ride with the reversed jacket (turned backward).

We know, riding in this weather can get hot and wearing the jacket backwards with the zipper open allows for some cool air flow.

But stop and think about your actions as what happened here.

Caught in by the dashcam in a following car, the rider suddenly skidded out and hit the road.

But it was more serious than that. The nurse’s backward jacket was pulled into the bike’s rear wheel, which then wrapped around her throat and yanked her head downwards to the ground.

Passersby who stopped to help found her unconscious as the jacket was choking her. They worked furiously to untangle the jacket and performed CPR while waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

She is currently recovering.

In January this year, child had his wedged between the rear wheel and shock absorber when his loose jacket was picked up by the wheel. That was just six months after the country was shocked in June 2018 when a 5-year-old lost her arm. Another occurrence in July saw a 7-year-old who lost her leg . Go back a little further and you’ll find a 35-year-old man and his 65-year-old father crashed the motorcycle they were riding on. The former passed away.

These were all cases of loss of limb and life due to loose clothing.

Please stop wearing your jacket backwards and take extra precautions when you or your pillion is wearing loose clothing.

Sumber imej: Harian Metro
  • Tangan seorang kanak-kanak telah terperangkap pada roda belakang motosikal.
  • Jaketnya yang longgar itu telah terperosok memasuki roda belakang motosikal yang diboncengnya.
  • Ini adalah salah satu dari pelbagai kemalangan motosikal yang disebabkan oleh pakaian yang longgar.


  • A child’s limb was trapped at a motorcycle’s back wheel of a motorcycle.

  • His loose jacket was caught by the motorcycle’s rear wheel.

  • This was one of many motorcycle accidents resulting from loose clothing.

The nation was shocked by in June 2018 when a 5-year-old lost her arm. Another case followed in July when a 7-year-old girl lost her leg when I got stuck in the rear wheel of a motorcycle.

Yet another child had his limb stuck in similar fashion just hours ago in Bandar Sunway.

The boy was riding pillion on a motorcycle when the jacket he was wearing was entangled in the rear wheel. The force pulled him off the motorcycle, and his left arm into the space between the shock absorber and the wheel. Eyewitnesses reported that his jacket was too large, hence too loose for the boy.

Onlookers hurried to assist the stricken boy and managed to free him arm. He did not suffer further injuries, thankfully.

There have been many motorcycle accidents involving loose clothing of late. In September 2018, a 35-year-old man and his 69-year-old fell off their motorcycle when the pillion’s loose jacket was caught in the sprocket of their motorcycle. The former died on the spot due to head injuries.

Another child broke his arm in April 2017 when riding pillion with his mother.

Please ensure that your clothing is not too loose and securely fastened before your ride. The rider should always check if his passenger’s wearing proper safety gear and that they are secured.

Source: Harian Metro


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