Kenan Sofuoglu

Kenan Sofuoglu took the term ‘start them young’ to a whole different level as the ex-MotoGP and WorldSBK rider recently let his three-year-old son, Zayn Sofuoglu, take the Honda Gold Wing for a spin!

  • The Honda Gold Wing is a 1800cc motorcycle that weighs more than 300kg. 
  • The Gold Wing featured in the video is equipped with Honda’s DCT transmission. 

Before we show you the video, it’s probably wise to remind you not to let your kids take on a bike as massive and heavy as the Gold Wing, especially if he’s been around for only 1,095 days. 

In the video posted on Sofuoglu’s son’s Instagram account, we can see his kid approaching the Gold Wing, which is evidently taller and way bigger than him. 

Zayn continues to fire up the bike as if he is not bothered by the bike’s size before taking it for a spin under the watchful eyes of his dad.

A quick scan through Zayn’s social media accounts shows that he’s ridden several motorcycles, including the Yamaha TMAX, Italjet’s Dragster and a Honda Ruckus.

So for someone who was born in April 2019, it’s a surprise that a kid at that age can ride a full-size motorcycle.

However, perhaps the video somehow proves how easy it is to ride a Gold Wing, even for a kid who can’t even reach the footpegs to ride it.

But then again, we wouldn’t advise you to try this with your kids. 

Dua bintang Superbike Dunia Turki, Kenan Sofuoglu and Toprak Razgatlioglu, berlumba merentasi jambatan gantung terpanjang di dunia, Canakkale 1915 di Turki dalam satu video penuh aksi.

Sama seperti lawatan ‘persaingan’ terakhir Sofuoglu ke jambatan itu, juara Supersport Dunia lima kali itu menaiki dua roda, menunggang Kawasaki H2R yang untuk litar sahaja dalam perlumbaan itu, manakala anak didik mudanya Razgatlioglu menaiki empat roda dengan Ferrari SF90 berkuasa 1,000hp.

Perlumbaan berlangsung di bahagian lurus 2,000 meter pada jambatan gantung sepanjang 4,600 meter itu. Dan walaupun itu menjadikannya kelihatan seperti tugas yang agak mudah, seperti yang anda akan lihat daripada video di bawah, menjinakkan Kawasaki H2R dan kesemua 310hpnya terbukti sebagai cabaran terbesar.

Selepas apa yang kelihatan seperti permulaan yang agak mantap dari Sofuoglu pada Kawasaki, ace Turki itu menghidupkan pendikit dan dilihat bekerja keras untuk mengekalkan bahagian hadapan ke bawah dan motosikal terkawal. Selepas sedikit kesukaran, casis dan enjin akhirnya melemparkan Sofuoglu melepasi mesin £500,000, 1,000hp itu.

Here’s Kenan Sofuoglu and Toprak Razgatlioglu racing each other across the Canakkale 1915 bridge.


Five-time WorldSSP champion, Kenan Sofuogly, claims that Deniz Oncu two Moto3 race bans by FIM an unfair treatment for the young Turkish rider.

Sofuogly is currently focusing his career on developing young Turkish talent after ending his successful career in 2018.

Among those talents is current WorldSBK title contender Toprak Razgatlioglu and the Oncu brothers Deniz and Can.

However, Deniz Oncu was all over the news during the Moto3 race at Circuit of the Americas.

Oncu swept across to tuck into a slipstream, which contacted Jeremy Alcoba, who fell off his bike. Alcoba’s bike was later struck by Andrea Migno, who caught some air before crashing.

Pedro Acosta was also involved in the pile-up and crash before he flew against the barricade.

While the race was red-flagged with all three riders allowed to restart, the talk of the town was on Oncu as several MotoGP riders reportedly wanted stern action taken against him.

Nonetheless, Sofuoglu says the two penalties were unfair treatment towards Oncu and compared the Moto3 incident to Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen in F1.

“We also see in Formula 1, the pinnacle of motorsport, that people like Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen drive very aggressively.

“To be successful, you have to be aggressive. It’s part of this sport. Today drivers complain too much.

“For me, the decision against Deniz is not fair. You have to watch the videos, and I see much more dangerous manoeuvres than Deniz’s.

“For me, the main reason riders complain about my boys is because they are so strong. Because you can’t beat him. So they look for reasons to complain,” he said.

Five-time WorldSSP champion Kenan Sofuoglu has announced that he will be retiring after this weekend.

His last race will be this weekend at the Pata Italian Round from 11 to 13 May 2018 in Imola, Italy.

The Turkish rider will be focusing on other things particularly his family and riding school.

