KTM 1050 Adventure

Gambar intipan KTM 1090 Adventure – Sumber imej: MCN
  • KTM sedang dalam pengemaskinian dan pengenalan model-model terbaru dalam kebanyakan rangkaian motosikal mereka.
  • Terbaru yang akan dikemaskini adalah model 1050/1090 Adventure.
  • Motosikal baharu itu mungkin sekali bakal dipertingkatkan dengan 1150cc selain daripada pelbagai kemaskini teknologi yang lain.


  • KTM is updating and introducing new models to most of their line-up.

  • Next on the list being updated is the 1050/1090 Adventure.

  • The new bike may get a boost to 1150cc besides other technological updates.

When KTM released the 1050 Adventure, it was intended to introduce newcomers to KTM’s world of adventure motorcycles. The biggest complained however was “not powerful” enough as it made “only” 95 bhp. KTM responded by offering the 1090 Adventure which produced 123 bhp.

KTM 1050 Adventure Travel Pack – Ready to Travel

However, the 1090 Adventure is essentially a tuned-up 1050 Adventure as they both share the same capacity. Besides that, the 1050/1090 design is getting a little long in the tooth. Factor in the upcoming 790 Adventure and you have a bike (the 1050/1090) that seems redundant, if not obsolete.

Lastly, KTM does not have a model which bridges the gap between the 1050/1090 Adventure and 1290 Super Adventure models.

KTM 1290 Super Adventure S Super Deal

With all this in mind, it is of no surprise that the Austrian behemoth seem to be testing a 1150cc-engined 1090 Adventure, reported MCN.

Sources close to MCN also reported that the upcoming bike should very well receive new electronic features to bring it up-to-date such as TFT display, lean-sensitive traction control and Cornering ABS, and perhaps a quick shifter.

KTM 1090 spy shot – Courtesy of MCN

The increase in capacity will equal an increase in power, naturally. It is speculated that it will be in the 130 bhp range or thereabouts.

Also, judging from the spy photograph, the new 1090 Adventure may also receive a fresh look similar to the 1290 Super Adventure for family resemblance.

The new bike should appear in 2019 for the 2020 model year, again, in time for the new Euro 5 emissions standard.


  • KTM Malaysia kini menawarkan pakej KTM 1050 Adventure Travel Pack.
  • Motosikal KTM 1050 Adventure adalah sebuah motosikal sport-/ adventure-tourer.
  • Pembeli KTM 1050 Adventure Travel Pack yang baru akan menerima pelbagai kelengkapan mengembara.


KTM Malaysia is offering the KTM 1050 Adventure Travel Pack package.

The KTM 1050 Adventure is a natural sport-/adventure-tourer.

New KTM 1050 Adventure Travel Pack buyers will receive a host of touring items.

The KTM 1050 Adventure is recognized as the manufacturer’s essential model in introducing its world of large capacity adventure models. Hence, the KTM 1050 Adventure features the lowest seat height along with the lightest weight among KTM’s adventure family. However, the KTM 1050 Adventure is no slouch, with its READY TO RACE DNA. (more…)

Inside sources at KTM Malaysia have confirmed several major plans including introduction of the KTM 1290 Super Duke GT and more.


Adventure bikes are the darlings for motorcycle makers. So popular and lucrative is this segment that motorcycle makers are building Adventure bikes of all engine capacities and sizes for every type of rider – newbies and world conquerors.

And so comes the question of which does it best – and this is probably the most important question. Further up the price segment and engine capacity are the bikes that pretty much define the segment, bikes like the ever-popular BMW GS, the Triumph Tiger, Yamaha Super Tenere and this among others, the KTM Adventure.


Which of these bikes is best is a topic best left to internet forums and explosive Facebook debates, but trust that the KTM 1050 Adventure will be part of any fiery conversation. It’s predecessor, the painfully underrated 990 SMT was a legend the moment it was introduced. Lightweight with stupendous power delivery, a comfortable sitting position together with ease of maintenance, the SMT was a bike of dreams.


Though not widely available in Malaysia, it’s reputation preceded it. The 1050 Adventure improves on all that and takes it further with a handsome yet usable package.

Having spent a week with it, riding it all the way to Langkawi Island and back, spending about 1200 kilometers with it, I will tell you that this is one brilliant motorcycle. The perfect all-rounder. Narrow enough to squeeze through traffic, wide enough for good handling, and all that Jazz.


So what did I love most about it? The looks for one, there is no denying that the 1050 Adventure is a handsome bike, and that orange/black combination is a gorgeous combination. The front daytime running lights (DRL) look a little dated with individual LED bulbs, but let’s consider the fact this bike was introduced back in 2014.


Then came the sitting position, spot on for a six-foot tall rider, and comfortable too. There is a taller seat option but that is a chargeable aftermarket item. The seat is narrow at the front which makes it easier to grip the tank and reach the road when coming to a stand still, and is wide at the rear to cusp your buttock in place when you need to crunch some miles. Talking about comfort, the windshield has a 25mm range of height adjustability, but I wish it was 28mm though because there was still turbulent air at the top of helmet, creating an uncomfortable and noisy air vortex.


The fuel economy is seriously impressive as well. Riding between 90 – 140km/h, average fuel consumption was rated at 20 kilometers per liter. Believe it or not, I also saw an impressive 28 kilometers per liter but that was when traffic was at a crawl. Either way, fuel consumption is impressive.


The controls around the cockpit are large and clearly marked out, making it easy to manage the switches and buttons. The digital instrument panel is large and easy to read on the move; it doesn’t try to throw too much information at you at the same time, but it would rather you scroll through the menus with large fonts making it easy to read while moving.


There is also a bunch of electronic safety nets as well. Traction Control is standard and disengageable. There are three riding modes to chose from – Street, Sport and Rain – which limit power and electronic interference. And selecting between the modes is easy, just flip through the modes, chose the one you want, close the throttle for a second and the mode is changed. Easy.


Besides the easily adjustable rear shock (see above), there is also a dual-channel anti-locking braking system supplied by Bosch. It applies to both front and rear wheels though there is an optional off-road mode that allows you to deactivate the rear ABS for when you want more wheel slip.


Though friendly even for novice riders, the 1050 Adventure does not skimp on power – it offers 95 horsepower and 107Nm of torque out of its 1050cc V-twin engine. 90Nm of torque is available from as low as 2500rpm, which is handy on the highways and when you want to get out of a difficult situation – just squeeze and you’re gone. Some media outlets say that power could be better, but never once did I feel starved of power throughout the ride.


So on a serious note, when it comes to Adventure bikes, it rarely gets better than the KTM 1050 Adventure. Priced at RM68,888, the 1050 Adventure is a seriously good deal. Sure there are others like the BMW F800 GS which is cheaper at RM61,900 and the triple cylinder Triumph Tiger Sport priced at RM76,900. Against the BMW, the KTM outshines it with a bigger engine and more power. Against the Triumph, well that just asks for a head-to-head shootout.


But when it comes to Adventure bikes, my heart has been won by those who build bikes to take on the grueling Dakar rally. They should know how to build lasting bikes worthy of being called an Adventure bike. Don’t believe me? Take the 1050 Adventure out for a ride at the official KTM showroom in Kota Damansara and marvel at how light it is, how much torque is on offer and best of all, all the good things you get at a cheap price.

KTM 1050 Adventure – Specifications

ENGINE 1,050cc liquid-cooled twin-spark

DOHC 75-degree V-twin with

Electronic fuel injection

POWER 95HP @ 6,200RPM
TORQUE 107NM @ 5,750RPM
TRANSMISSION 6-speed, chain drive with PASC

hydraulically operated slipper clutch

CHASSIS Chromium-Molybdenum steel trellis frame

with aluminium subframe

WEIGHT 212kg (dry)

WP 43mm inverted forks


WP monoshock with pre-load adjustability


2x 320mm disc with

Brembo four-piston calipers


1x 267mm disc with

Brembo two-piston caliper

ELECTRONICS Ride-By-Wire with three riding modes

(Sport, Street, Rain)

Traction Control

Bosch 9M+ two-channel ABS


PRICE RM68,888 (Without GST, road tax, etc)
WARRANTY 2-year unlimited mileage
FROM KTM Malaysia (distributor)


KTM Malaysia successfully hosts 111 bikes in annual group ride into Thailand.


KTM 1050 Adventure

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