If you’re a passionate follower of the WorldSBK and WorldSSP, you would know who Kenan Sofuoglu is. Hailing from Turkey, he has dominated the intermediate class with 43 wins and five championship titles. After this weekend, the champion will be retiring from the sport. (more…)



  • Juara WorldSSP lima kali, Kenan Sofuoglu telah mengalami kecederaan retak pada tulang pinggulnya di tiga tempat sewaktu sesi kelayakan pada hari Sabtu lalu apabila dia terbabas di Litar Magny Cours di Perancis.
  • Penunggang berusia 33 tahun dari Turki itu sudah hampir pasti melayakkan dirinya di barisan hadapan perlumbaan sebelum dia terbabas dan telah diisytiharkan tidak cergas untuk berlumba disebabkan kecederaan yang ekstensifnya itu.
  • Dengan hanya dua pusingan sahaja yang tinggal untuk musim ini, ianya tidak diketahui sama ada Sofuoglu sempat memulihkan dirinya bagi bertarung kembali untuk takhta kejuaraan WorldSSP 2017 bersama dengan pendahulu semasa, Lucas Mahias dari pasukan GRT Yamaha Official WorldSSP Team.


Five time WorldSSP champion Kenan Sofuoglu suffered a triple hip fracture during Saturday’s qualifying session when he crashed out at the Magny Cours Circuit in France.

The 33 year old Turkish rider was well on his way to a front row start before crashing out and declared unfit to race due to the extensive injury.

With only two rounds remaining, it is uncertain whether Sofuoglu can heal in time to fight for the 2017 WorldSSP title with the current leader, Lucas Mahias from GRT Yamaha Official WorldSSP Team.

The 2016 WorldSSP World Champion Kenan Sofuoglu (Kawasaki Puccetti Racing) recently missed the last French round at Magny Cours Circuit after crashing out during Saturday’s qualifying session. The five time World Supersport champion was declared unfit after suffering a horrendous triple hip fracture. (more…)


  • Para pembina pakar dari Wrenchmonkees yang bertapak di Copenhagen telah membina sebuah Kawasaki H2 tempahan khas yang diilhamkan dari motosikal lumba ketahanan retro.
  • Motosikal dan projek ini telah ditempah oleh sebuah pengeluar kelengkapan menunggang Belanda, REV’IT!
  • Rangkaian penunggangan dalam bandar REV’IT! yang menawarkan gaya dan juga teknologi terkini telah diterap pada motosikal tempahan khas H2 ini yang dibina dengan citarasa dan pengayaan yang hebat.


The master builders over at the Wrenchmonkees based in Copenhagen built this custom Kawasaki H2 inspired by retro endurance racers.

The bike and project was commissioned by Dutch riding gear manufacturer, REV’IT!

REV’IT!’s urban riding gear range that offers both style and high-tech technology was envisioned on the custom H2 built with superior taste and styling.

The Wrenchmonkees together with REV’IT! has come up with this custom Kawasaki H2 with a lot of inspirations dated back to the 80s and 90s era where motorcycles were iconic and timeless in their own right. What usually involves an old bike being turned into something modern went the other way around with the world’s fastest supercharged motorcycle known to man taken for a proper journey back in time. (more…)

  • Rickey Gadson and his heavily-modified Kawasaki H2 drag bike set the top speed record within a mile at the Texas Mile event

  • The event saw Gadson hit 229.1mp/h (368.7km/h)!

  • The ‘baddest H2 in the country’ produces 323hp with a new supercharger, ported cylinder heads, custom camshafts and racing gearbox

Image source:

Ever heard of Rickey Gadson and his Kawasaki H2? Well, Rickey is actually an 11-time AMA (American Motorcyclist Association) drag racing champion and he has a heavily modified Kawasaki H2 known as the ‘baddest H2 in the country’. How ‘bad’ is the bike? Rickey just set a new record with it 229.1mp/h (368.7km/h) in just one mile (1.6km)! (more…)

  • Zulfahmi returns to his Kawasaki ZX-6R from Orelac Racing VerdNatura team

  • 0.001 seconds faster than 2016 WSSP Champion, Kenan Sofuoglu

Out of the 26 riders that went out during the WorldSSP Free Practise 1 session, our hometown hero Zulfahmi Khairuddin managed to secure the fifth fastest position this morning. The testing session was however cut short due to heavy rain conditions. Zulfahmi only managed to complete 11 laps before the weather turned against them. (more…)

Turkish WSSP ace Kenan Sofuoglu shows how to do epic rolling burnouts with a Kawasaki Ninja H2R.



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